Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OOTD: Loving Ann Taylor Loft

It occured to me while putting on my makeup at 4:30 this morning that I have been incredibly remiss in mentioning the 2nd Petite Fashion Challenge that is being hosted by Kelly at Alterations Needed!  This Challenge sounds like a lot of fun and is reminiscent of Ann Taylor Loft's "Wear it Now, Wear it Later" Lookbook.  The idea is to style an item of clothing for spring/summer and again for fall/winter. Check out Kelly's post here and join in the fun!

Yesterday I had only enough slack time to check out one blogging post and as luck would have it, I checked out Liane's post at Petite XXS.  well, if you ladies caught this post you will understand that immediately after I regained consciousness and pulled myself up off the floor, I bounded out of the house like a woman insane!

Sadly, I had missed the 40% off that was going on Sunday (the sympathetic sales clerk said that the Loft only runs that promo for one day) Bummer!  However, all was not lost, they were still running the 25% off and allowing $25.00 savings card to be used in conjuction.  I mentally reconciled myself to the lower savings quota and got down to some serious shopping.

I told Liane how much I adored her in this graphic tee, so adorable!...An absolute must have!!

Wearing this tee with a skirt, I really felt that it had to be tucked in because of how long it is.  I plan to take it to my tailor soon and see if she can hem it up for me (I told you guys that I was obsessed right now with the lengths of my tops). 
The skirt is part of a skirt suit that I bought at the Ann Taylor Outlet last week in Florida.  The suit wasn't available in the store in my size, but they kindly offered to ship it to me for free and they honored the promos going on in the store for the order as well!
I couldn't resist styling the tee with my "skinny jeans" (aka...Express Barely Boot Cut) and some Steve Madden flats....
I didn't totally mind the longer length of the tee with the pants and I figured it wouldn't be too tummy flattering to tuck it in, so I scrunched it up a bit and wore it out.

I hope you guys were able to take advantage of the great deals going on at the Loft.  The sales clerk tonight (yes, I went back again - shamefaced) said that the 25% off of everything would be going on all week!  Happy Shopping!


  1. Great finds! I like how you seamlessly integrated the tee into a work outfit! :)

    I love charcoal colored suits (I have like five sets), they are good for all seasons and go with practically every color. Do you alter any of your loft items? I am about an inch taller than you but I find a lot of LOFT petite stuff long still but it's the perfect length on you.

  2. May I ask how much you paid for the skirt from AT outlet? It's beautiful. Do you happen to have the style number? What is the current promo there?

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I'm always glad to be of help :) I really like how you styled the tee, and especially love that black jacket which fits you perfectly. I feel like I've seen it on you before but can't recall... where's that from?

  4. Great finds, love that black jacket, where is it from? =)

  5. I love the 2 outfits you have put together especially the 1st one. The skirt looks gorgeous on you. It fits you perfectly. I would never thought of pairing a conversative pencil skirt with a tee :) Great job!

  6. Yes details on the black jacket please! Love how you took this t-shirt and made it work with two completely different outfits.

  7. Wow everything looks great on you! The pieces all fit you extremely well, and I am loving the black blazer and grey skirt!

  8. Elle, No, I don't have any of my skirts altered for sure, but after I read your comment I realized that the skirts I find at the Ann Taylor Outlets almost always fit smaller than the skirts from their regular stores....Never thought about that before (interesting).

    Sydney, No problem at all. The skirt was 69.99 with 25% off the total came to $52.49 The matching jacket has wide lapels and interesting button placement too. I'll be glad to send you a close up of either if you'd like. The jacket was $109.99 with 40% off, so it came to $65.99 Style # for the skirt is 246294 and I went ahead and measured the waist, it's 12 1/2" straight across laying flat and the length is 20 1/2" The number for the store that shipped to me is 812-526-6733

    Liane, I haven't worn the jacket before in a post, but I do wear it frequently. The jacket is from the loft (last fall/winter I believe).

  9. Callandra, the information you provided is very helpful. Thank you so much! I hope to stop by the outlet sometime this evening or tomorrow.

  10. I like the 2nd outfit. It's a graphic tee, but I like how your statement necklace glams up this casual ensemble.

  11. callandra-- i love both outfits! i think the statement necklace is what really makes the outfit for me. everything fits you so well too.

  12. Stylepint, The black jacket is from the Loft...I want to say last fall/winter ish?

    Petite Little Girl, Thank you, I was very happy with the fit of the skirt too (especially considering I didn't get to try it on first)hee

    C&P, I'm beginning to think the black jacket was a very good investment, everyone seems to really like it. It's from the Loft previous seasons but you may be able to snag one off of e-bay if you know what size you would need. (My favorite place to bargain shop for NWT)Lol

    Jess, Thank you so much..(I couldn't decide which one I liked better).

    Sydney, Yay! I'd love to see how you style it if you get it ;)

    Aubrey, I never can resist pairing glam necklaces with graphic tees (incidentally, I repeated today - shamefaced)..In my defense I did have to be at work this morning by 6a.m. Lol

    Ping, I'm so glad you like both (I couldn't decide). I've become more and more picky about fit, but I think my closet has benefited from it.

  13. Love the tee!! Saw it in the store and adored it!! My concern was the length as well but you wear it well!!! I like both style options - the possibilities are endless w/ an item like that. ; )

  14. YEs...I had been lukewarm about some of the recent collections in ATL - but I LOVE the newest new stuff that just came in. And all these pieces look great on you!

  15. You look so nice in that rose ruffled blazer! I love mine too but didn't get it as cheap! Such a cute way of styling the tee underneath the blazer!!!!

    You look so fantastic in that skirt! :)

  16. Bella Style, The length was a concern for me too, but I'm going to see if my tailor can't shorten it for me.

    Bianca, I'm just like you, the last time the Loft had the $25 savings card promo I don't think I even used mine> This time was much different;)

    Really Petite, Right back at you, I saw your post with this jacket and it looked amazing!

  17. Hi! The Express Barely Boot jean looks amazing on you. I am 1" shorter than you with same hip measurement. May I know what size is your Express jean? Is it the curvy, slim or regular fit? Do you recommend it?
    Your input will be appreciated.

  18. You look incredible in all these outfits. That tee is just too cute, what a pretty painted girl on it. I love it best with the elegant and business skirt which is phenomenal. Nothing beats gray tweed. ;-) The jeans are fab on you too. Until I started blogging, I had no idea Loft had such a HUGE COMMUNITY of fashion bloggers, especially petite, nice to know that. I shopped @ Loft yesterday by the way and I will be back tomorrow. As you would say I am shame-faced LOL.