Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: Loft Petite Roll Sleeve Drapey Shirt & JCrew Cotton Bell Skirt

I was at the Loft Friday and picked up this blouse to help complete some savings cards for full discount.  I was surprised by how much extra fabric there was all over since I did get the xxsp.  (However, I think that may just be the style of the blouse and tucked in you'd never know).

The sleeves are meant to be rolled up on this blouse, but I thought you guys might like to see where they hit on my wrists when worn unrolled....(of course you can see from this last picture that the sleeve tabs are quite visible when the sleeves are fully extended. 

What I like about this blouse:  Super soft and amazingly comfortable.  (I almost wish it came with matching silk pajama bottoms for the option of wearing to bed!) Lol  The color is also quite versatile and goes with more than I expected in my closet.

What I don't like about this blouse:  Completely see-thru.  I took pictures with a nude bra and you can definitely see that it would need a cami underneath.  It also stains like the dickens!  I am quite a messy eater so it's necessary to keep a tide pen in my bag at all times.  I have never had a tide pen leave a ring on fabric after use, but it did with this blouse.  It will definitely have to be washed to get the spot cleaning rings out.  Luckily the tag says wash in cold and tumble dry.

I also trotted into JCrew Friday.  I had heard that this skirt ran small and was hoping to find it on sale in store in a size that worked for me.  I tried on a 00 and size 2  (size 0 was not available).  I actually bought the size 2  because it had extra fabric in the gathers in the back that I thought were really cute.

What I like about this skirt:  A very comfortable pull-on style.  Also quite flattering despite the extra material all around.  I believe that I will be able to wear this skirt to the office or casually on the weekends, the material seems really versatile.

What I don't like about this skirt:  The fabric is quite stiff, so it was necessary to smooth it down or adjust after standing. 

I would love to get feedback on both items and please be brutally honest.  If something needs to go back I definitely need to know ;)

Outfit Details:

Loft Roll Sleeve Drapey Shirt (Also reviewed by Liane at Petite XXS)
JCrew Cotton Bell Skirt (Also reviewed by Cee at To Brighten My Day in cotton and wool and by Vicky at Vicky's Daily Fashion Blog)
Kruise Peep Toe Slingback


  1. I love both the skirt and the shirt! I have the skirt and wore it in this post:
    I think it's versatile and can be worn throughout the year.
    I like the shirt in pictures, I haven't tried it on in store yet. If you are worried about the sheerness, I think the teak green one is less sheer from the Loft website, maybe you can consider that color?

  2. Great outfit. The shirt makes me want to go on a safari or walk along the beach with a mai tai.

    I think I am getting the shirt in the khaki color. I went yesterday and need to head to a different store today or tomorrow to get the right size.

  3. I don't know that anything can look bad on you! Despite the staining issues of the blouse I LOVE it! I don't mind see through blouses as long as the right cami is layered underneath, I love that look.

    This skirt is really cute on you but I would personally be annoyed if I had to adjust it all the time. I love the colours together, so beachy/sandy looking to me!

  4. I love the blouse w/the cardi! You seriously can make everything work- can I have some of that talent please?:D

  5. Lovely soft blouse - it works great. Thank you for posting!

  6. I actually don't mind that the blouse is sort of see through. It fits with this type of tunic-type blouse, I think. But if you're not comfortable, you could try it with a nude cami underneath. The color is really pretty and goes with this outfit nicely, so I'm biased there :)

    I also quite like the bell skirt on you. I have the wool version and I think it's softer and not as wrinkly. But it doesn't come in pretty colors like the cotton, so I would say keep :)

    PS - I KNEW someone else had the Target bag, but just couldn't remember who. Going to update my post now!

  7. i really love the blouse and could deal with the sheerness factor. i like the color of the skirt, but it looks like it would wrinkle easily.

  8. I love how the blouse looks on you! I think it was floating around some of the bloggers. It does look sheer but I don't think it will be necessary all the time to wear a cami underneath. In my opinion if the girls are covered, then I don't really care if my back strap is exposed. The skirt is so cute! Too bad it is stiff, since it is made out of cotton it should conform and settle down after awhile.

  9. Wonderful, thank you for leaving that link Vicky;) You may be right about the green color being less sheer, I will check it out - Thank you !!

    Oh Ski, if only you hadn't mentioned the beach....I can hear the water lapping against the beach right now .......sigh ;) (Good luck finding the khaki in your size).

    Thank you Elaine! may be right about the skirt being annoying....I'll have to wear it a bit more to be sure.

    So sweet Annie, Thank you ;)

    Thank you Featherfactor!

    You have the wool version Cee? Did you do a review, I'd like to add in the link for sure!

    I didn't notice the skirt wrinkling Leena...(sure hope it doesn't ;)

  10. Thank you Hannah ;) I rembered Liane reviewed it just recently, but couldn't remember who else. I hope you're right about the skirt softening up!

  11. I don't see anything wrong with the skirt and blouse on you! Looks great as it is, with or without cardigan! :)

  12. Thank you for your kind comment Tinymum!

  13. I simply love the color of your LOFT blouse but the sheerness of it would probably have me reconsider it for when the price is better. But with your discount card it's probably a great deal. :)

    I like the color of the J. Crew skirt too and I think the length of the size 2 makes it really versatile. I got the wool version of it last winter but in a size 00...I sort of regret it now because it's rather short.

  14. Thanks Elle....After much searching I found a light pink lace bodysuit online at forever 21 today that I think will solve the too sheer problem for that blouse....(fingers crossed ;)

    Now I'm wishing I had paid a bit more attention when you guys were buying the wool version of this sounds perfect. I wouldn't worry about the 00 being too short on you (your legs make me wish I spent more time exercising) Lol

  15. Love the color of the cardigan! :)

  16. Hey Callandra! I did do a review on the wool skirt and on the cotton version.

  17. I love the colors! You are so great!

  18. callandra-- i love your outfit. you look great as usual. i really like the style of the shirt and the pretty soft color. all the colors look so nice together too...

  19. I seriously love that blouse... but agree with you that the main issue was the sheerness. Since my hair is long, it covers that back straps so I think I can get away with just a nude bra... but I think a nude cami can make it work for you if you're uncomfortable! I'm on the fence about the skirt since I worry about wrinkles (I'd never get around to ironing it), but I do like it in this outfit and seems like the color would be very versatile.

  20. Thank you Laurie!

    You rock Cee - Thanks so much!!

    Awww, Thank you Christine ;)

    I was going for a "JCrew" color theme from one of their mags Ping ;)

    I found a soft pink bodysuit cami online at F21 that I think will fit the bill for this little problem Liane (I sure hope so anyway) Btw, if you're thinking of buying this blouse, I wanted to let you know that the stains washed out like a peach, no problems at all! Yay ;)

  21. i really love both items you picked up!! that blouse is beautiful although i can see how the sheerness can be a problem. i think it would look just as good though layered over a cami. as far as staining goes, i would probably have to be super careful like you too.

    and the skirt fits you surprisingly well considering it's a size 2! i love the color and the waistband.

    i love the way you styled these items. they go really well together and the cardigan addition at the end is great too!

    cute & little
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  22. Super cute Callandra! Just found your blog and gotta say we're very similar in that petite aspect :D Doesn't mean we can't rock a mini with the best of 'em though right girl?!

    Love this ensemble, the muted pastels are right on for spring...and with that cardi- Bellissima! Love it, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  23. Thanks Julie........cute blog name ;)