Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outfit Recap for Third Week of May

Loft Cardigan 2009
Banana Republic Blouse (thrifted)
Loft Plaid Trousers 2010
Francessa's Bag 2011
Sigerson Morrison Pumps (thrifted)
First of all, what was I thinking trying that hair style?!! Lol
Loft Dress 2009?
Target Boyfriend Cardi 2011
Steve Madden Bag 2009
Kohl's Wedges 2011
Calvin Klein Cap (borrowed from Mr PEMS ;)
H&M Long Sleeve Striped Tee 2010
Anthropologie Necklace (thrifted)
Gap Wide Leg Trousers 2011
Antonio Melani Wedges 2009
F21 Bag 2009?
Banana Republic Outlet Denim Jacket 2010
Loft Dress (thrifted)
Club Monaco Cardi 2007
Nine West Pumps 2010
Kenneth Cole Outlet Bag 2010
Banana Repulic Outlet Blouse 2009?
Loft Vest (thrifted)
Banana Republic Cropped Pants 2009
Payless Wedges 2010
Target Cardi 2011
Hype Bag 2008?
Loft Sequin Shell 2010
Gap Outlet Cardi 2011
Ann Taylor Trousers 2009
Nine West Pumps 2010
Nine West Crossbody Bag (TJMaxx) 2011
Rue21 Scarf 2011
Old Navy Maxi Dress 2011
Loft Scarf 2009?
Banana Republic Outlet Sweater Vest 2010
Guess Jean Jacket 2008
Charlotte Russe Double Wrap Studded Belt (borrowed from sissy)
Old Navy Sandals 2009?
Hype Bag 2008?

I tried a spray tan from Sun Tan City for the first time in my life this week (4th picture down I'm pretty sure).......what do you guys think?  I kind of like it but I'm anxiously waiting to see how long it lasts.  Have any of you ever got a spray tan at a salon before?  Any tips or tricks for a newbie like me?


  1. I love the 4th outfit w/the skirt and BR cute!!!

  2. Loving the looks! I especially like the outfit with the BR denim jacket!

  3. Ugh! (in a good way)
    You're style is flawless!
    You are killing me with that third look...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
    And I can't wait to try the last look...I've been trying to conjure up that look in my mind, but you've brought it to life!

  4. I've just recently discovered all these style blogs and it's fun to see other people's ideas. But your style is just perfection! I love your look every single day!

    Oh, the spray tan thing...lots of exfoliation before and you should be good for a couple of weeks before you start to see any fading.

  5. callandra-- i love the way you layer stuff. all your outfits are always so chic and put together. you have so many hand bags! i especially love the colorful ones. lol at the hair! i do that with makeup. sometimes i go to work and think OMG i have so much eye makeup on. what was i thinking?!

  6. Callandra I love all your outfits this week, especially #1, #4, and #6. I'm always wearing a scarf and I like how you layer all your outfits. I need to practice on wearing a thin belt over sweaters and jackets (I have a big bottom and would like to emphasize my waist). You had me laughing with your comment about your hair on #2.

  7. i love the outfit with your husband's hat, so cute. about the spray tan - did you end up with super orange hands and feet? i got a spray tan once and i must have done something wrong because the bottoms of my feet and palms of my hands came out disgustingly dark brown/orange and i no matter how hard i scrubbed they stayed like that for about 36 hours, it was so embarrassing! but aside from that, i think the tan stayed for a little over a week. a nice alternative to tanning in a bed

  8. I think the spray tan works different on different skin types. For me, it held for a good week before I would see fading. Do not shower for several HOURS after you go and make sure you moisturize knees, elbows or any dry areas with that lotion stuff they provide. I've always had pretty good results. Just gotta learn to deal with the smell initally :)

  9. Love every single outfit...especially #4 and last one.
    I had spray tan done a few times and I usually like to do it in the evening when I don't have to go any place and shower in the morning the next day. Exfoliating really good is the key to a perfect tan I think. Most places should have lotion in the spray tan room to put on your feet, palms, between fingers etc. so it doesn't turn orange. :)

  10. I don't think you need it but I think it looks good. Outfit 1, 3, 4 and 5 are my favorites but the others are works of genius-ness.

  11. callandra - you rock my world! your posts literally make me happy. i'm a really tough critic but honestly, i never have anythg bad to say about your outfits. they stun me everytime. you really deserve so much more credit. You are, by far, one of my favorite blogger. bow down to you.

  12. I just got spray tan on Groupon or a similar site and am looking forward to trying it out.

    All your outfits are fantastic as always. Love that denim BR Outlet jacket, and the taupe ensemble is so elegant I could see a young Anna Wintour rocking it.

  13. You look awesome in all of these outfits! I think my fave is the one with the Banana denim jacket and LOFT dress...awesome!!

  14. I was so sure the Steve Madden bag would be some high-end designer. The color and the smooshiness look amazing.

    My favorite outfit has to be #4, love the dress and the print. But of course your styling is amazing as always in every single one!

  15. Thank you Annie ;)

    Thanks Addy, I love that jacket too!

    Thank you Kish.....Mr PEMS is taking full credit since it's his hat! Lol

    I love style blogs too Allie and thanks for the spray tanning tips Allie!!

    That's funny Ping...(my sister says she can't leave me alone in a Sephora ....I come out with metallic green eyeshadow)! Lol

    Thanks fashionista!

    Hi Holly....def try wearing belts with different tops...I love the visual interest they add to outfits ;)

    Lol Elissa! How did you know? As a spray tan newbie I didn't have a clue about the barrier cream and of course none of the kids working there clued me in. hee

    Totally Leah! That smell was so bad....and no shower for 8 hours?!! killer.

    I should have talked to you first Lilly!Lol

    Thanks Anon, I haven't decided which I like best yet ;)

    Aubrey! That totally makes all of the blogging worthwhile ;) thank you so much!!

    Allie, I've been trying to channel Anna Wintour for the past few weeks! I can't believe you picked up on that - it makes me so happy ;)

    Thank you Tara!

    I know you and your high-end designer bags Cee, I'm so excited that you thought my Steve Madden might be one! Lol

  16. wow, you have quite a collection of purses and i love how you change it up everyday! and you do such an amazing job with layering. i never would've thought to layer the jean jacket over the sweater vest over the dress!

    cute & little

  17. My fav one is the orange cardigan with the black vest! You make me want to run out to get a vest!

  18. I always enjoy your recaps, love the 4th and last ones...then again, I love them all! You have such a great style...I'm taking clues from you. =)

  19. Well you know I'm in love with your jean jacket from number 4 but I'm thinking number 5 is my favorite! Very chic and interesting all in one!

  20. As a petite gal myself, I love your blog. You have great taste and style which brings great inspiratin to me.

  21. Hello! I just came across your blog and loved it! you have a great blog! love your style, please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  22. Hi! I love your style, and I've noticed a lot of fantastic, stylish thrifted items. Where do you thrift shop? Any tips for finding a great thrift store? Thanks!

  23. Hi Kileen, I've seen you do some pretty fancy layering yourself girl ;)

    Thank you Jaruchu...(No closet should be without one) Lol

    Awww....thank you Jess!

    Thanks Bella Style....(Although I never would have expected that one to be your favorite) very interesting ;)

    Thank you DCResider, those are very kind words indeed!

    Hi Love Joice, Thanks so much for checking me out and leaving a comment!

    Hi SJ.......favorite thrift shop hands down would have to be e-bay. It's so hard to find my size in regular stores let alone find something that fits in a thrift shop! I like ebay because I can shop by my size and measurements for sure!