Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: Banana Republic Outlet Petite Gray Sheath Dress

I first fell in love with dress at the Banana Republic Outlet.  Unfortunately, it wasn't in my budget so I gave it a teary good bye and checked my e-mail inbox daily for outlet coupons. 

The next time I saw this dress it was being reviewed by petite bloggers.  If you did review this dress please leave me your links so I can add them in.  I was thinking Jean, Annie and Vicky all reviewed this dress but I could be wrong 'cause I couldn't find the posts!....(So frustrating) 

Anyway, finally ran across it on e-bay in a 00p no less - yay!  So, here's how I styled it................

I can tell this dress is a keeper 'cause I felt pretty all day!..........(don't you just love when that happens?)

Outfit Details:

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BR Outlet Striped Cardigan (Similar)
Nine West Peep Toe Pumps (Similar)
Kenneth Cole Outlet Bag (Similar)
Forever 21 Necklace


  1. You look absolutely beautiful Callandra! I love how you styled it. Your hair looks so nice and shiny here!

  2. Fits you so well! This dress really is flattering on all the petites, what a great find! I like how you styled it too!

  3. Wow! that is an incredible dress!

  4. You've done it again! I'm in love with this, especially the cardigan! So now I need a multi-colored striped cardigan...I almost bought one at the Gap yesterday, but I wasn't feeling the colors. Love this one though!

  5. This dress fits you to perfection. I'm in love with how you styled a long necklace with the v-neck opening. Must try that myself!

  6. You made this dress look fabulous with the colorful striped cardi, belt, and bubbly necklace. Seriously, only you would think of such fun combinations to brighten up a plain dress. I love it so much!

  7. I love the dress on you. It fits you like a glove. I like the color too. Does it come with a belt. I really like the way you styled it. So fabulous :) Happy Friday!

  8. LOVE that dress and super cute cardigan. Nice punch of color.

  9. that dress is so classic! i always love how you style everything. i <3 the cardi and the necklace...the outfit looks expensive!

  10. when you bought it off of ebay, did this dress come w/the belt? it's supposed to.

  11. You are beautifully gorgeous, as always! Perfect the cardi and necklace!

  12. Very classic! How fun is the cardi w/ it? Cute!!

  13. Holy wow I really wish I had your body. You filled out a sheath dress that my non-curvy body can never do! Love the fun cardigan with the waterfall necklace.

  14. Thanks so much Elaine!...(I actually use Rusk shine spray ;)

    Thank you does seem to be universally flattering!

    Thank you Christine, I love it too ;)

    Thank you Kish...(I almost didn't get this one, I'm so glad I did)!

    Thank you Cee!!

    Awwww, thank you so much Jean!!

    This dress does come with a self belt's a very nice belt actually....but you know I had to change it up ;)

    Thanks Heather!

    It did come with the belt Aubrey, but I couldn't bear to style traditionally! Lol

    Thanks so much Tara!

    Thank you Bella ;)

    Actually Hannah I can't tell you how many times I've wished for a straighter form....but I guess both body types have their pros and cons ;)

  15. Love the dress...I agree, it is a definite keeper! Great ensemble!

  16. The dress looks so good on you! And w/o alterations no less. By the way, what's your strategy for finding things on eBay? Just periodically search for the size or do you have some kind of alerts set up? I keep hearing about these great eBay buys but I honestly can never find anything on there.

  17. wow, beautiful dress and good job for finding it for cheap on ebay! i love the way you styled it with the striped cardi and necklace. very pretty!

    cute & little

  18. Looooooove it! Love love love!!! Love how you styled it!!! Mine is yet to be tailored but you are so lucky no alterations needed!!! :D

  19. Thank you Leah!

    Thank you Liane!...I was very grateful to have this fit without any tailoring! I search for my size whenever I feel like shopping online. I stick with brands and sizes that I already know will fit (usually that I've already tried on in the store). This might be a tad trickier for you since you are so teeny......You might just want to stick with items that you recognize as having tried on in stores so that you know they will fit for sure ;)

    Thanks so much Kileen ;)

    I know yours is going to look soooo fabulous as soon as you get it back from the tailors Annie...I can't wait to see it!!

  20. Hello! My name is Valerie and I have and love this dress!! It just unfortunately no longer fits :\ I am trying to sell the dress on ebay but haven't found any pictures that I can use for the listing. I would put it on myself but it no longer zips up!! Would you mind me using the the first two photos that show the front and back of the dress? I can put your website down as a reference in the detail sections of the ad?? Thank you!