Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outfit Recap for Fourth Week of May

Francessa's Dress
Payless Shoes
Jessica Simpson Bag

Loft Jacket Ann Taylor Lace Dress
Loft Long Sleeve Striped Tee
Double Wrap Studded Belt
Franco Starto Caged Sandals (TJMaxx)
F21 Necklace
Jessica Simpson Bag

Banana Republic Outlet Dress
Limited Clutch
Vaneli Studded Gladiator Sandals

Loft Dress
Loft Jacket (Thrifted)
Limited Necklace
F21 Caged Sandals
Jessica Simpson Bag

Loft Dress
Loft Slim Jeans
White House Black Market Scarf
Loft Bag
Target Peep Toe Wedges

Loft Coral Dress
F21 Floral Print Dress
Target Boyfriend Sweater
Anthropologie Necklace
Double Wrap Studded Belt
No Name Bag (TJMaxx)

So I know there's not a lot of variation in my outfits this week, but the weather was so warm that I couldn't resist wearing dresses almost every day of the week!  Dresses are my throw on and go style savers when I don't have anytime to think in the morning.  Do you guys have any quick style savers or easy fixes to share?


  1. Did you double dress on your last outfit? That is so neat! I just bought the AT Factory lace skirt last weekend. Thank you for the inspirations. I am going to try this look.

  2. I LOVE all of your outfits, loved every single one of them. I always feel so inspired by these posts, thanks for pulling the post together (I tried doing daily outfits and it's so hard!)

  3. Wow! Love them all and the dresses look so lovely! Dresses are great because they're so easy to wear with minimal styling. I'm always amazed by your style...keep it up! =)

  4. That lace dress/skirt is lovely! It's spring, I feel like it's good in indulge in wearing as many dresses as you can :)

  5. Love your outfits... Have been following your blog for a while and really enjoy it!

  6. See I think there is a lot of variety, each outfit so unique but so true to your personal style! Can't decide which outfit I like best!

  7. Last outfit is my favorite Callandra. Love it when you wear 2 dresses. Talk about the queen of layering.

  8. perfct! perfect! perfect!!

    I'd Love wall!!!

  9. I love how you layered the black dress over the skinny jeans...I think I may be borrowing that concept for a dinner date tonight :) Thanks!!

  10. You look fabulous in everything!!

    I agree...dresses are my quick fix, as well!

  11. You look amazingly gorgeous in all of it!

  12. Pics 1, 3, 4, and 5, are my favorites~ Something bout the effortless adorability of each outfit. Kind of like you didn't try at all but they all came out looking like a million bucks!!

  13. callandra---aubrey and i were just chatting about you and how much we love your style!! i'd love to raid your closet and have you style me!

    my fave outfit #2, #3 and last one.

  14. Hi Sydney! I did indeed. The F21 dress was way too sheer (and perhaps a tad short?)to wear on it's own, so for length and modesty's sake I added the Loft Coral Zippered dress underneath. I can't wait to see your stylings for the lace AT dress, I really think you're going to love's so versatile ;)

    Thank you so much Elle! I have received so much inspiration from style bloggers (including yourself) that I do hope to pass on some of the creativity I get from all of you guys!

    I'm just like you Jess, totally love dresses for their easy styling options. You know I get so much inspiration from you as well ;)

    We are totally on the same page Short Sister.....the perfect ensemble for sping...def a dress!

    Hi Olya! Thank you so much for follwing, and for leaving me a comment - Greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you Allie ;) Actually copied today's outfit from your blog....I'll let u guess which one it is on the next post! Lol

    Thank you so much Aubrey....(was kind of wondering if the last had just a tad too much going on actually, but I'm so glad to hear you liked it)!!

    Wow! Thank you Cris ;)

    Pellerini, You have no idea how happy I am to hear that you might copy an outfit! I'm all about sharing inspiration that I've derived from other bloggers, so you've def made this post worthwhile!

    Thanks so much Michelle!!

    You're so sweet Tara, thank you ;) Congrats on your winning by the way!

    Hey Bella, I see you are leaning more towards my simpler monochromatic looks ;) I was slightly worried that they might bore everyone to tears but decided to post them anyway (after all, that's what I wore right)? So glad to hear you liked them!

    Thanks Ping, but you seriously don't need any help from me for sure! ....(although it'd be loads of fun right?!) Lol

  15. I love all your dresses! I really want the Ann Taylor lace dress after seeing it on so many other petite blogs :)

  16. How do you do it Callandra? You are like the layering queen! Love all the outfits!!!

  17. Thank you Rinny.. that AT lace dress is so versatile I totally love it!'re so sweet Annie, thank you!