Saturday, September 17, 2011

Outfit Recap for Third Week of September

Antonio Melanie Dress
H&M Wrap Sweater (Current)
H&M Orange Suedette Platform Sandals (Current)
Target Wooden Oval Ring
Mossimo for Target Messenger Bag
JC Penny Olive Vest (Tailored)
H&M Bag
F21 Caged Sandals
The Loft Necklace
F21 Bracelet
Banana Republic Flower Dome Ring

H&M Romantic Blouse (Current)
H&M Flary Jeans (Current)
F21 Caged Sandals
H&M Bag (Current)
Aldo Black Statement Ring
Express Stretch Ring
Ann Taylor Shibori Print Top
Ann Taylor Fluted Skirt
H&M Platform Oxfords (Current)
Banana Republic Outlet Denim Jacket
H&M Bag (Current)
(My bag is usually not so messy but Heidi Girl had just finished sorting through it ;)
F21 Leaves Dress
Madden Girl Rhiana Booties
H&M Bag (Current)
Merona for Target Felt Cloche Hat (Similar)
Banana Republic Outlet Blouse
Areopostle Avery Jeans
Aldo Wedges
TJMaxx No Name Bag
F21 Pearl Cluster Ring
Banana Republic Outlet White Drop Bracelet
F21 Orange V-Neck Cardi
The Loft Striped Boat Neck Long Sleeve Tee
The Loft Tulip Skirt
H&M Bag (Current)
F21 Black Floral Bib Necklace
The Loft Stripped Jacket Cardi
F21 T-Shirt Dress
Mossimo For Target Leopard Wedges
Mossimo for Target Messenger Bag
Relic for Fossil Watch

A few notes about the outfits above............Outfit # 4 is for Lincy who also bought the Ann Taylor Shibori print top and is looking for different ways to style it.  I will be styling that top for Lincy in future posts (which will also help me get more wear out of it ;) 

The F21 Leaves Dress in # 5 was promptly returned after seeing how unflattering it was on me in pictures.  I saw the dress in the store and thought it looked just like Olivia Palermo.  Of course once I got it on, I looked nothing like Olivia (Really?!!) so it had to be returned! Lol

I must give credit to Mr. PEMS for #7.  I was feeling completely uninspired when I got dressed that day, so wound up copying his outfit from the day before......(of course his wasn't in skirt form) Lol

I hated missing last week's outfit recap but sadly my grandmother in law passed away and our youngest has started showing symptoms of feline leukemia.  She's been a carrier for years but is just now getting sick with it.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful B'day party with family at PF Chang's this weekend, hope you guys have a marvelous weekend as well!


  1. Hey lady...sorry to hear about your grandmother in law and your kitty :(
    I really love that Banana Republic Outlet yellow blouse and your striped look great (as you always do)

  2. You have had a lot going on-noticed you did not post last week- sorry to read about your gil and your kitty-I am guessing the cat is taking some meds to help relieve the symptoms?? ( we have taken in 2 FIV cats in the past)

    Adore the platform oxfords and the first outfit.Good risk taking wear the midi length dress- you never know!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother in law and your kitty. I've noticed that you didn't post last week. Now I know why :( Enjoy the time with your family at PF Change. I love that place!

  4. Callandra, I LOVE outfit #4, but I'm a bit biased! ;) Thank you!!! Btw, check your should be getting an email shortly!

  5. Callandra, I am sorry about your grandma in law. :( And that poor kitten. :(

    Your outfits are as always inspiring but I think you made the right call in returning the leaves's sort of a confusing print imo and I don't know if I like the length.

  6. So sorry to hear about your grandma in law & your kitty.
    I love love your outfit # 5!
    Hope you have a great birthday!

  7. oh goodness, i'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother-in-law and your kitty. i hope you enjoy your family time and take some time to rest and recover. you look stylish as always!

    cute & little

  8. Sorry about your grandmother.
    I would love to see Mr. Pems version of #7 some time . . .
    take care,

  9. aww callandra! i am so sorry to hear about your grandmother and kitty! :(

    i love that 4th outfit. the jacket fits great! i need something like that. i also love the flare bottom of that skirt.

    the last jacket from loft, i actually tried that on in 00P and it fits great. but it's $80! did you get it on sale or full price?

  10. Awe....I am so sorry to hear about the news Callandra :(

    I tried on that HM romantic blouse and it did NOT look like it does on you- it looks so cute but on me- looked horrid.

    And I just sold that LOFT striped blazer and now regretting it...LOL

  11. Sorry to hear about all of the hard things going on -- when it rains, it pours :)
    Love all of the outfits! I so wish I had an H&M by me -- you always have the cutest things from there!!

  12. So sorry for your loss and for the not well ktty :( I hope things look up this week!

    And I apologize for always catching your posts so late! Seems I'm always playinmg catch up these days. I love you in that hat, so chic looking! and I saw that H&m blouse in the navy and loved it but never tried on since I thought it wouldn't suit me - might have to give it a try after seeing it on you!

  13. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty and your grandmother in law :(

  14. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother-in-law.

    But I also hope that you have a Happy Birthday weekend!

    Do you think the F21 dress you returned would have been worth keeping if you had it shortened? And I love those orange heels in the first pic (actually, the entire outfit!)...recent purchase?

  15. Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement!

    Acutally Ping, I bought this jacket last season when it was offered in blue and gray (this season I've seen it at Loft in black and gray) And my favorite thing about that jacket would have to be how much I payed for it.....$9.00!! Mr. PEMS was with me at the time and was so impressed ;)

  16. I didn't clarify Kish but the b'day dinner was for my sister in law (which turned out to be yummy and a whole lot of fun ;) The orange heels and gray sweater are both recent from H&M but the Melanie dress I bought last year at Dillards.

  17. I just found your blog and I'm obsessed!! I absolutely love your style (LOVE all these outfits!) and if that's your closet you're sitting in - WOW, I love that too!!!! :) So sorry to hear about your grandam-in-law and cat, hope you're having a great week despite the recent sad news!!

  18. I love your hair. How do you make them so shinny?

  19. Kudos for making stripes work so well with ure petite frame!!!

    I am always sceptic when picking anything wid horizontal stripes...

    Check out my blog too: - wud love to hear ure feedback/comments.