Wednesday, March 9, 2011

H&M Paper Bag Skirt

I feel like I just stepped out of an old "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" TV series and I could be Kate Jackson or Beverly Garland either one! Lol 

I seriously love this skirt though.  It makes me think of the paper bag pants everyone's been wearing (except this is a skirt obviously ;)  Hhhhmmmm.......first flare jeans, now a paper bag skirt!  What about you guys?  Are you getting the 70's bug?!

Outfit Details:
H&M Tan Paper Bag Skirt (Thrifted)
BR Plaid Long Sleeve Top (2009)
Nine West Nude Pumps
F21 Necklace
F21 Ring (Similar)


  1. Love it (and the 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King' reference!). Looks great on you!

  2. I love the 70's, especially when it's done in the year 2011 twist. I recently donated all of my plaid shirts so am a little sad I can't try to replicate this look. :(

  3. Love the skirt! I believe jumpsuits are supposed to be making a comeback. I guess I'd better practice feathering my hair.
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  4. wow!! I am in love with your skirt!

  5. It is a super cute skirt! I love it now with the plaid (is very Scarecrow & Mrs. King) but come spring, how fabulous will it be with lighter weight tops! Great purchase!

  6. i love the paperbag look!! i just bought a pair of paperbag pants from UO a few weeks ago but have been loving the paperbag skirt looks too. and i'm definitely feeling the 70s vibe. :)

    cute and little
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  7. I really love your blog! So many great outfit ideas!

    Just got my first paperbag skirt too!


  8. Cute find the best things at H & M!

  9. I really like the take on this paperbag skirt -- high-waisted with cute buttons. It suits you well.

  10. Adorable!! I love it!! Too cute.. I'm now on the hunt for this skirt ; )

  11. Can I just have your style? And your wardrobe? I love this!!!

  12. Wow, it was a thrifted skirt?! What a nice find, I bet you got it at a great price too! I really love the paperbag style -I was just informed a week ago of what it was. LOL.

  13. I tell you Sarah....I'm a sucker for any of those cheesy 70's detective/spy series! Lol

    Actually Elle, I was thinking that a gingham plaid shirt might be more on trend for this look if you have one! ....(I don't have anything gingham so I wore plaid ;)

  14. That's so funny Jen (I would actually if my hair was long enough to) hee

    Thank you Christine!

    You're right's going to look fabulous - I can't wait!

    Oooh Kileen! I'd love to see your pants....although, I may already have. I'll have to go back through your posts and check ;)

  15. Thank you Alyssa......did you post a picture?...I'll have to check it out!

    Thank you Tara...I think I've bought over half of my H&M items off of ebay actually! Lol

  16. Thank you Cee!

    Thank you Bella Style......I'll let you know if I see another one somewhere ;)

    Oh thank you Kish!

    I did an online offer for it Hannah...(love that option)!

  17. How do you pull off all these looks? You can make plaid look this good? are freaking amazing!