Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Madden Girl Rhiana Booties Review

Recently, while assisting Mr. PEMS with some shoe shopping, I stumbled across these adorable Rhiana booties by Madden Girl. I already had a pair of black "leather" booties that I had bought last year, nothing expensive since booties seem to be more of a trend, but I really liked the idea of black suede bootie to wear with black opaque tights. The smallest available size for these in the store were a 6, they were the display pair and were missing a zipper pull on one bootie.  Usually a size 6 is the perfect size for me, but these had a tendency to slip off my heel with every step.  A problem that I knew would just intensify once I put them on with tights.  With all of the problems going on with the pair in-store, I decided to order these in a 5.5 from DSW with free shipping to try out.

This was the first pair of shoes that I'd ever ordered from DSW and I chuckled at the warning label on the box describing the contents as "Highly Addictive".  (Yes, I'm a geek and very easily amused) Lol

If you look closely at the side of the bootie, you'll notice that the zipper doesn't make it up quite all the way to the top of the bootie, which may be why I was having so much trouble keeping the size 6 on in the store.  There seems to be plenty of toe wiggle room in the size 5.5 though, so it could be that these just run big.
Here I am looking quite pleased with my new purchase (of course I hadn't walked in them yet, just created an outfit around the new pair of shoes)!  Isn't it funny how new shoes seem to go with everything in the closet! hee hee  As it turned out, these booties were much higher than anything I normally walk in, and I've had a bit of trouble getting used to them.
I really like how the black suede blends into the tights so well.  I think that these booties would definitely make my legs look stumpy if there was a noticeable color delineation between the two.  For the most part, I am quite happy with this purchase, the only problem I seem to have right now is the heel height.  Sadly, I don't think these booties were made for shopping. 
Ann Taylor Loft Ruffle Front Jumper '09 Similar here
Ann Taylor Loft Velvet Jacket '09 Similar here
White House Black Market Silver 3-Strand Necklace Similar here
No Name Black Long Sleeved Bodysuit
Madden Girl Rhiana Black Suede Booties

Is it just me, or is this Ruffle Front Jumper very similar to the satin looking ruffle front dress they had at Ann Taylor earlier this year?  I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere, but it was solid and was offered in teal and black for their petite sizes.  Btw, my winter bodysuit is starting to fall apart from so many years of wear.  If any of you guys know where I can get my hands on some warm long sleeve bodysuits in solid colors, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it!

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  1. cute outfit callandra! the jumper with the bodusuit is cute. have you consider getting one from AA or Victoria Secret -- that's the 2 place i can think of that might carry it. the booties are cute too and they do blend in nicely with your tights...i have a pair of booties too and the heel is too high and definitely not made for intensive walking!

  2. Those booties really do blend in to your tights!! I would love to see a picture of them up close - I have been looking for some booties for fall but like you didn't want to pay a lot for a trend. Cute outfit btw : )

  3. I love the velvet jacket. Looking for one for the holidays :). Maybe Loft will bring out some nice ones this year!

  4. I think black booties go beautifully with tights though I find Madden shoes to be pretty when you only have to stand or sit but walking in them can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. I ditto VS for bodysuits, I am eying a few myself. :)

  5. Cute outfit! The booties really blend in with the tights, I would love to see them in better lighting :)

  6. I second American Apparel! You should be able to find lots of em there. This outfit is really cute and I love the look of the booties.

  7. Booties are perfect with tights! I'm kinda looking but haven't found a pair yet... I'm also not sure what else I'd wear booties with (other than black tights), so I think want a pair of knee-high boots more right now :)

  8. I equate tights + suede shoes to perfectly matched nude pumps with your skin tone. When blended perfectly, your legs look a mile long =)

    I like how you paired these booties with the dress. The rosette flower goes well with the ruffles in the front.

  9. Oh, I have the same jumper! :)
    I'm also looking for a pair of booties, but I'm afraid that they are not very walking friendly as you described, so I'm still looking.

  10. I tried the exact same ones on the other day at DSW. I didn't end up getting them because they didn't feel very comforable on my feet. Also the heels are kind of high for me. Although I love the details on them

  11. Love them!! I just got some Steve Madden booties from DSW too! Mine are more "leather" than suede though so perhaps I'll have to pick these up too :)

  12. Those are so cute!!! I like them in the black, I'm kind of regretting getting a pair of grey booties as opposed to black.

  13. Very cute shoes! A site called welovecolors.com carries a variety of dancewear in a million colors, including long-sleeve bodysuits. I ordered a leotard from them, and a size S fits fine (I'm 5'1.5", about 100 lbs).

  14. Ping, Your outfits are always so glamerous, I feel a trifle silly in my everday workwear. Lol I did check out VS but all I saw were sleeveless cami bodysuits. I'll check them out again though, they may have added some long sleeve bodysuits for winter. Thank you for the suggestions! (I'm not sure who AA is)?

    Bella Style, I'll take a closer picture of them and post it a bit bigger. Someone else mentioned that they look blue in the picture sitting on top of the box, so that picture might not be the best portrayal.

    Sydney, I bought this one last year from the Loft and Ann Taylor had some at the same time that tied in the front with a ribbon. I preferred the velvet jacket with the ribbon tie but their 00p fit so much bigger than the Loft...besides the fact that the Loft was so much more affordable!

    Elle, These are my first pair of Madden shoes (I think) and I would have to completely agree with you! I'll definitely check out those bodysuits on VS, Ping said they have some too.

    Tara, That's what Bella Style said. I'll have to take some pictures outside or something!

    Tiny in Texas, Oh, American Apparel! That's who Ping suggested and I couldn't figure it out - Thanks!

    Liane, Hhmmm, I didn't think past the wearing them with black tights (how short sighted am I) Lol Knee high boots would definitely be more versatile. I don't know if you've had a chance to check out the post A Fashion Deliberation did on convertible boots, but they might fit the bill...can't beat two for the price of one!

    Cee, Very eloquently put.....and now that you mention it, so do I! I'm glad you noticed the ruffle and rossette mix (I was secretly patting myself on the back for that) Lol...I did mention that I'm a geek right? hee

    Vicky, Ooohh! I'd love to see how you style yours! Keep us posted (no pun intended) If you find some cute (and comfortable) booties ;)

    Petite Little Girl, They aren't my super comfy pumps for sure and the heel height is definitely higher than anything else I have!

    Erin, Are your Madden Booties comfortable?...and how high are they?...Sorry so many questions, I'm wondering if all of their shoes follow a similar pattern.

    C&P, Actually, the black was more of a "safe" choice for me. I don't venture too far off the beaten path which can sometimes stunt style creativity. The gray will probably be easier to pair with everything and you will be able to wear them into spring, where I won't be able to with mine.

    Em, Excellent! I will absolutely check them out, thank you so much!

  15. You look so great in that outfit. And what cute booties! Now I want to go shoe shopping this weekend!! :p

  16. I love these shoes, and look GREAT with the dress. Love the ruffle detail on the front of it.

  17. Hi! By far, you are the best looking and proportion petite I have seen on blogsphere. Your short hairdo and one simple accessory at a time work well with every outfit. Never over the top. Thumb up from me. BTW, I like your silver JCrew thong sandals with heel. It elongates leg and is classy with long pants. I like your smart choice of pant shape also. Capri pants and super high heel never agree with petite.

  18. Michelle, I think I was born with the shoe shopping bug! Lol!!

    Elaine, Thanks so much! I've been following your blog too and I love it!

    Bianca, The ruffle detail really caught my eye on this dress - Thank you!!

    Anonymous, Thank you! Even though I know what styles work best for my height, sometimes I can't resist a cute capri ;)

  19. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Not only was the comment sweet, but now I have found the treasure which is your blog! Love your style, and I love these booties. I agree, black suede booties with tights is such a perfect combo and they look great on you, even if they aren't the easiest to walk in. :)

  20. Allie, You're so sweet! I've noticed that we both have some of the same clothing items. I'm really looking forward to seeing how you style yours ;)