Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft Fitting Room Review

After a week's sabbatical in Destin Florida I'm so Happy/Sad to be home! lol  Seriously, we had a great time.  We shopped at the great outlet they have there (spent way too much) at BCBG, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.  We ate so much that it will take me a month at the gym before I'll be able to fit back into my jeans! hee hee

There was also a great outdoor mall there and I couldn't resist going into the Loft and trying on some things I had been eying for awhile now.  First up, the Petite Stripped Sweater w/Corsage.

So in love with this sweater, but as you can see, it's waaayyy too long even in the Petite XXS.  I scrunched it up just in case it might work, but no good.  Next, Petite Habutsi Flutter Sleeve Tee.

Really love this color, but way too long again :(   Lately I've been insisting that my tops hit at exactly the top of my hip bone so that I have the option to wear the blouse tucked or untucked for extra versatility.  Next, Petite Stripped Sweater Dress.

I really loved this dress.  I tried it on in their Petite XS (that was the smallest size they had available in the store) but I was very pleased with the fit in this size so I'm thinking I'll definitely get it once it goes low enough..............what do you guys think?  Worth stalking??.....


  1. The color of the flutter top is so gorgeous against your skin, too bad it's way too long. I don't know how why but I tend to think the last sweater dress is really shapeless, really hides the lovely figure you have underneath. I wouldn't stalk it if I were you but if it's comfortable and cheap enough then it might be worth it?

  2. i actually really like the 1st sweater and the little corsage...too bad it's so long! anyway that it's thin enough to tuck into something? same for the second top -- would you tuck it in because it's a really pretty color on you and i like the ruffle sleeves. i agree with elle that the last sweater dress looks a little shapeless...maybe too big? what about a belt around the waist?

  3. Stripes look great on you!

    I show that same corsage sweater on my blog as a tuck-in top.

    I agree with Elle...the sweater dress appears shapeless. You could add a belt to create a more defined waistline. That would make it a keeper!

  4. Elle, I really love the color on that flutter sleeve too :(I'm so glad to get your opinion on that sweater dress....shapeless huh?...interesting, I'll have to re-evaluate that picture.

    Ping, I'm really in love with the first sweater too, but I think it's too thick to tuck into anything for sure. The second top is probably thin enough to tuck in....hhmmm. I'm glad to get your opinion on the sweater dress too, sounds like it might not be the right choice for me, I appreciate your help!

    Michelle, I'll definitely check out the corsage sweater on you. I really, really love the corsage detail, but I don't think it would work tucked in for me. Sounds like the sweater dress maybe too shapeless for sure - now I'm thinking I'd like to try it on with a belt - thanks!

  5. Looks like a lot of the petites are trying on the same things at LOFT this weekend! I ended up getting the corsage sweater and the flutter sleeve in a different color (pics here). I think the sweater dress definitely needs a belt!

  6. I purchased the same sweater dress, and definitely loving it with a pair of brown boots. I wear a belt with it when wearing it by itself, and without a belt when wearing it with a sweater.

  7. Ooooh love the colour of the flutter sleeve top! Hmmm...I guess I'm ok with longer tops, I would wear them with skinny or really slim pants or try and tuck in.

  8. I didn't realize how long that corsage top was - I really like it on Michelle (at her blog mini maestra) tucked into her skirt.

    I say go for the last dress, but I think an XXS Petite would fit perfectly on you. Right now it is a little loose and I'd love to see a sweater dress like that more snug : )

  9. Definitely think the sweater dress is a yes! It's simple and looks super comfy to wear!

    P.S. Those yellow flats are super duper cute! Where did you get them from?

  10. Since so many petites have been trying on this shirt (Petite Habutsi Flutter Sleeve Tee), I can't wait to try it on in the fitting room.

    sweater dress will go great w/boots, but definitely needs a belt or a size 00P.

  11. I love that top sweater, I think I may be going for that! Very nice.

  12. Liane, I'll definitely try the sweater dress w/a belt - Thanks!

    Sydney, I'd love to see how you style it!

    C&P, I really love that top as well, too bad about my length fettish :(

    Jean, You're right, that sweater does look good on Michelle...and you may be right about a smaller size for the dress, I'll check it out - Thanks!

    Mich, Thank you for your input! And..I just got them off the clearance rack at Target. There was no box but the brand is Mossimo Supply Co. I usually wear a size 6 and these were very true to size.

    Aubrey, Thank you for your help, I'm thinking I'll probably be getting the sweater dress for sure now.

    Bianca, I'd love to see you style it if you get it! ;)

  13. The flutter sleeve top was a great color on you!! And the crosage sweater is very cute - I love the detail that pushes it from ordinary to special. The sweater dress is too cute on you - I know you could style it in an adorable way. A smaller size might work but I would be concerned that the length may be a tad short.. you should check it out to be sure though : )

  14. Bella Style, I really did love the color on that flutter sleeve tee so much.....and the corsage sweater I definitely would have bought if my tailor could have shortened it a tad :( I did go ahead and get the sweater dress in a smaller size, I'll post some pics to see what everyone thinks once I get a chance to style it. Thank you for all of your insightful inputs!

  15. Callandra - hope it is ok I gave your contact info to LOFT marketing for their facebook feature on bloggers who love LOFT. I immediately thought of you and Michelle at minimaestra!