Friday, September 10, 2010

OOTD & Loft Tulip Skirt

I've loved this Loft tulip skirt since I first saw it. The only question seems to be if it creates a faux tummy pouch. I put the gray silk ombre blouse with it because I loved the way the color of the top melted into the floral pattern of the skirt. However, with the blouse untucked, I lost the detailed tulip top of the skirt and any kind of waist delineation.
Upon close inspection of the skirt I realized that the dark flowers were a dark navy, not black, so I eagerly added the navy suede bag for additional texture in the outfit.
I'm hoping you can get a good view of the top of the skirt here.
With the added Loft chambray jacket I completely lost the tulip detail at the top of the skirt and it may have looked odd from the side view.  Unfortunately, the office is so cold that not wearing a jacket is not often an option.

So this is the end result.  I have to admit that I preferred the look of the outfit where you could see the top of the skirt, but at the end of the day (it was a long one) I still felt comfortable and current.
Ann Taylor Loft Faux Denim Chambray Jacket 00p
Ann Taylor Silk Ombre Blouse 00p
Ann Taylor Loft Floral Tulip Skirt 00p
Nicoli Suede Bag
Aldo Wedges
Limited Jewelry
What do you guys think?....Love it, Hate it, Have suggestions?............
I eventually went with the blouse tucked in (vanity won out I suppose)  and a friend at work confirmed that it was the more flattering of the two silhouettes.


  1. Ooooh, I loved this skirt too! Thought I was not lucky enough to end up with one. It looks great on you! And I think it just looks like a tulip skirt - no pouch, IMO. I also like it tucked better because you can see all the pretty detailing at the top of the skirt.

  2. Bianca, Happily I found the skirt on e-bay, I never did find it in the store in my size on sale. I'm like you, I hate to lose the detailing too.

    Aubrey, Very concise - Thank you!

  3. Tulip skirts are hard to wear, because of the pouch, like you said. But the front detail is so amazing. It's definitely better tucked. And you look amazing in it. I shy away from Tulip skirts because last year I bought a deep red wool Theory skirt and boy did it give me a full round tummy. :)
    Oh, I love love the top.

  4. I love it. As others I like the top tuck into the skirt. I'd suggest to wear high heels to elongate the appearance of your legs, wedges look good though. The top is gorgeous.

  5. Vicky, You're so right. This is my first tulip skirt, and although I love it, I probably won't buy a second.

    Claud, Great idea with the high heels. I'll definitely give them a try.

  6. That skirt is SOOOO gorgeous (it's hard to see the details in pictures but it still looks gorgeous regardless). I can't see the pouch at all, but I can imagine how tulip skirts can create that illusion. This is unrelated, but I love your sheets...that looks like such a shade of pink, I have been looking for sheets like that forever now. :(

  7. That skirt is a great for a change in silhouette. And you are lucky that you can pull it off. I am voting for tucked as well : )

  8. Elle, I like it too, thinking maybe if I wear it with a shorter top.... Btw, the sheets are from Target and they are the waverly rose pattern (few years back unfortunately).

    Bella Style, Good point. It's nice to have a change from pencil and aline every once in a while.

  9. i definitely like it tucked in too! it shows off your waist. you look very pretty btw!

  10. I can't see the skirt real well but I'm pretty sure I have the same one! I have a little bit of faux tummy pooch from this one though, but I still like it. I prefer the tucked look on you too :)

  11. love the skirt, I tried it but it didn't work for me-
    can you tell us about the beautiful armoire you pose in front of for you OOTD's? I kind of squeal from delight every time I see it...

  12. I love it tucked in and without the jacket. It's a shame your office is so cold. The details of the outfit are too pretty to be hidden by the blazer!

  13. Ping, Thank you so much, sounds like it's unanimous for tucked in ;)

    Liane, OOh, i would love to see what you paired this skirt with (I need more ideas ;)

    Spiffy, Mr. PEMS and I rescused this armoire from his parent's attic. We sanded it down and refinshed it ourselves (couple project Lol)

    Jean, It's interesting that you say that. I was wondering if the jacket detracted too much from the outfit. I'll keep that in mind the next time I style that skirt for sure.

  14. the skirt looks great on you!!

    stop by sometime<3

  15. I definitely like it tucked- you look great as always! So glad you joined the blogging world! Love your style!

  16. I love how the outfit looks tucked in, a beautiful outfit for a beautiful girl! I am the exact and I mean EXACT same measurements as you! Thank you so much for making this great blog!!!

  17. Hi, you look lovely in these pictures. I love the ombre blouse with the tulip skirt; it's a great pairing.

    Also, I think the light in these photos is great and allows your skin tone and features to shine. The natural lighting (sunlight from one side) is so much more flattering than flash, but I know one's schedule doesn't always have the time to take photos during the day. (Sorry for the photo geekery; I was a photo and art major in college.) --Jen