Friday, October 29, 2010

OOTD: Casual Friday & Ann Taylor Loft Striped Sweater Dress

Have you guys seen all of our blogging buddies that are being featured on the Loft's facebook page?  It's called "How Bloggers Wear Loft for the weekend" and "How Bloggers Wear Loft for Work" and it's so interesting to see how everybody styles their Loft items! 

By the way, I wanted to let you guys know about an exciting upcoming giveaway that the Loft will be hosting next week. LOFT will be giving away 10 pairs of their best- selling Over The Knee Riding Boots, that have sold out almost everywhere! Beginning on November 1st, they will be giving away 2 pairs of boots a day in the following sizes: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9. Visit LOFT’s Facebook fan page to receive more details on how to enter!   (I'm sad that their giveaway sizes are all so big)!

On a completely different train of thought.....while shopping at the Loft in Florida recently, I had the opportunity to try on their Striped Sweater Dress.  Unfortunately, the smallest size they had in the store was a xsp and after some very helpful blogging friends comments, I decided to try a size down.  See Florida Striped Sweater Dress here.
I really love this dress and you know how if you sit at a desk all day, a sweater dress or similar type of material can tend to lose it's shape and get kind of baggy around the bottom area?...this dress doesn't do that so I feel comfortable all day, it's nice.
My only concern is the length, what do you guys think?  I originally paired the dress with my cognac colored Bandolino Boots, but eventually decided that it would look better with flats.  I bought these flat boots at Forever 21 and I wish I'd taken a picture of the back of them, they have a zipper in the back that is really cute.  I bought this "Off the Cuff" bag in Florida at the Kenneth Cole Outlet, but it's also available here.

p.s. Just found out my sister and I get to go to H&M this weekend!  We will have to drive a couple of hours to get there, but after seeing the great lace skirt that Kelly bought, the fabulous blouse purchased by Ping and the amazing ten dollar dress worn five ways by Elle, I'd say it will be more than worth it!  Have a great weekend Blogger Friends!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge # 3

Welcome to Petite Fashion Challenge # 3 (The look for less)!  I am so excited to be a part of this challenge and have really been looking forward to seeing all of the other entries.  This challenge is being hosted by Petite Little Girl, please visit her blog to view links to all of the participants. 

The challenge:
"Who is your celeb style icon? Pick an outfit from your favorite celeb and show us how to recreate that look for less. Usually, your style icon reflects your personal style and also your body type. In this challenge, your style icon doesn’t have to be a petite."
Well, my style icon is definitely not petite, and we would have the same body type if I added 7 inches to my height with no added weight! Lol  Her inner beauty was as bright as her outer beauty, and her style transcended decades.  Of course I am speaking of the ever fabulous, Audrey Hepburn.
Audrey always conducted herself with quiet dignity despite being a movie star of great proportions.  The outfit I created for this challenge hopefully depicts the same simple chic style that was embodied by Audrey throughout her entire career.
For this outfit, I took an older suit purchased at the Ann Taylor Outlet Factory Store, added a wide alligator textured belt purchased from Ann Taylor on sale and Merona Patent Pumps from Target.  The jewelry is assorted from F21.

When I first saw this suit I was immediately drawn to the wide lapels and bracelet length sleeves.  I love special details that add visual interest to an outfit without having to add or accessorize very much myself.  This suit definitely strikes me as "vintage" looking, but it is easily mixed with denim and floral prints for a more modern look if desired. 

Cost of Suit - $55.00
Cost of Belt - $6.00
Cost of Shoes - $16.00

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Madden Girl Rhiana Booties Review

Recently, while assisting Mr. PEMS with some shoe shopping, I stumbled across these adorable Rhiana booties by Madden Girl. I already had a pair of black "leather" booties that I had bought last year, nothing expensive since booties seem to be more of a trend, but I really liked the idea of black suede bootie to wear with black opaque tights. The smallest available size for these in the store were a 6, they were the display pair and were missing a zipper pull on one bootie.  Usually a size 6 is the perfect size for me, but these had a tendency to slip off my heel with every step.  A problem that I knew would just intensify once I put them on with tights.  With all of the problems going on with the pair in-store, I decided to order these in a 5.5 from DSW with free shipping to try out.

This was the first pair of shoes that I'd ever ordered from DSW and I chuckled at the warning label on the box describing the contents as "Highly Addictive".  (Yes, I'm a geek and very easily amused) Lol

If you look closely at the side of the bootie, you'll notice that the zipper doesn't make it up quite all the way to the top of the bootie, which may be why I was having so much trouble keeping the size 6 on in the store.  There seems to be plenty of toe wiggle room in the size 5.5 though, so it could be that these just run big.
Here I am looking quite pleased with my new purchase (of course I hadn't walked in them yet, just created an outfit around the new pair of shoes)!  Isn't it funny how new shoes seem to go with everything in the closet! hee hee  As it turned out, these booties were much higher than anything I normally walk in, and I've had a bit of trouble getting used to them.
I really like how the black suede blends into the tights so well.  I think that these booties would definitely make my legs look stumpy if there was a noticeable color delineation between the two.  For the most part, I am quite happy with this purchase, the only problem I seem to have right now is the heel height.  Sadly, I don't think these booties were made for shopping. 
Ann Taylor Loft Ruffle Front Jumper '09 Similar here
Ann Taylor Loft Velvet Jacket '09 Similar here
White House Black Market Silver 3-Strand Necklace Similar here
No Name Black Long Sleeved Bodysuit
Madden Girl Rhiana Black Suede Booties

Is it just me, or is this Ruffle Front Jumper very similar to the satin looking ruffle front dress they had at Ann Taylor earlier this year?  I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere, but it was solid and was offered in teal and black for their petite sizes.  Btw, my winter bodysuit is starting to fall apart from so many years of wear.  If any of you guys know where I can get my hands on some warm long sleeve bodysuits in solid colors, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it!

Don't forget to sign up for the next Petite Fashion Challenge, Petite Little Girl will be hosting.  Check it out here!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talbots Signature Fit Glen Plaid Wide-Leg Pant Review

I was very excited a few weeks ago when I ordered my first pair of Talbot trousers in 0 petite.  I had tried on a pair of their trousers in 2 petite while shopping in Florida and felt like one size down might work out just fine.  I receive their catalogs all the time and really like a lot of their clothes.  Some of their clothes do seem geared more towards the matronly woman, but more and more I'm seeing things that are really cute and that I would love to wear given half the chance.
These are the Signature Fit Glen plaid wide-leg pants.  The measurements are Inseam: P29½"; WP29½". 22" leg opening. Fully lined. Wool/nylon. Dry clean. The shoes I am wearing have a 1/2" wedge and I wouldn't go any taller with these pants for sure.  The first thing I noticed when I put these pants on was how warm they are, definitely a pant for the winter if you're freezing all the time (like me;).
I really like the fit overall, and they seemed quite comfortable although I don't know if they stretch out a size after you wear them a day like some of the other retailers pants do or not.  I only put them on long enough to do a review.  As it turned out, Talbots has two different pant fits and I had tried on the "classic" fit in the store and not the "signature".  Not a huge difference (I do think my legs looked longer in the "classic" fit) but, I had also tried on and fell in love with the Glen Plaid pants that had a bright yellow stripe running through the pattern (trust me, it was adorable) and apparently ordered the wrong ones :(
The waist fit was comfortable without feeling too snug, just right for me.  Unfortunately, 0 petite is the smallest size being offered at Talbots right now, and from the fit of these pants, a lot of the really tiny petite ladies aren't going to be able to wear this brand.  I'd really like to get one of their jackets in 0 petite to try on for sizing next, and maybe a blouse to see how long they actually are.  I keep taking my Loft blouses to the tailors for hemming just so that I have the option of wearing them untucked with a skirt or pants and it's getting expensive!
Ann Taylor Loft Necklace similar here
Ann Taylor Loft Soft Blush Blouse similar here
Ann Taylor Loft Long V Neck Cardi
Target Leopard Print Peep Toe Wedges similar here

I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's blogs this weekend - Have a great rest of the week (it's almost over)!

* Added: Ann Taylor Loft Top reviewed by Liane at Petite XXS here.
               Ann Taylor Loft Cardi reviewed by Liane at Petite XXS here and by Jean at Extra Petite here.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

OOTD: Ann Taylor Loft Wool Pencil Skirt w/Ribbon Waistband

Today I found myself in a small predicament and was hoping to get some styling input from you guys. Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that you knew wasn't particularly flattering on you, but your husband loved?  I don't think I ever have before!  Mr. PEMS is not your average male in that he loves to shop, styles his own closet and even keeps his own, when he complimented the Wool Pencil Skirt w/Ribbon Waistband that I wore today I was slightly taken aback.  Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look hideous or anything, it's just that I definitely have more flattering wool pencil skirts hanging in my closet right the same shade of gray no less!
I bought this skirt particularly because of the ribbon waistband.  I thought it was a really great detail and none of my other skirts had it....................So maybe I'm just being overly picky, but I really felt like the waist was too loose and the hips a tad tight.

I'm not sure that the pictures I took really shows the gaping material at the waist but it kept riding up and I was tugging it down all day.

But the backside is definitely snug.  Gotta love an exposed zipper for sure!  I'm thinking a tad improper for the office, but what do you guys think?  Btw, this skirt was also reviewed by Jean at Extra Petite.  Check out her post here.  We're both in the 00p for any sizing reference.  Please let me know if anyone else reviewed this skirt and I'll add in their link.  *Also reviewed by Michelle at Mini Maestra here.