Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review Ann Taylor Loft Petite Moody Leaves Ruffle Shell

Oh, it's so good to post again!  Life is insane here as I'm sure it is for all of you guys too!  (fun insane of course).  Finally getting a chance to review the petite moody leaves ruffle shell like I promised.  This poor little neglected blouse arrived over two weeks ago and I just pulled it out of the plastic today!
I love the color of this blouse, the fit is good and the ruffles down the front adds lots of visual interest.  I wouldn't mind it 1/2 inch shorter but the length isn't bad at all.

Btw, did you guys notice that I'm wearing the Ladie Open Toe Suede Booties from the Loft?  Sadly, they didn't have them in 5 1/2 anymore and I think these look just the tiniest bit too big.  The strap across the front keeps them from slipping though and they're quite comfortable.

Here's an extra outfit pic.  I was running out the door yesterday but took a couple of seconds to snap a picture.  You guys are aware of my penchant to layer dresses and skirts, so that's what I did here for added warmth ;)
I hope all of you are getting to spend lots of time with friends and family!!

1st Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Loft Petite Striped Cardigan with Bow and Brooch detail xxsp(Also worn here by Annie and Tara)
Ann Taylor Loft Petite Moody Leaves Ruffle Shell 00p
Old Navy Boyfriend Weekender Jeans 0
Ann Taylor Loft Ladie Open Toe Suede Booties 6
Ann Taylor Loft Gray Bauble Ring (no longer available online)

2nd Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor Loft Faux Wrap Sweater Dress sp
Ann Taylor Loft Midnight Blur Ruflle Dress 00 (no longer available online)
Michael Kors Outle Short Wrap Coat (similar here)
Madden Girl Rhiana Booties 5.5
Ann Taylor Outlet Ring 6 (similar here)
Premier Chain Link Necklace (similar here)
Fossil Outlet Watch (similar here)


  1. I love the color of the first blouse! I bought something similar recently and was planning on wearing it dressier items, but now I have ideas on how to dress it down :) Love the laid-back feel with baggier jeans. You can try adding footpetals to the shoes to make them more snug?

    You are the queen of layering dresses :) The second outfit is the perfect holiday outfit.

  2. I LOVE the bright color of the first is on my Christmas wish list, I hope I get it! :) If I do, I may have to steal that outfit!

  3. the blouse is really pretty on you. i am afraid of that bright color, but you pull it off so well. you are the master of mixing colors and patterns! the second outfit is really chic. if you didn't mention it, i didn't even realized you layered something underneath. i need to do that under my dress since it's getting pretty cold here in sf!

  4. Callandra, I love the way you do your hair in the first outfit pictures. So cute. The shell looks very cute on you. I also bought the same cardi over the weekend for only $15ish. Love it.

    If you didn't mention it, I wouldn't have noticed the layering of the two dresses. First thought that came into my mind, "How on earth did she pull that off?" I know you did a dress over a pencil skirt before. This summer sleeveless dress over a long-sleeve sweater dress is just utterly genius. Hats off to you! Have to try it at home. LOL.

  5. I also did not notice the layered dresses until you mentioned it : ) The wrap plum colored coat is so "fashionista" on you. The color is perfect for the holidays too!

    I liked seeing the blouse on you and on the model to the right on the sidebar : ) The fit does look pretty decent on you and we could all use a pop of bright pink during wintertime!

  6. I love that first blouse too, the color is so eye-catching. I have been collecting ruffled blouses but this one may be too hard to style for me, I really like how you wore it though!

  7. I love the first top on you! The color is so gorgeous!!! Something I would totally wear! And that cardigan...I wanted it in grey too! Looks amazing on you! Thanks for the mention!!!

    You look chic as always!!!

  8. Whoa! I would never think to layer dresses...genius! Your wrap coat suits you perfectly! Just the right amount of volume for some drama, but not overwhelming. I love it!

  9. Still obsessed over the perfect shirt lengths aren't you Callandra? You must explain more on this. I can't see how 1/2 an inch shorter on this shirt would make a big difference. I think it looks lovely.

  10. I love your second outfit, the wrap coat is spot on for this season and the way your layered the dresses is awesome!

    As for the ruffle shell, the bright color stands out well from the neutral gray colors. Great choice of outfits! =)

  11. Both outifits are cute! And layering a dress over a skirt? Genius!! ; ) I must try and remember that.... Love the gray suede shoes! I almost got those myself - you'll have to remember and let us know how comfortable they are with extended wear.

  12. Yay! Glad to have you back! :)

    Gorgeous! I really love the LOFT heels with the striped cardigan!

    I love all the layers and accessories of the second outfit!

  13. Your haircut is just so cute! I also love the first top a lot. It will look great dressed up or down! And you look great in the second pic, I love that coat!

  14. this pink shell looks great on you!! love all the ruffles and the bright pink color is perfect for the cold winter months.

    and great job layering the skirt and dress. you are the queen of layering. :)

  15. I think the first top looks a lot more ruffly on you that it does on the model. I also bought the same cardigan in the pink/purple color... for a really good price hehe. Hopefully will find time to take pics and share my LOFT haul soon! :)

  16. Cee, I think this blouse would look great with your loft slim jeans or that jcrew wool skirt, either one!

    Tara, Great price on this blouse...please do get it (I'd love to see how you style it ;)

    Ping, Your complexion would be perfect for this bright color.....I'll have to find something similar from the FP website to tempt you! Lol (I'm goofing you ;)

    Vicky, Great price on that cardi - good job!

    Jean, I noticed the two pictures side by side too... I thought it looked interesting. I'm going to have to post my new buys a lot sooner so I can find add more comparison pictures for the fun of it ;)

    Elle, I have to say that I don't think anything could be out of your "styling scope" at all! You really have a great way of putting clothes together.

    Annie, Thanks. The purple color looked so good on your skin tone and I'm sure the gray would look just as good on you!

    Kelly, This coat made me a Michael Kors I'm obsessed....just can't indulge! Lol

    Aubrey, You caught me ;) Yes, still obsessing over shirt lengths and I'll explain my madness. I like my legs to look long which in turn makes me look taller and slimmer (everybody wants that)hee So, if my top ends at 1/3 of my body length and my pants cover 2/3 body length, everyone assumes that I am taller than I actually am! It's a brillant trick I learned from watching countless what not to wear episodes! Lol

    Jess, I'm glad you like it. You're always so creative, your blog definitely helps ignite inspirations!

    Bella Style, They've been pretty comfortable so far.....I haven't been wearing them with all of the ice we've had here lately, but I'll keep you posted ;)

    Michelle, Thanks, I just piled them on...sometimes more is more too! Lol

    Tiny in Texas, Thank's growing out into the perfect bob (I hope - finger crossed)!

    Kileen, Thank you. I noticed that most of my winter clothes are quite dark and muted so this will be a nice change.

    Liane, Probably because I have boobs (hee..did I say that out loud)? I always enjoy your haul pics, I'm looking forward to it!