Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oink, Oink!

Hello Lovelies.  I took some cues from Cee over at "To Brighten My Day" and added my necklace to the outside of my sweater.......looks fabulous right?!  I've been meaning to try this look all winter and I nearly missed my chance (this is the first bit of March you know ;)  Anyhoo...Sissy, Bubs and I met at PF Chang's for a fabulous dinner last night, don't you just love their lettuce wraps?!....candied walnuts, shrimp and melon balls?  I so meant to take pictures of all of the amazing food, but as soon as it arrived all camera thoughts were gone! Oink Oink

Outfit Details:

Express Cropped Pleated Pants (Similar)
Ann Taylor Loft V-neck Oxford (Similar)
H&M Cowl neck sweater (Similar)
Ann Taylor Loft Cuff (2010)
Ann Taylor Loft Bauble Ring (Similar)
Fossil Relic Watch (Similar)


  1. The necklace does look great like that! I also really love your cuff, it is such a great statement piece!

  2. wow, i'm in love with all of your accessories! great idea layering the necklace over the sweater. i'll have to give that a shot too. and i love the statement cuff!

    cute and little

  3. I agree with Kileen that your accessories are perfecto in this outfit. I was spying that stretch corsage bracelet but it ended up going out of stock. =0(
    I like how you sprinkled pearls on your necklace and bracelet.

  4. I agree with everyone about the accessorizing. Fabulous! You are my inspiration for layering :) Now I want a short-sleeve cowl sweater, hehe.

  5. After I saw your post, I got inspired and put together an outfit using your new tip! Next time, I'll use a bolder soon as I find a nice one that is. You can see it here:

  6. Thank you Tara....I looked and looked for a similar cuff to link to but couldn't find one on shopstyle anywhere!.....Kohl's had one a while back by Vera Wang, but it's not available online anymore.

    Thank you Kileen. I had a bit of time to try a couple of sweaters and finally wound up setteling on that one.

    Aawww Hanna that totally sucks! I was telling Tara that Kohl's had one very similar a couple of months's not online anymore but you might be able to find it in the store ;)

  7. Thank you Cee (right back at you obviously ;) hee There is a short sleeve cowl neck sweater on the Wet Seal website that's almost identical to the one I'm wearing here ;)

    Very cool Adrianne! ....thanks for leaving your link, I really enjoyed checking out your posts ;)

  8. nicely put together callandra. i totally dig the necklace and how you wore.

    i got a haircut today and thought about your bangs! my stylist want to trim my bangs, but i decided not to let her since she cut it so short last time. i'm thinking about growing them out. heehee

  9. I love all of the accessories!!! I need to be brave and wear more accessories!

  10. I think I have the same problem Ping.....I'm thinking "what if she cuts them too short".......then they grow too long and I just go nuts! I admire anyone who has the stamina to grow them out though (I always crack ;)

    That's funny Mallory....I was thinking that I actually needed to buckle down and cut down on my accessory usage! hee

  11. I love the necklace over the sweater look- good job to you and Cee!!!

    I love you accessories and how you style them:D

  12. the shoes are FAB! I did see Cee's necklace with sweater combo and loved it. Good cue! :)


  13. Thank you Annie! ;)

    I bought them during the winter and this is my first wear of the season May ... I've been dying to wear them!

  14. Hey how did I miss this post? I seem to be in the habit of missing out lately :(

    What a fabulous look! Love getting inspiration like this.

  15. Happens to me a lot C&P!....I always just put it down to google not being infallable ;)

  16. so sassy! I love this!