Saturday, December 18, 2010

Viva La eBay!

I am an eBay addict.  I admit it without shame.  Where else am I going to find an amazing H&M skirt, a festive White House Black Market shell, the perfect Banana Republic cropped cardi, a versatile Loft jacket, and perfect layering bodysuit, all at very affordable prices!
The most expensive thing I have on here is the Vera Wang jewelry purchased from Kohls (with coupons of course). 

My search for the perfect pair of gray suede booties continues.  What do you guys think of these?  I found them online at the F21 website (check them out here).  Surprisingly they were offered in size 5.5 so I took the plunge.


  1. I really like ebay too (trying to refrain from browsing - simply too much temptation, however cheap. So much gems on that site waiting to be uncovered). I love your outfit, that skirt is so cute! And those F21 booties...I think they are adorable. I think my question about them is: are they comfortable? I recently ordered two pairs of pumps from F21 to try and am trying to lower my expectations.

  2. I'm so scared to check out ebay - online shopping is already way too tempting and way too easy for me to just purchase something on a whim! I think I'm too nervous for ebay too - the bidding give me anxiety LOL!

    I really like those booties, but as Elle mentioned are they comfortable? That would be the deal breaker for me.

  3. I used to be an eBay addict but have been trying to cut back. It's hard but browsing is so fun, albeit time consuming. Have you noticed they have an option to view completed listings on the left side during searches? I love using it to get a price compare so I'm not getting gipped.

    I love all the accessories in this outfit. All the sparkles make the outfit so festive. I like the booties too, it works with all the layers you have on.

  4. I scored 2 LOFT pins off Ebay recently so yay for Ebay!!! I love those booties!! And Kohl's has some pretty cute jewelry! Love your necklace!

  5. I'm actually kind of scared of ebay. The choices, the's kind of overwhelming.

    But it's great that you can find a lot of items at a lower price.

    As for the booties, they're cute, but it is F21 quality. I have a pair of boots and suede pumps and after a couple of months, the material started to look really slouchy and worn. But that's probably because I'm rough with my shoes.

  6. I love Ebay also...although I've calmed down recently, haha! I love your skirt, and once again, all of your layering!

  7. great finds! i think the booties look cute, but like other people have asked, are they comfy? i have one pair of booties from f21 and they hurt like hell!

  8. Elle, Surprisingly enough, after an 8 hour christmas party yesterday with extended family, my feet feel quite comfortable. I think the real test will be the 8 hour shopping trips! ;)

    C&P, There is something about the bidding I like. Especially if the auction happens to end when I'm home and have the chance to bid in the last 10 seconds......a lot of fun!

    Cee, I did not notice that! I will definitely use it. I always hate to think that I'm paying more than anyone else....cost is one reason to shop on e-bay. Thank you for that information!

    Annie, Awesome! I always forget to look for jewelry on e-bay. I need to try and remember it more (because I can always use more jewelry, right?!) hee hee

    Jess, You have a valid point about F21 quality. I have sprayed these booties with repellent and will probably repeat every two weeks. I'm hard on my shoes too and with the climate we live in it's hard to keep suede in perfect condition for long.

    Tara, I've tried to cut back a bit too ;) Thank you for the sweet comments!

    Leena, These are my second pair of shoes from F21 and I must admit that I've been quite surprised by how comfortable they've both been. I've been too scared to try any of their staggeringly high heels yet. I'm afraid they would be killers for sure!

  9. I've never bought clothing off eBay before since sizing is an issue for me and if it doesn't fit, I don't think most sellers will let you return? I'm glad you found such nice things though! As for the booties, they look cute in the pics but it depends on how they look/feel in real life?

  10. Oh Callandra, you have got to be the master of layering! You always look amazing with layers. I have no experience with ebay clothes shopping. Now I'm tempted to give it a try. I think it'll work if you know the brand and sizing. I like the color of your boots, but it seems a bit big on the ankle. I can't quite tell from the picture on the fit. Is it comfortable?

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the color combo of this outfit! Something fun for the annoying cold weather! :p

    I do love those booties!! You do, or do not?

  12. great ebay finds!! i'm always wary of buying things on eBay cause i've had some issues with buyers not honoring their return policy or items not being in the condition described, but it looks like you found some real gems! teal looks great on you and i love all the sparkly jewelry!

    the booties are super cute too! so glad F21 is offering smaller sizes on a few of their shoes now!

  13. Great color combo! It looks like your tights arn't really black ... what color are they exactly? I do love the boots.... argree w/ the quality and comfort questions mentioned above. That being said, they are a trend item and arn't meant to last forever right? ; )

  14. what a cute outfit callandra! the color and print combo is so nice together. i have bought random stuff off ebay too. it's a great place for cheap thrills too.

  15. I think I bought 2 items from Ebay before. Both items turned out fine. For inexpensive items, I think it's OK. I just have to be careful for expensive items such as designer stuff. I love this outfit on you including the booties. Are they comfy? I have never purchased footwear from F21 before. They look super cute on you.

  16. Liane, I can see how sizing would be an even bigger issue for you! When buying on e-bay, I ask for measurements on everything including brands that I know and wear all the time ...aka..the Loft ;)

    Vicky, So sweet, thank you! I agree, if you're familiar with a brand it's much easier. The boots are called "slouchy ankle boots" and they seem true to their description ;) They are comfortable though (so far, so good).

    Michelle, Couldn't agree more, so sick of the cold outside and all of my outfits seem to be blah brown, gray and black! I like them (I'm pretty sure). I've worn them twice now for substantial amounts of time each day and they feel great so far.

    Kileen, I'm so sorry to hear that. I am careful about the seller ratings 'cause you never know.

    Bella Style, The tights are gray actually. I would prefer some dove gray colored tights 'cause these seem to be a tad too dark. True, the booties are a trend item, luckily they weren't too expensive and seem to be comfortable so far.

    Ping, Thank you. The prices are definitely a big plus!

    Sydney, I don't think I would risk buying any designer items on e-bay.....I'd be too scared. This is my first pair of shoes from F21 and I have been pleasantly surprised so far.