Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outfit Recap #3

Victoria's Secret White Oxford Bodysuit (Similar), Ann Taylor Outlet Black Metallic Pencil Skirt (Similar), Black Rhiana Booties, Express Overlapping Leaf Ring, Express Mesh Chain Bracelet

Same outfit with old Loft Coat and Francesa's International Travel Bag
Everything is old here except for the Express Jewelry that is detailed under the top picture.
Forever 21 Cord Woven Belt, Sofft Pavia Shoes, Loft Petite Zip Pocket Sleeveless Dress, Gray Kenneth Cole Bag (Similar), Forever 21 Necklace (Similar), Loft Long Sleeve Striped Tee (Similar), Loft Safari Green Jacket (Similar).
This was going to be my entry for the last PFC Challenge (Which I missed!)  The only thing not too old to purchase here are the Gap Wide Leg Trouser Jeans.

Ann Taylor Navy Striped Suit (Old) Loft Tiered Shell (2010), Target Red Patent Heels (Old) Kenneth Cole Bag (Similar)

Eckles has found a new favorite bed, my Proenza Schouler bag!

I have missed reading everyone's posts lately, life has been insane.  I hope to catch up this weekend.  Btw, how do you guys like my new specs?  I call them my Brad Gorski glasses! Lol

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Outfit Recap #2

I wore this F21 dress I bought on e-bay under a skirt on my last post.  I got a lot of inquiries on it and thought you might like to see it own it's own.  I love the sleeves so much!
I received so much response from the last outfit recap post I thought I'd post some more recap pictures.  Please let me know if you enjoy this type of post and make sure to leave a comment for outfit details ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Outfit Recap

Time is flying by so quickly, I thought I'd do a quick outfit recap to capture a few ensembles I've missed. 

One thing I wanted to make sure and mention..............It's true, I'm wearing the same skirt in the first and last pictures.  I seriously can't get enough of this Forever 21 Paisley Woven Skirt.  I bought the extra small and still had to have the waist altered down (probably because it's from their "Love 21" line that runs a tad larger) but it was definitely worth it! 

These caged sandals are fabulous and soooo comfortable.  I've worn them three days in a row already and I can't do that with some of my more expensive brands.  Online at F21 here.  The online color looks slightly orangish, but they're really more of a tan/brown.  They remind of the Nine West Felicidad caged sandal that Michelle reviewed here

Also, if you noticed a pink hem peeking out from under my new Tucker for Target Floral Dress it's because I used the Loft Zip Pocket Sleeveless Dress as a slip underneath!  The color and fit was perfect and how great to have a dress do double duty?!!  (I'll style it on it's own soon so you guys can gauge the fit).

That's all for now ;) 

The deadline for the 6th Petite Fashion Challenge is tomorrow at March 24, 5PM PST (8:00 PM EST).  These challenges are always so much fun and this one is being hosted by Jess at Stylepint.  Make sure to check it out!!

Please leave a comment if you need outfit details, I was too lazy to try to capture everything! Lol

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Mr. PEMS's Birthday!  The funniest, sweetest, hunkiest, most amazing man just turned another year older.  (Despite that I am often accused of robbing the cradle, he really is older than me)...just wanted to clear that up. 

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: Loft Petite Roll Sleeve Drapey Shirt & JCrew Cotton Bell Skirt

I was at the Loft Friday and picked up this blouse to help complete some savings cards for full discount.  I was surprised by how much extra fabric there was all over since I did get the xxsp.  (However, I think that may just be the style of the blouse and tucked in you'd never know).

The sleeves are meant to be rolled up on this blouse, but I thought you guys might like to see where they hit on my wrists when worn unrolled....(of course you can see from this last picture that the sleeve tabs are quite visible when the sleeves are fully extended. 

What I like about this blouse:  Super soft and amazingly comfortable.  (I almost wish it came with matching silk pajama bottoms for the option of wearing to bed!) Lol  The color is also quite versatile and goes with more than I expected in my closet.

What I don't like about this blouse:  Completely see-thru.  I took pictures with a nude bra and you can definitely see that it would need a cami underneath.  It also stains like the dickens!  I am quite a messy eater so it's necessary to keep a tide pen in my bag at all times.  I have never had a tide pen leave a ring on fabric after use, but it did with this blouse.  It will definitely have to be washed to get the spot cleaning rings out.  Luckily the tag says wash in cold and tumble dry.

I also trotted into JCrew Friday.  I had heard that this skirt ran small and was hoping to find it on sale in store in a size that worked for me.  I tried on a 00 and size 2  (size 0 was not available).  I actually bought the size 2  because it had extra fabric in the gathers in the back that I thought were really cute.

What I like about this skirt:  A very comfortable pull-on style.  Also quite flattering despite the extra material all around.  I believe that I will be able to wear this skirt to the office or casually on the weekends, the material seems really versatile.

What I don't like about this skirt:  The fabric is quite stiff, so it was necessary to smooth it down or adjust after standing. 

I would love to get feedback on both items and please be brutally honest.  If something needs to go back I definitely need to know ;)

Outfit Details:

Loft Roll Sleeve Drapey Shirt (Also reviewed by Liane at Petite XXS)
JCrew Cotton Bell Skirt (Also reviewed by Cee at To Brighten My Day in cotton and wool and by Vicky at Vicky's Daily Fashion Blog)
Kruise Peep Toe Slingback

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: Banana Republic Outlet Petite Gray Sheath Dress

I first fell in love with dress at the Banana Republic Outlet.  Unfortunately, it wasn't in my budget so I gave it a teary good bye and checked my e-mail inbox daily for outlet coupons. 

The next time I saw this dress it was being reviewed by petite bloggers.  If you did review this dress please leave me your links so I can add them in.  I was thinking Jean, Annie and Vicky all reviewed this dress but I could be wrong 'cause I couldn't find the posts!....(So frustrating) 

Anyway, finally ran across it on e-bay in a 00p no less - yay!  So, here's how I styled it................

I can tell this dress is a keeper 'cause I felt pretty all day!..........(don't you just love when that happens?)

Outfit Details:

BR Outlet Sheath Dress (Similar)
BR Outlet Striped Cardigan (Similar)
Nine West Peep Toe Pumps (Similar)
Kenneth Cole Outlet Bag (Similar)
Forever 21 Necklace

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Tucker For Target

Thanks to Lisa at Respect the Shoes I heard that Target re-released some of the dresses from their Go International collection this week!  Of course I scooted my tushie down there to check it out ;)  This dress by Tucker for Target has been seen on several bloggers.  A bit big on my short frame, but I think once I got it styled it looked just fine.

Not to shabby....I kind of like it.  So the sleeves are supposed to be bracelet length and the hem is supposed to hit a bit closer to mid thigh..............not the end of the world right?  What do you think?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who are you wearing?

Have you ever stopped someone while out and about and asked them "who" they were wearing?  I have a confession to make, I do it all them time..........Okay, not all the time..... just whenever I see someone wearing something that was actually meant to be a part of my closet. Lol!

At first I thought that it would be too embarrassing to actually approach someone to ask about outfit details, but then I realized that it would be far worse not to (if you know what I mean).  So far, everyone's been very flattered and amazingly helpful!

So what about you guys?  Have you ever asked someone or has anyone ever asked you?.....and what was your reaction?

Outfit Details:

Gap Denim Shirt (Thrifted - Altered)
Forever 21 skirt (Altered)
Nine West Cross Body Bag (TJMaxx)
Target Belt (2009)
Francessa's Ring (2010)
Target Bracelet (2009)

Friday, March 11, 2011

$40.00 CSN Winner!

Congratulations to.................................... (drum roll please)  Tara Brooke!!!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway, I had a lot of fun hosting it!

Update * Close up of Bag and Ring

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day in My Life

Got home from work..................................................................................

Mixed up some pumpkin bread.......................................................................

Paid Bills..............................................................

Chatted on the phone...........................................................................

Pulled pumpkin bread out of the oven...........................................................


Have a great Thursday dear friends ;)