Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OOTD: Review Ann Taylor Loft Watercolor Print Ruffle Halter

Hi Guys, I'd like to send a congratulations to Lisa at Respect the Shoes.  Lisa recently published her 200th post (no small feat) and in celebration she is hosting an Anthropologie "Grandma's Treasure Trove Necklace" giveaway.  Please stop by Lisa's Blog (here) and sign up for a chance to win this beautiful necklace.

Speaking of 200 posts, I'll never make it to mine unless I get started, so here we go.  I don't know if you guys caught the Ann Taylor Loft Fall Sneak Peak that An at Alterations Needed posted in June, but it was sooo great.   I fell so hard for the Floral Ruffle Front Halter paired with the Nautical Stripped Cardi and Tweed skirt outfit that I couldn't stand it.

So I waited patiently for the clothing to make their appearance to the racks.........and nothing.  Finally, the Floral Ruffle Front Halter was introduced, but just in simple solid colors not florals.  Well this blouse was still adorable, but was certainly not all that I had hoped for, for sure!  I can't tell you the excitement I felt when I finally spotted this baby online in August (at the unaffordable price of $54.50).  Thank you Loft for giving us the buy one get one half price deal. 

Final price out of pocket came down to $21.87 with free shipping.  What a super deal and I have already worn this blouse 10 times and I fully intend to wear it 'till it falls apart! 
I copied the model's ensemble so closely that I may as well have taken the outfit right off her! Lol  You can't tell in the pictures, but I even painted my nails a pretty red color to mimic the color shown on all the model's at the Fall Sneak Peak Preview..........that's how much I loved all of those looks!
And yes, before you ask I will absolutely be wearing this outfit with a tweed skirt in the fall - I have no shame! hee hee (mine are still packed away with my winter clothes for now).

Unfortunately, the cardi never made it to Loft petites in my chosen colors of blue and cream stripes, so I was forced to buy it in an XXS Regular.  I know the fit is not ideal, but unless you see the petite sized cardi on me I don't think you'd realize how big this one really is.

Another bit of sad news:  I have asked several associates at different stores and even called customer service at the Loft and it looks like that adorable tweed jacket featured in the pictures of An's Fall Sneak Peak will not be coming in petite sizes either  :(  If you guys here otherwise or see it in the stores, please let me know...  It is so chic!

This blouse was also reviewed by Jean at Extra Petite (here) and Liane at Petite XXS (here).  If I missed one of you guys that reviewed this top as well, just e-mail me, I'd love to add that link in too.

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Loft Watercolor Ruffle Halter 00p
Ann Taylor Loft Stripped V-Neck Cardi xxs
Ann Taylor Tan Trousers 00p (Also worn here)
JCrew Gold Thong Sandals 6 (Also worn here)
Nicoli Blue Suede Bag (Also worn here)

Have a great week you guys!


  1. I purchased the floral blouse at the price you paid for it, too, thinking it was a very good deal. I so wanted to convince myself to keep it, but returned it in the store this past weekend. The color combination is so fall, but I just don't know if the colors are for me. I ended up picking the one that Jean and Liane tried on.

    Love this outfit on you! Once I tried on a xxs regular cardigan because I really wanted the yellow color that was only available in the regular line, and the it was too large on me.

  2. callandra the halter is so pretty on you. i love the colors and the pattern & it looks so soft & dreamy. hahha. i love the outfit combo. i think this halter will be great too with a pencil skirt ;)

  3. I'm so glad you found the top and for such a good price! I love mine too, and I think the color palette of the floral version is much more flattering on you than it would be on me. The pants look really great on you too... I love pants that drape at juuust the right length! :)

  4. Beautiful! And not for nothing, but you may want to see about that jacket in misses sizes. I found the fit through the shoulder to be very close, and I usually prefer the petite jackets there also.

  5. Gorgeous halter top. I was hoping to buy this myself in the grey color. But it's been completely sold out. I really love the combination with the stripped v-neck cardi...simply chic.

  6. I completely missed that top and I was at LOFT twice this weekend! I did notice the blue striped cardigan, but I think it was only offered in pink in petites. I will keep an eye out for it on the sale rack.

    You did a great job pairing patterns! For some reason, mirroring the model is a new concept to me, but it seems like it should have been so obvious years and years ago. Life would have been easier!

  7. Ah i thought that top looked so familiar! I had no idea it came in bold print. I love mine too and wear it so much for work...I like how the ruffles aren't the traditional ruffles but more loop-y.

    Sucksors that the blue and cream cardigan doesnt' come in petites, but with your added height you pull it off well. You need to model for LOFT...would probably sell stuff better than their models!

  8. Oh I love the colours of that! It will be GORGEOUS in the Fall! (Oh wait, I guess Fall is here already isn't it? ;) )

  9. I thought I recognized that color combination! That look is so great and I'm glad you're able to re-create it so chic-ly! So sad about the jacket! I hate when they don't offer items in petites!

  10. Cute outfit and I love your armoire!


  11. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Aw, you look absolutely fabulous - the flow of that blouse and the colors are gorgeous! Definitely a great piece that will transition well into fall - good buy!

  12. Very pretty outfit. I love every piece of it. :) Yeah, you are right. Can't tell that the cardigan is a regular or a petite version.

  13. Sydney, I'm glad you were able to get the halter that flattered your skin tone the most. I don't think I would be able to wear the gray/silver one that you guys got.

    Ping, Thank you. I can't wait to wear this with a pencil skirt.

    Liane, I was really excited about the price for sure...and I do love the drape on those pants too. (I think I must wear them every other day) Lol

    Bianca, Yay! I'm definitely going to check it out!

    Claud, Thank you. Unfortunately I can't take credit for the outfit combo, but I really do love it!

    Michelle, I saw the gray and pink cardi too - super cute!

    Jean, That's so funny. I was actually starting to panic a bit when the florals didn't hit the store right when the solids did...And, I would love to model for Loft. Beautiful clothes...all day long...sigh..... ;)

    C&P, I know, right? Where did summer go so fast?

    An, You know I have you to thank for this outfit right?...I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that post of yours!

    Pearls and Green Tea, Thank you so much!

    Lisa, I'm looking forward to your giveaway - So fun! I can't tell you how excited I was to get this top...and so afordable...whoo hoo!

    Vicky, I'm so glad you can't tell about the cardi. The petite size was a better fit, but just wasn't the right color.

  14. Very pretty!! Lady like and chic all at once - cant beat that : )

  15. I like how you're not afraid to mix prints and colors. I wouldn't have thought to mix navy, camel, and pink theoretically, but it looks so stylish on you!

  16. You look great and what a pretty print halter top. I have that same cardigan and I can definitely find a printed or floral halter top to pair it with. =)