Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talbots Signature Fit Glen Plaid Wide-Leg Pant Review

I was very excited a few weeks ago when I ordered my first pair of Talbot trousers in 0 petite.  I had tried on a pair of their trousers in 2 petite while shopping in Florida and felt like one size down might work out just fine.  I receive their catalogs all the time and really like a lot of their clothes.  Some of their clothes do seem geared more towards the matronly woman, but more and more I'm seeing things that are really cute and that I would love to wear given half the chance.
These are the Signature Fit Glen plaid wide-leg pants.  The measurements are Inseam: P29½"; WP29½". 22" leg opening. Fully lined. Wool/nylon. Dry clean. The shoes I am wearing have a 1/2" wedge and I wouldn't go any taller with these pants for sure.  The first thing I noticed when I put these pants on was how warm they are, definitely a pant for the winter if you're freezing all the time (like me;).
I really like the fit overall, and they seemed quite comfortable although I don't know if they stretch out a size after you wear them a day like some of the other retailers pants do or not.  I only put them on long enough to do a review.  As it turned out, Talbots has two different pant fits and I had tried on the "classic" fit in the store and not the "signature".  Not a huge difference (I do think my legs looked longer in the "classic" fit) but, I had also tried on and fell in love with the Glen Plaid pants that had a bright yellow stripe running through the pattern (trust me, it was adorable) and apparently ordered the wrong ones :(
The waist fit was comfortable without feeling too snug, just right for me.  Unfortunately, 0 petite is the smallest size being offered at Talbots right now, and from the fit of these pants, a lot of the really tiny petite ladies aren't going to be able to wear this brand.  I'd really like to get one of their jackets in 0 petite to try on for sizing next, and maybe a blouse to see how long they actually are.  I keep taking my Loft blouses to the tailors for hemming just so that I have the option of wearing them untucked with a skirt or pants and it's getting expensive!
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I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's blogs this weekend - Have a great rest of the week (it's almost over)!

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  1. Love these pants on you. The material looks really nice. I tried them on at the store (in 0P) but they were quite big on me. Too bad they don't offer 00P. I agree Talbots's style seems to improve lately. Great review!

  2. Those look great on you! I might have to try them for myself... I could use a pair of warm pants :)

  3. Thanks for the review! I have been waiting for this one...I think I may give these pants a try as well since I am looking for some warm winter pants. I think it looks great on you!

  4. Great review! We actually have Talbots in Canada and I'm pretty sure petites too so yay, I can actually check them out! You always look so amazing and put together, so inspiring!

    Curls and Pearls

  5. They do seem to be trying to get a more youthful audience lately. I have tried a few of their things on but they just don't fit me properly, still not petite enough despite being labeled as "petite." I keep hoping as they work on changing their image from grandma-wear to young professional that they start making smaller stuff.

  6. The pants look really good on you! I like many of Talbot's offerings lately, some of them are really stylish and cute!

  7. i have never been to talbots before, i think there is one by my mall....i might have to stop in and check it out.

    thanks for the review callandra. i am like you and i get cold very easily & often. a pair of warm pants is a definite must have for the winter!

  8. Ahhh, I've been dying to try out Talbots for awhile now! I'm glad to see that you like them, they look so cute. I'm curious, what do you normally wear for bottoms (jeans, pants) at LOFT? I'm guessing I won't be able to wear a 0p at Talbots but I probably still try it on.

  9. Love your new hair cut!

  10. I really like those pants...I have been hearing such great things about Talbots lately, I may have to go check it out! Oh, and nice shirt (I have it in 2 colors lol)


  11. Petite Little Girl, I'm very excited to hear you tried on a size 0 petite in the store! Anytime I ask for that size in the store they always tell me that it's only available online. :( The material was really nice though, I was impressed with the quality.

    Erin, These were warm for sure!

    Elle, I remembered you saying that you were looking forward to seeing this review. I would definitely try both the signature and classic fits if you get a chance.

    C&P, Thanks so much. Definitley check them out, they're really warm!

    Small One, I know, I feel so bad for you guys who are super tiny and no one seems to cater to you at all! You're right, hopefully they'll get with it and offer 00 petite soon.

    Tinyin Texas, Me too, I like to flip through their catalogs just to get styling ideas....sure wish they offered our size in the store!

    Ping, Some of their stuff really is cute, but you're so tiny I'm afraid that even if you are able to find a 0 petite in the store that it will still be too big on you (hopefully not) Let me know if you get to try them out!

    Hannah, I really did like these and I was quite impressed with the quality too. Normally my trousers for work will be from BR, AT and ATL (whoo hoo right?) Lol My jeans I get from Express because their 00 size fits me perfectly in both the short and regular lengths (and you know a girl's gotta have options for heels and flats both ;)

    Tara, Funny! I think a lot of us girls have this top. I was posting my blog at 4 am this morning so I'm going to have to go back and add in the links for everyone whose tried it out. I didn't even list outfit information!! (shamefaced).

  12. Anonymous, Thanks! I didn't get a haircut though, just a bang trim......I was really overdue!

  13. The pants seem to fit you well at the waist/hip, and the material looks nice, but I almost wish the legs were a tad less wide cut... it could just be the angle, but in the first pic it looks borderline baggy. I have the same top and cardigan lol... did you get that blouse hemmed too? How much does it cost? If it's not too expensive I'd consider doing that, and also slim the sides too since the fit is roomy on me.

  14. I don't know about these pants. They make you look shorter for some reason. When I look at the fit, it is perfect on the waist. The length is just right. So I don't know what about it makes you look wider and shorter in the pictures. Maybe I just don't like classic fitting pants. They are too wide for my taste. I have to say the Loft top and the cardigan are just gorgeous. I love them paired together on you! I didn't think the top needs to be hemmed to be worn untucked. It's really not that long.

  15. I think the pants look nice on you. I like the cuffed hem at the bottom, nice touch. I've never ventured into Talbots for myself before, but now I may have to give it a shot!

  16. So nice to see a review on Talbots! I've been curious about their fit now that they're styling a little younger and hipper these days. Thanks for the review!

  17. Wow!! That outfit is gorgeous on you! The pants fit you so nicely!

    I agree with Kelly, nice to see a Talbots review! Thanks!

  18. This is sooooo cute on you! The pants fit you perfectly! Love the whole outfit!!!

    Talbots? Never even checked them out! Thanks for the review!

  19. I think you look great, and I like how you subtly mixed patterns and textures - how chic for fall, especially with the leopard.

  20. liane, These are the wide leg pants (which I usually tend to favor). You're right though, they do make me look a bit shorter. I'm not surprised to hear you have the same top and sweater (you did a review on the top right?) I'll have to add in the link! And, yes, I had to have the top hemmed, just $10.00, I wouldn't consider that expensive, especially since it means I'll get extra wear out of it. I agree that you would probably need to have the sides taken in as well though, which could add another $10.00 or so to the total tailoring cost.

    Vicky, Liane said the same thing. I thought so too, but I was thinking it was a combination of the wide leg and lower waist stance. I would probably be tempted to keep these pants in spite of the mis-ordered pattern if they were in the classic rise which sits closer to the natural waist instead of the signature which sits lower. You may be right about the top, but I'm really picky about where my tops hit on my torso. LOL

    Cee, I really liked the cuffed hem too! (I have heard that we petite ladies should never wear a cuffed hem, but they're so cute!!)

    Kelly, I really have liked a lot of their looks lately. Hopefully they'll be offering smaller sizes soon (fingers crossed ;)

    Michelle, Thanks....I am the first to admit that my shopping is semi-stagnate with the three petite favs, but our sizes seem to be slowly trickeling into other stores and I hope that trend continues! (Talbots is a bit pricier than the usual haunts for sure!)

    Really Petite, Thank you so much! I had to order the smallest size online so Talbots isn't the easiet to check out (kind of like JCrew I guess).

    Lisa, I really like how you notice the little things about each outfit! I was loving the mix of textures and patterns too. I'm a sucker for "visual interest" in each outfit.

  21. Very cute! They look like they are a great fit! I'm wondering though.. since you bought the pants in petite and are wearing a very short heel with them if a regular length would work with a 2- 3 inch heel. I live in my boots in the winter and would need a length to work with them. I may have to check it out : ) Thanks for the review!

  22. Bella Style, That's a very good thought. I don't know if the 0 regular would fit as small as the 0 petite but it's definitley worth checking out for sure!

  23. an incredible outfit and those pants are fantastic. I have heard great things about Talbots myself lately so I went and checked it out recently and would love to add some of their pieces in my wardrobe, just when they go on sale cause otherwise is quite pricey. That blouse is just stunning, color, fit, style, all. It's perfect with that headband too and I am such a headband girl. =)