Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Do you ever skip posting outfits because they're just not blogworthy?......Somedays if I get up late or don't plan the night ahead I fall back on the appropriate "work uniform" and wind up not posting just because I'm so bored with the oh so familar formula. 

That was not the case with this outfit, but it has nothing to do with my own styling brillance.  The moment I saw this outfit on Kendi I was on a mission to track down that amazing necklace and recreate her look.  I was not able to get the JCrew blouse that Kendi wore, but I did find this short sleeve blouse from the Loft Outlet and I believe it is a close enough look alike.  Saw it, fell in love, had to copy!

Outfit Details:

Loft Tweed Jacket (2009?)
Loft Outlet Polka Dot Blouse (tag number 255123)
Areopostle Avery Jeans (Thrifted)
Anthropologie Necklace (Thrifted)
Target Leopard Print Wedges (2008)
Nine West Crossbody Bag (TJ Maxx)


  1. Yes, I skip outfits all the time (well, except during this 30 for 30). Sometimes the outfits are redundant, but others they are just a hot mess. I'm thinking of putting together all my hot mess pictures so everyone can get a good laugh. We'll see if I work up the courage :)

    I love this entire outfit on you! Especially the statement necklace. Two thumbs up!

  2. you look absolutely fabulous! i love all the mixing of prints, plus that necklace is such a statement piece!

  3. You look flawless in this outfit. I love the entire outfit especially your tweed jacket :)

  4. great job recreating the outfit!!! It is gorgeous!! the necklace really is something!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    Love your outfit. You did a great job with copying the look. I stalked the JC website after I saw the blouse on Kendi too and managed to grab one. It still pops up there once in a while, so keep checking back.

  6. Ahh!! I am seeing so many delicate polka-dots on blogs these days...I WANT!! :p

    Your outfit is wonderful! I am loving the cross-body bag! :)

  7. That necklace does warrant a search and buy! Love, love it! Polka dots and animal print is so daring. =0D

  8. I love this outfit! so great! You do make me wonder if we'd really like your 'unblogworthy' outfits. They are probably better than you'd think.

  9. Lol....I'm sure your outfits could never be a "hot mess" Cee ;)....I always enjoy them! I am working up the courage to join Lisa's outake's (haven't made it yet).

    Thank you Leena, this necklace has proved invaluable already....I love it!

    Thank you Sydney!....this is my favorite tweed jacket (I think I love it so much because of the flattering neckline and peplum desgin)..haven't really thought about it before, but I probably should since I wear it so much.

    Thank you Mallory...(I'm so in love with this necklace!)

    Wow!...Thank you for the tip ABC!! I will absolutely do that ;)

    Michelle, I posted the tag information for this blouse in the outfit details, but if you happen to run across one that you like better please review...I'd love to see it!

    Thank you Hanna.....I just can't stop myself when it comes to pairing dots and animal prints....must be a compulsion ;) Lol

    Thank you Christine....and believe me, you'd be yawning if I posted my work uniforms for sure!hee

  10. cute cute - where did you find an Anthro necklace at a thrift store?! great find!!

  11. Hi Rachel...I found the necklace on e-bay.....Just typed in "Anthropologie Necklace" each time I got on-line and one eventually showed up!...Yay!

  12. This outfit is just fabulous! It looks laid back yet very stylish and chic. I keep seeing that necklace on so many bloggers...I think I need to have it lol
    Love your style!

  13. These jeans are adorable! I often get outfit inspiration from other bloggers...pretty much the reason why this is fun for me :) I love how each piece of this outfit is great on its own but the ensemble is simply adorable!

  14. callandra -- u look good in everything! all your outfits are definitely post worthy. even your casual outfits are chic. how do you do that?!

  15. Love this....I have wanted that necklace, in that color forever!

  16. In love with this outfit! I love Kendi's version, but you definitely put your stamp on this one! Now I want to copy YOU!

  17. You always look so effortless! I would have no idea how to style that necklace, but you did it flawlessly :)

  18. What a bold and beautiful necklace! It has so much character! And omg- I have so many posts/pics that I skip....its insane!

  19. I skip outfits ALL THE TIME because while they feel "ok" on...they photograph terribly. sigh. haha like today, for example.

    I love your outfit as always, this casual chic thing is what I aspire to. But I am pretty sure you can wear a pillowcase and style the heck out of it too. :)

  20. Thanks Lilly!....I've only seen the necklace on Kendi and Elaine but I felt the same way - hee

    Thank you Leah....I can't tell you how much inspiration I get from other bloggers for sure!

    Thank you Ping (but I can assure you, some of those outfits are definitely not blogworthy)Lol

    Thanks Tara.......found this one on e-bay ;)

    Aawww....thank you Kish!

    Thank you Liane.....(Kendi really is amazing ;)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one Annie....sometimes I wish I took a bit more time to make sure that I captured them all....but then life happens ;)

    Lol Elle.......a pillowcase! You crack me up ;)

  21. Just found your blog - love your style & love your version of Kendi's outfit!