Sunday, January 15, 2012

Outfit Recap for Second Week of January

Ann Taylor Blouse
Loft Pants
Marshall's Bag
Anthropologie Necklace
Forever 21 Ring
Bandolino Slingbacks
Loft Outlet Dress
Loft Jacket
Bandolino Boots
Forever 21 Necklace
Forever 21 Ring
Target Cardi
Gap Tank
Target Go International Floral Top
Target Skinny Jeans
Target Merona Pumps
Kenneth Cole Bag
Anthropologie Necklace
Forever 21 Bangle
Forever 21 Ring
Loft Long Sleeve Tee
Loft Skirt
Ann Taylor Jacket
Forever 21 Booties
Target Hat
Fossil Watch
No Name Long Sleeve Tee
American Eagle Cream Lace Tank
Talbot's Slim Leg Cords
Chinese Laundry Boots
Francesca's Clutch
JCrew Floral Bangle
Forever 21 Cream Bracelets
Banana Republic Plaid Shirt
Target Tank
Loft Jacket
Adriano Goldschmied Skinny Jeans
Target Messenger Bag
Gap Outlet Toboggan
Nurture Boots
Ann Taylor Turtleneck
Ann Taylor Skirt
Aldo Pumps
Hype Bag
JLo for Kohl's Ring
Added:  Ann Taylor Outlet Jacket
WHBM Black Patent Belt

You're probably thinking "Did Callandra just paint every other fingernail last week?" Well, yes maybe I was rocking a different nail look last week but it wasn't totally on purpose. 

Last Saturday I got a shellac manicure that lasted exactly two days!  Of course I went back Monday and the salon was only to happy to redo the manicure with a different bottle. 

Two days later the shellac was again popping off my fingernails (normally my shellac manicures last a minimum of two weeks)!  Hence my funky nail look....if it happens again I'm going to tell everyone it's a brand new thing from LA and see how many will jump on the band wagon! Lol


  1. Love your effortless style. Maybe I be so lucky.

  2. Oh wow. 2 days? And it happened the 2nd time also? Gosh - I would be so annoyed! Shellac is worth it when it last 2 weeks...but it is a LONG process to go through for just 2 days! Glad you have such an upbeat outlook on it Callandra!
    And I'm loving the bright colors with the floral top! So pretty :-)

    XO - Marion

  3. You have me craving an envelope clutch and zipper boots! :)

    Bummer about the shellac not lasting like it should have!

  4. callandra -- you are rocking all your outfits as usual! And damn girl, you seriously have a good collection of shoes! i am loving all your boots!!! i think i have those f21 booties, but in black. wished i saw those gray ones too!

  5. So glad to see you're back! Hope you're having a good new year. I've jumped into the dating pool for my New Year's resolution, so I hope to get lots of outfit ideas from you--I always go blank when it comes to getting ready for a date, and you are always an inspiration.

  6. I'm amazed at how much you can switch around your hair styles! When mine was that short, I could do nothing with it! :)
    Fabulous outfits as always... I don't think I've ever seen a repeat outfit yet! haha :)

    Hope you're having a great year so far!

  7. Thank you for showing us that petite women look great in jackets, when they are designed for us.

    About your nails - I don't know anything about shellac, but check what they used as the base layer. If the first layer is a normal clear nail polish, then the next layer normally doesn't adhere well. This is fine for a fun colour for a party, which has to be removed before Monday, but not much fun if you wanted the colour to last 2 weeks.

  8. I again love every single look! You look great in all these different styles! I really need to utilize my wardrobe the same way you do yours...!

    And I am sorry to hear about your nails...I don't paint my nails but it's something I desperate need to work on!

  9. Can you tell us how those Target skinny jeans hold up? How is the "hold" at then end of the day?

    1. Hi Cryst! The hold up is fine but I'm not loving the lower rise on them....actually found some "high rise" skinnies from Adriano Goldschmied (sixth picture down). They fit more like a mid rise on me and are super flattering for us curvy girls!

  10. Callandra, you look perfect in every picture, as always. I seriously need to get some hair styling tips from you. We both have short hair but mine looks the same every day and you manage to always have a different style and look phenomenal. Your last look is my favorite. I love that skirt. How many cats do you have? -Dreama

    1. Hey Dreama!...I have three gorgeous girls ;)...all of them spoiled rotten of course! Lol

  11. These are really creative outfits! I love the striped tee with the blazer in your fourth outfit. I just did a post on a similar outfit (but with jeans). And I absolutely love Fossil!

  12. Can't even begin to pick a favorite! Looking amazing as always!

  13. All cute! The cream AE tank and bright bottoms are my favorite though! Prolly cause it's so unique - "very outside of the box" for most : ) Where did ur inspiration come from?

    1. Thanks Bella! My "inspiration" for that outfit went something like trying on every top in my closet! ....It wasn't pretty let me tell you! Lol

  14. My fave is the one with the hat! You are so lucky that you are so photogenic and look so gorgeous with or without smiling : )

  15. Cute cute cute! Love # 3 (especially the necklace!) and the last two pics.

  16. Love this last round of looks! You never disappoint! And wow @shellac coming off in 2 days. They must have gotten a bad batch!

    xo, sam

    *Style of Sam*

  17. Great outfits. Love the Loft Jacket and plaid top.

  18. You are so pretty! Great outfits!

    Lindsey Turner

  19. Love all your outfits equally this week! It would take me so much time to come up with those combos.

  20. Sorry I'm so late (as usual) to comment, but what's up with the shellac not lasting? That's so strange! I only had it done once and it lasted a good three weeks and then it just looked weird b/c my nail was growing.

    Ok I adore that Loft jacket and all the ways you styled it! Love!

  21. Lovely outfits! I especially like the last two!