Monday, March 7, 2011

Old Friends

We are in March now and as the days get longer and April approaches, I can feel myself getting a  bit more excited everyday.  For the past six months or more old friends have been packed away in the garage.  Their presence in my closet has been deeply missed.......(it's even possible that some of them were forgot so completely that they have even been replaced in error).
Of course, my anticipation of renewed acquaintance with these old friends is bittersweet since it means that some daily friends will be going away for awhile and "parting is such sweet sorrow".......sniff.

For those of you making the most of your closet space (or if you have ever had to in the past) I would love to hear how you decide what will stay in your closet and what will be packed away until the next season ;)

Outfit Details: 
Ann Taylor Loft Gray Pencil Skirt (Similar)
BR Outlet Cream Shell (Similar)
Rampage Green Cardigan (Similar)
Ann Taylor Zebra Print Bag (Similar)
American Eagle Necklace (Similar)
Nine West Gray Patent Sling Back Pump
Ann Taylor Outlet Ring (Similar)
Target Oval Ring (Similar)


  1. This has always been a hard decision for me b/c closet space is valuable. Since I can't keep everything out, I do a 'season switch' the weekend before its officially Fall and Spring. However, I do have some pieces that work year round w/out fail so I try to think of an outfit that i'll use that piece in to decide if I'll pack it away or not. This isn't fool proof but it does force me to think ahead rather than just keep every 'versatile' item out. Love the zebra bag today by the way Callandra!

  2. I like the hint of spring in your outfit! So lively and fun. I packed away sweaters over the weekend and that's probably the only thing going into storage. I really have no concept for season so cotton skirts get worn in the winter while wool pants may make an appearance on colder spring mornings. :)

  3. Love this outfit - so pretty!

    I have a lot of layering pieces so most of my tops can work will in all seasons. I do pack away my heavier sweaters and pants and also the jeans that are meant to be worn with my high heeled boots as they would never work with my flats!

  4. My best friend has that bag and I always drool over it!

    I am slowly moving out the obviously wintry pieces - wool trousers, chunky sweaters, turtlenecks and bringing in lighter weight trousers and skirts. This time of year I spend a lot of time going up the attic, searching for pieces that can transition, and carefully packing away that which I can't stand the sight of any longer. Can't WAIT until I can pack away all my tights!

  5. such a pretty simple outfit, callandra! i love finding favorites that i have forgotten about. it's like shopping in your own closet.

  6. I actually don't pack away anything from season to season. I suppose I just move the winter clothes farther back in the closet when it's spring time and vice versa. So no advice here unfortunately :(

    I couldn't agree with you more, I am so ready for spring!

  7. ahhh i LOVE it! i was browsing through People Style Watch yesterday and saw a picture of jessica biel wearing a mint green skirt with cream blouse, and i thought what a pretty combo! the mint green cardi paired with the cream and gray is perfection!

  8. Very helpful Sarah, thank you!....I usually have to go dig things out mid season...hopefully your tip will save me some time this year ;)

    Thank you Elle, I should probably pack away my sweaters as you keep out your cardi's though?

    Thank you C&P...Elle said she packs away her sweaters as well....I do wear my long jeans in the summer with heels, but I might want to pack some of them away since it's so nice to wear dresses and skirts in the summer!

    Thanks're looking at a first class bag stalker here ;) I too fell in love when I first saw this bag and wound up stalking for months 'till I got the right combination of in-store promotions and in-hand coupons to be able to call it mine ;) I hear you on those tights btw....can't wait!

    Oh!...isn't that the best Ping?! It's like someone hid a secret gift for you to find in your closet (and it's actually something you'd wear)! hee

    Color me jealous Cee! (Although I probably wouldn't have to switch things out if I just downsized a bit)....Hhmmm that didn't sound like me, I must be I'm coming down with something! Lol

    Thank you Leena!....I saw this color mix on a really old "What Not To Wear" episode and tried to mix my own.....Now I'd like to check out that Jessica Biel outfit for sure!

  9. I love this outfit! The first pic looks like a magazine..LOL You are so pretty Callandra!

  10. I really love the color of that cardi! I also love the printed bag thrown in, what a great statement piece. You look gorgeous as always :)

  11. The mint green and that grey is just a really fabulous combo! I was sooo tempted to checkout the JCrew coat in a blindingly green color and sadly it sold out. =0( Now I'm really wishing I was quick about it.
    I do what you do and store my seasonal clothes in a drawer or box them up. However, it can be a bit tricky because I will search for something past season and I won't be able to find it? So solution? BIGGER CLOSET! Maybe if I move into a new house I will turn the guest bedroom into a personal fashion room.

  12. I love the bag!!! Such a fun addition to a great outfit!!!

  13. Awww.....thank you Annie!...(it's so funny, I was just saying how tired and washed out I look in these pictures) Lol

    Thanks you Tara!.. (so great to be getting back into some summer colors ;)

    I do that all the time Hannah and then kick myself weeks down the road...(sometimes I can find the item second hand though)...thank goodness for e-bay right?! I love your solution..Bigger Closet! Why didn't I think of that? Lol

    Thank you Mallory!! (Accessories make all the difference right?! ;)

  14. Loving this! Such a classy outfit, and then the zebra purse adds a pop of spunk! :)

    I agree with magazine pic!

  15. Aaawww........Thank you Michelle!

  16. oooooo open toe shoes!! YAY!