Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OOTD: Style Happens Every Morning

"You don't learn style from watching people on a runway.  Fashion happens every morning when you wake up."  Shalom Harlow

I am in complete agreement with this statement.  Fashion does happen every morning when you wake up, whether you take the time to dress appropriately or not.  The way you dress will tell people how to treat you, how you treat yourself and how well you know yourself.  You're definitely worth the time it takes to make you feel good about yourself and sometimes it's just the little details that helps our day go better.  ;)

You guys know that I've been stuck in a matchy-matchy mode lately, but thanks to Khatu and her Vibrant Summer Outfit Challenge, I am filled with renewed inspiration to create more visually interesting outfits.........Outfits that don't necessarily match, but rather "go together".

If you look up at the top of the armoire you can see a fuzzy little face napping over the side.

Forever 21 Tan Short Sleeve Cardi (One Season Ago)
Ann Taylor Loft Blouse (Three Seasons Ago)
Banana Republic Glenn Plaid Trousers (Outlet Two Seasons Ago)
Antonio Melani Cheetah Print Pumps (Five Seasons Ago)
Silver Rose Cuff (Thrifted)

Ciao Mes Amie's!


  1. What a polished yet comfortable looking outfit :) If I didn't know better I would've have thought you were petite at all! And I'm impressed you can remember exactly how many seasons ago you got something... that's skillz! :P

  2. I love the color of the AT blouse, it's great for the fall! Ditto what PetiteXXS says about remembering which season your clothes are from, I can't keep mine straight.

  3. LOL I'm impressed to with remember which seasons you got things! My clothes are two categories - this year or they're old LOL.

    You look so great, I absolutely love your style! Your kitty really loves that armoire! ;)

  4. Love the pop of color. I have always been a vibrant color person. The little fuzzy face napping on top of the dresser is soooooo cute! You should feature the face sometime.

  5. callandra i love how comfortable your outfit looks! it's very sophisticated and the blouse is a nice pop of color. this is something i'd definitely wear!

  6. I've loved every single one of your outfits so far! So glad you decided to start this blog...you're style is different and I enjoy the unusual colors and cuts you wear. This blouse is striking - perfect against the neutrals.

  7. Lovely - as always : ) I esp. like the texture the bag adds to the look!

  8. I LOOOOVE your hair!!! And those BR pants look great on you. I need a pair of dress pants that fit really well like that.

  9. You are just so chic! Love your style- it's so simple, clean and just fantastic!

  10. You look incredible, totally European. I love the cozy, wide draping of the sweater over the pretty and feminine ruffly coral top. With the wide slacks and that cozy large handbag, it all works. Your armoire is vintage-cool, I've been meaning to say that. I love the Style Statement with which you opened this entry blog, too. =)

    Please stop by and say Hi. Thanks, Ada. =)