Friday, October 29, 2010

OOTD: Casual Friday & Ann Taylor Loft Striped Sweater Dress

Have you guys seen all of our blogging buddies that are being featured on the Loft's facebook page?  It's called "How Bloggers Wear Loft for the weekend" and "How Bloggers Wear Loft for Work" and it's so interesting to see how everybody styles their Loft items! 

By the way, I wanted to let you guys know about an exciting upcoming giveaway that the Loft will be hosting next week. LOFT will be giving away 10 pairs of their best- selling Over The Knee Riding Boots, that have sold out almost everywhere! Beginning on November 1st, they will be giving away 2 pairs of boots a day in the following sizes: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9. Visit LOFT’s Facebook fan page to receive more details on how to enter!   (I'm sad that their giveaway sizes are all so big)!

On a completely different train of thought.....while shopping at the Loft in Florida recently, I had the opportunity to try on their Striped Sweater Dress.  Unfortunately, the smallest size they had in the store was a xsp and after some very helpful blogging friends comments, I decided to try a size down.  See Florida Striped Sweater Dress here.
I really love this dress and you know how if you sit at a desk all day, a sweater dress or similar type of material can tend to lose it's shape and get kind of baggy around the bottom area?...this dress doesn't do that so I feel comfortable all day, it's nice.
My only concern is the length, what do you guys think?  I originally paired the dress with my cognac colored Bandolino Boots, but eventually decided that it would look better with flats.  I bought these flat boots at Forever 21 and I wish I'd taken a picture of the back of them, they have a zipper in the back that is really cute.  I bought this "Off the Cuff" bag in Florida at the Kenneth Cole Outlet, but it's also available here.

p.s. Just found out my sister and I get to go to H&M this weekend!  We will have to drive a couple of hours to get there, but after seeing the great lace skirt that Kelly bought, the fabulous blouse purchased by Ping and the amazing ten dollar dress worn five ways by Elle, I'd say it will be more than worth it!  Have a great weekend Blogger Friends!


  1. Congrats on getting featured in the LOFT facebook page! I love sweater dresses and this one looks really nice on you, although it's hard to tell whether the fit is actually better than the previous post. The length looks good though and I think pairing it the way you did with knee-high boots is the way to go!


  2. OOOh, that LOFT giveaway is amazing! Still bitter that there is no access to Loft in Canada. Perhaps if you win the boot giveaway you could send it on over to your larger footed Canadian friend...hmmmm? :P

    I like the length of the sweater dress. Because a lot of them are quite clingly they can actually be really sexy so the length in my opinion is a good one - definitely not too short. And I like that you paired it with a "reverse" stripe sweater (I'm' totally just making up my own words and description here ;) )

    Have fun at H&M shopping!

  3. Love your sweater dress, I like it much better in xxsp. The length is ok, in my opinion. Any shorter and it's probably not as versatile but I think it's still long enough for work.

    Can't wait to see what you come back from H&M with! :)

  4. I love the Facebook feature! It is fun to see us on there! It makes me half tempted to sign up for a Facebook account. :p

    Oh! I love the mix of stripes!! Nice to know that the dress holds up so well after a day at work!

    I am so excited about the boot giveaway!

  5. I love this look! I saw the dress styled like this in LOFT's promotions at some point, and never got around to trying it on! It looks great on you! Definitley send this pic into LOFT! And its so great to be part of the Facebook feature with you :)

  6. Oooh I hadn't seen LOFT's FB page until you mentioned it. All you ladies look lovely!

    I like how you mixed stripes in this outfit. The colors compliment each other very well. And the boots! They're such a gorgeous shade of brown.

  7. congrats callandra on the loft feature! so exciting!

    i love sweater dresses on you. sometimes they can be too cling-y and look inappropriate for work. i think your sweater dress' length is perfect and the material seems thick enough so it doesn't have the cling-y look.

    i hope you find lots of goodies at h&m!!

  8. I'm really bummed out about the boot sizes! 7 as the smallest giveaway size is ridic.

    I'm also thrilled to see you on LOFT's fb. When they contacted me I immediately thought of you and minimaestra as LOFT lovers and gave them your email : ) I think the length of that dress is actually great on you.

    Hope you guys get to go to a huge H&M! Can't wait to see all your finds : )

  9. Kileen, Thanks, it's so much fun to see everybody's outfits on the Loft's FB Page.

    C&P, You got it! There's no way I could ever tromp around in any of the sizes their giving away. I totally agree about the clingy sweater dresses. I just ordered that faux wrap one from the Loft's website and it was definitely too trampy looking for my lifestyle for sure.

  10. I heard about the giveaway, but was so disappointed they were excluding the smaller sizes. I think the dress length is fine, and if you're worried you can always wear it with tights (which would make it warmer too!). Hope you find lots of goodies at H&M! I have several locations in my area, but still can't find the things I want in my size :\

  11. Elle, I think it might be okay with flats. I couldn't find that blush colored dress you got the other day, but I think this H&M might be one of their smaller stores.....

    Michelle, It is fun isn't it? I saw that they put up your picture from the last PFC, I really liked that outfit! The boot giveaway was a great idea, but I can't believe they're not catering to each size.

  12. Tara, I got this styling idea from Kelly's ATL Fall Sneak Peak pictures. I loved the look so much that I blatantly copied it exactly! hee I'm really enjoying the ATL FB feature too, so much fun!

    Cee, A few of our other blogging friends mentioned it, but I wanted to say something too in case someone had missed it. These boots are sooo comfy, you would not believe!

  13. Ping, Thanks it's so much fun! I was afraid it might look too clingy, but I definitely feel comfortable with the other sweater layerd on top. I didn't find a whole lot at H&M, but we had so much fun!

    Jean, I am too, I really love the look of those's so sad! You are the sweetest thing, I've really enjoyed ATL's FB feature a lot! I'm glad you think the length is okay on that dress. I think we're both pretty similar about our skirt lengths for work. I had a great time at H&M. They have so many clothes, I told my sister we needed a shopping cart so our arms didn't wear out carrying things to try on! Lol

  14. Liane, Me too! Actually, I'm surprised that they did exclude sizes! The tights are a great idea!!....I didn't even think about it - duh. You're so super tiny, I imagine you do have trouble finding clothes that fit from there. I was impressed that Kelly was able to find that Lace skirt that fit her so well. I saw that skirt at this store, but the smallest size they had was a 6 so I didn't even bother to try it on.

  15. This looks great, and I love the boots actually. I think they make the stripes the star.

  16. I really liked how you were bold with mixing up stripes! I did see that great giveaway but why the big sizes LOFT? No love for the small feet. =0(

  17. Cleary I am still trying to catch up on your posts...sorry I have been MIA! I think I am still on vaca mode..hehehehe

    This is so cute on you! I was so bummed about the boot sizes ...what's up with that?

  18. Bianca, Exactly what it needed, thank you!

    Hannah, Tell me about it! I'm so bummed, those boots are gorgeous.

    Really Petite, I have been MIA myself lately. I really miss seeing what's going on with everybody too! Seriously on those boots! - What gives?

  19. who would have known that stripe on stripe could look like this?! wonderful job Callandra.

  20. I have that same cardigan sweater and I own a couple of short stripped dresses. Since you look incredible in stripes on stripes, I will give this look a try, too. =) I am in love with those cute, cozy boots which I am sure you got at a great deal. The big cocktail ring is too cute.