Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Can you tell I trimmed my bangs myself?  Yep, just grabbed a pair of scissors this morning and zip, zlop!  Couldn't take it anymore.......Kellyanne, if you're reading this don't despair......I'll make an appointment for next week to get them fixed! Lol 

I bought this dress on my last trip to H&M but never had a chance to post pictures.  It's a faux wrap with a ruffled front.  I paid 34.95 brand new in the store and found it posted on e-bay for 69.99!!  Complete craziness for sure!

(Can't believe I'm remembering to add this but............just 7 more days left to enter my CSN giveaway!)

Have a great weekend Bella Bloggers ;)


  1. LOL - no I can't tell at all about the bangs but you are BRAVE! That dress is so cute! I didn't see that one - I would love to see it in more detail. I can't believe it's going for so much on ebay - people would pay those prices?

  2. I used to trim my bangs too when I had them...haha I didn't do nearly as good a job as you did!

    And that dress is too pretty, though ebay prices are so insane!

  3. Callandra, the dress/jacket combo is AWESOME! Makes me want to do something similar. Hmmm...hadn't considered wearing a dress in this weather...oh, the possibilities!
    Moms Have Style, Too!

  4. OMG u are brave. i did that when i was in grade school bc my bangs were long and bugging the crap outta me...hahah i have to say i'd never do that again. but you did a great job. looks very professional.

  5. Wow, you look great Callandra. I would be all thumbs if I ever tried cutting my own hair.

    I heart this dress and entire outfit on you. I believe the dress is the same one Mrs. Obama was seen wearing (but she had sleeves added?), so maybe that's why the resell price was marked up so much. Good find!

  6. I trim my bangs ALL the time!!!!
    Shoes are supah cute!


  7. Callandra -

    I LOVE your hair! Mine is similar and I am now working on growing out a few layers to be more like yours (sorry don't mean to go all "Single White Female" on you). Could you tell me what hair products you use? Thanks!

  8. I think this is the dress Michelle Obama wore.

  9. Oh, I couldn't tell at all at first but had to take a closer look heehee. Your hair changes everyday (I love it) and I think it looks fine with the hasty trim.
    Ebay can be corrupted for sure. You can't go wrong with polkadots but by golly people will pay the full monster Ebay price just because!

  10. I started with a bang trim and then became so obsessed, I started cutting my hair all over...even layers...and just about on a daily basis! Needless to say, I am way overdue for a professional cut.
    By the way, while laying in bed sick today, I had the chance to (on and off) look through your entire blog. I think I'm going to start cheating on my husband with your blog! Your style and ability to layer pieces is phenomenal!

  11. C&P.....I don't know about "brave"....just fed up ;) I almost didn't see that dress either, luckily I spotted it on my second trip around the store! Lol

    It really is crazy isn't it Elle?....Still I guess if you "have" to have something........;)

    Erin, Our high today reached 54 degrees so it wasn't horrible (although I am definitely looking forward to warm weather ahead)!!

    Hey Ping ;) Actually the bangs came out quite choppy....(I kind of like it but I think my stylist is going to flip)! Lol

    Thanks Cee....I was a slightly surprised that I didn't do a better job than I did, but I had fun doing it! hee I think you're right about Michelle wearing this dress (or one very similar).....Aubrey said so as well ;)

    Thanks May!

    Hi Candace....I use : Frizz-Ease flawless finishing creme by John Frieda and Rusk Shining spray. I round brush first and finish with a straightening iron....pretty simple and fast ;)

    Oooh - Thanks for inluding that link Aubrey, I'll check it out!

    Thanks's a bit choppy but I kind of like it ;) So true about e-bay prices, so ridiculous!

  12. Oh Kish!...don't give me any ideas (my stylist would never forgive me) Lol I'm so sorry to hear you were sick today, but thanks so much for checking out my blog and for the very sweet compliment!

  13. This is such a great outfit! I love all of the different pops of color you have added to it! And you are very brave to trim your bangs yourself! :)

  14. Wow- you trimmed your own? Great job! I would never think! And great outfit too :D

  15. Ah!! Way too cute! The dress and jacket and accessories...perfection! I want that dress...and I would not mind having a fifth cat! :p

  16. Thank you Tara......I'm not sure about so much "brave" as just plain desperate! Lol

    Thank you Annie!!

    You have four Michelle?!! (We do too ;) I'm going to try to get them all together in one picture sometime! (Good Luck Callandra - hee)

  17. Hi Kitty!

  18. love all your looks!!! your hair looks great short and now longer...wondering where the jacket in this post is from??? i live in Connecticut and cant find a decent spring coat!!!!

  19. This jacket is from Forever 21.....haven't seen it online. I bought it in the store about three weeks ago. If you can't find this exact one, they have several others that are very similar online at Forever 21.