Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outfit Recap #3

Victoria's Secret White Oxford Bodysuit (Similar), Ann Taylor Outlet Black Metallic Pencil Skirt (Similar), Black Rhiana Booties, Express Overlapping Leaf Ring, Express Mesh Chain Bracelet

Same outfit with old Loft Coat and Francesa's International Travel Bag
Everything is old here except for the Express Jewelry that is detailed under the top picture.
Forever 21 Cord Woven Belt, Sofft Pavia Shoes, Loft Petite Zip Pocket Sleeveless Dress, Gray Kenneth Cole Bag (Similar), Forever 21 Necklace (Similar), Loft Long Sleeve Striped Tee (Similar), Loft Safari Green Jacket (Similar).
This was going to be my entry for the last PFC Challenge (Which I missed!)  The only thing not too old to purchase here are the Gap Wide Leg Trouser Jeans.

Ann Taylor Navy Striped Suit (Old) Loft Tiered Shell (2010), Target Red Patent Heels (Old) Kenneth Cole Bag (Similar)

Eckles has found a new favorite bed, my Proenza Schouler bag!

I have missed reading everyone's posts lately, life has been insane.  I hope to catch up this weekend.  Btw, how do you guys like my new specs?  I call them my Brad Gorski glasses! Lol


  1. As much as I would love to critique each outfit that I like...I can't. I like them all! Okay, maybe the simple yet sharp chic-ness of the first outfit stands out for me. And the glasses look wonderful on you...tres chic! (sorry...can't figure out how to do the accent mark over the 'e').

  2. umm i LOVE your glasses, i mean LOVE! i need a new pair myself and totally love the whole geek chic look. and i second kish, there's just way too much to comment on so i'll just say i love everything! hehe. the gap wide leg trouser jeans are fab!

  3. I am so jealous you have the Express Overlapping ring! I saw it in a store last week, but they only had size 8. I didn't want to pay shipping just for a ring, but I should probably just do it. It's so cute. I really like your "Almost PFC" outfit.

  4. Oooh you got the Gap jeans I've been eyeing! They look fabulous on you!!! That would have been a great challenge photo.
    You look amazing in each outfit. LOL love the kitty shot!

  5. Love the new glasses!!

    That old LOFT coat is awesome! I have only been shopping at LOFT as a frequenst customer for less than one year, so I am an unfamiliar with their older items...I wish I had known about them sooner...I am in love with that darn jacket!! Ahh!!

    And Eckles!!! So cute! Our cat, Little Girl, loves to sneak her way into the closet, and snuggles with my purses, as well. Which I do not approve of...I keep the closet door closed, however, my husband will forget from time to time. :/

  6. The glasses look perfect on them! You always look so put together!

  7. I really think I NEED that coat LOL. And I'm loving that scarf too.

  8. Those nude sandals are amazing! love all the outfits, as usual!

  9. Hi PEMS :) i really like your style; it's very uniquely you. and your glasses are definitely nerdy chic!

  10. my fave is the stripe w/the loft dress! and my roommate is considering getting those pants, but i feel they are more flared than wide leg.

  11. Wow!! You dont let the grass grow under ya... keeping busy I see with the Softt Pavia : ) The jeans outfit w/ the scarf is very cute! What kind of belt with? Burgandy patent? My fav look is with the snake skin bag - the whole look says laid back but adorable all in one!!

  12. callandra-- everyoutfit is so stylish! you pull off those wideleg trousers so well.

  13. Hi!

    Love your outfits!!

    Question, what do you think of the following jacket from The Limited... I'm tempted, wanted to get your opinion since it seems you're a natural with this fashion stuff!


  14. U know what u remind me of? A Jcrew catalogue model!!! Dead serious...u look fab! Loving those glasses!!!

  15. Oops, forgot to post the link:

  16. Hi Jennifer, The jacket is really cute, I did see it in the store as well.

    First thing, please notice the 3/4 length sleeves widen just slightly towards the wrist and there is a medium wide belt at the waist.

    Because of these three things combined -

    1. 3/4 length sleeves
    2. Wider sleeves
    3. Med wide belt

    - this jacket will be most flattering on a frame with a smaller bust and a longer torso ;)

  17. You look awesome! I love your glasses!


  18. I love your outfits! Question about the Sofft Pavias - did you order a narrow width? I have pretty normal (usually M) feet, but the reviews on the Nordstrom website keep saying they run wide. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  19. Hey E, I wouldn't order them in narrow. I will say that I can sometimes get away with a size 6 but I had to get these in 5.5 so that they fit properly.

    Thank you Kish!....You aren't the only one by the way (how do they add that mark?!) hee

    Thank you Leena....I'm glad you like the gap wide leg...........still trying to decide ;)

    Thank you Ski, I never would have ordered that ring if I'd only seen it online, but in the store I loved it!

    Thanks Elaine......Eckles even posed for me, I thought it was so cute ;)

    Oh Michelle, don't get me started on the closet thing! Luckily we have seperate closets (not walk in :( but it helps to keep the girls out ;)

    Thank you Tara!

    Thank you Heather.....both pieces are from 2009 I believe ;)

    Thank you Christine, they're so comfortable!

    Awww....thank you sunshine!

    I think you're right Aubrey, I'm not sure why they are listed as wide leg! Btw, I think the striped may be my favorite as well ;)

    Thank you Bella! Burgandy patent huh?....I may just have one of those ;)

    Thanks so much Ping!

    You're the sweetest thing Annie! ...Thank you ;)

  20. Callandra you never fail to be inspiring, I love all of these outfits (you look incredible in all of them!) Keep the outfit recaps coming, my favorite feature because of how inspired I get!

  21. Those glasses are the perfect "accessory" for that first outfit! Love all your outfits as always, and I'm actually interested in trying the Gap trouser jeans but I'm afraid they're going to be a size too big for me as usual.

  22. Love it! The third outfit is my fave!

  23. Awwww..thank you Elle ;) I'm so glad to hear you like the recaps!!

    Thank you Liane. I'm sorry to say that the gap trouser jeans are definitley going to be to big for you :( Of course you could get them tailored down.......but that seems so unfair.

    Awesome, thank you Elaine!

  24. Hello! Callandra,

    I don't read blog often or like to leave any comments. Yours is among my few favorite blogs.

    You are very very pretty and yet so humble and sincere. A breath of fresh air in the blogosphere.

    Rest assured I am not a stalker.

    Your tailor had done a good job altering the Loft jean featured in an older post.

    -SN of NY -

  25. You look so chic, as always! Thanks for the inspiration! And I sooo agree with what SN of NY said. Your blog is a fave of mine.

  26. So sweet!!...Thank you SN!

    Thank you Mitr ;)

    I really appreciate it Carole, thank you!

  27. Wow beautiful looks! You have such great taste and all your outfits are lovely yet still wearable. Great blog :)

  28. I got my orange Francesca's travel bag yesterday and LOVE it! I also got a cute black skirt and love it also! Thank you for all the great fashion advice. I love all your outfits! I have gotten a lot of great looks by copying a few things. Keep it up~~~

  29. Thank you so much Featherfactor!

    Yay!...I was hoping you'd love it April ;) I get so many ideas from other bloggers, this community is quite inspiring....I really enjoy it!