Friday, September 2, 2011

Outfit Recap First Week of September

Every once in a while Funny Face comes off her perch from atop the armoire to help me type out a post ;)
H&M Dress (Recent)
F21 Bag
Steve Madden Ballet Flats
Limited Necklace
American Eagle Wrap Watch (Recent)
F21 Turquoise Ring (Recent)
Banana Republic Outlet Gold Ring

Ann Taylor Outlet Lace Dress
The Loft Cardigan
Big Buddah Bag
The Loft Scarf
F21  Bangle
Target Wooden Ring
Target Bracelet
Loft Flower Headband

H&M Sweater (Recent)
Gap Striped Ruffle Front Button down
Steve Madden Ballet Flats
Fossil Watch
Avon Ring
TJMaxx No Name Bag

Loft Salmon Colored Cami
Old Navy Trench
Express Barely Boot Cut Jeans
Sigerson Morrison Kitten Heels
Jessica Simpson Bag
Loft Gold Bracelet
Forever 21 Brown Bauble Ring
Banana Republic Outlet Gold Ring
Banana Republic Tortoiseshell Ring

Old Navy Linen Dress
Forever 21 Necklace
Forever 21 Caged Sandals
Francesa's Travels Bag
Target Gold Stretch Band
H&M Pink Bauble Ring
Target Black Leather Wrist Wrap
Armitron Tortoiseshell Watch
JCrew Floral Bangle
Banana Republic Outlet Gold Ring
Banana Republic Tortoiseshell Ring
Banana Republic Outlet Blouse (Recent)
Francesa's Chambray Skirt
H&M Suedette Sandals
Aldo Python Print Bag
Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings
Avon Ring
Banana Republic Outlet Gold Ring

Forever 21 Dress
Mossimo for Target Sleeveless Sweater
The Loft Slim Jeans
Paz for Target Sandals
TJMaxx No Name Bag
Forever 21 Gold Interlocked Bangles
The Loft Charm Bracelet
Forever 21 Bauble Ring
Target Leather Cream Wrist Wrap
The Loft Necklace

Wow!  The first week of September already, can you believe it?  Fall is my absolute favorite season, but it always brings a bit of dread as well since the cold weather is definitely coming up. 

Thankfully, I will not have to brave the elements quite so much as I have in the past since I will be working at home in my toasty little P.J.'s  ;)  Joking! (maybe) Lol 

Seriously, what do you guys have planned for this awesome three day weekend?!!  ...And as always, I love to hear which outfit you like the most ;)


  1. Another week of fab outfits! You always look SO polished and put together, no matter what you're wearing. Seriously love every single outfit but outfit #2 & #3 are my favs.

    Have a fab three day weekend!

  2. Love the first cute..:)

    You look so fantastic in all of your outfits- how do you even come up with them? LOL

  3. Your outfit recap posts always give me great inspiration. My favorite for this week is the last outfit. Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. Callandra, I just adore your style! Do you have any secrets to share with us on how to put together an outfit? Need to pick your brain!!! And I see you have an Avon ring, Yay!! ;)

  5. I love the dress in #1, but I think the last one is the most inspiring. At age 51, I always find the dresses at F21 adorable, but way too short for me to get away with. I've been afraid to pair a dress with jeans in the fear of looking too dowdy, but it looks great on you! I just might try it.

  6. callandra-- you are so stylist. i love every outfit. i'd love to raid your closet! lol!
    i love that h&m dress! i want one. i'm going to look for it this weekend.

  7. dont you just love those fun elbow patches? I'm glad grandpa-style is coming back. hahah. I also call it Mr. Rogers style.

  8. I really love the simplicity of the first dress! I've seen it at H&M and it always looked so lifeless, I guess I was wrong. I must go back and check it out!

  9. Outfit number 2 is great!! Amazing mix of turning a dressy (spring/summer) dress into a casual look and transitioning it into a fall style no less - your talents are magical!!

  10. I love 3 & 4. The tweed skirt from 3 sounds out fall is comIng soon and you can never beat a trench for classic winning style in 4. I love checking in every week to see your weekly outfit download.

  11. Thank you Lilly! I was wondering how the weekly outfits would turn out since I'm no longer in the office, but I have to say that I was very happy with these. Have a fab weekend too!

    Thank you Annie! I find myself inspired by everything around me, the only problem is getting a chance to jot down my inspirations before I forget them! Lol

    Thank you Sydney, I'm so glad! You have a great weekend too ;)

    Thanks so much Elaine! I honestly think the most important aspect of any outfit is fit. If the clothes don't fit correctly the outfit's not going to look right no matter how fabulous it is ;)

    I'm so glad I could inspire Kathleen! I totally understand, F21 can be tricky to wear even at my age! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment ;)

    I would totally love that Ping! I can't tell you how much fun it was to read your post and see those pictures of you in Jean's clothes, I bet you guys had a blast!!

    Lol Aubrey! (That sounds like an appropriate name for them ;) I do love them really. I bought a jacket that had them too, so fabulous!!

    I have to tell you Jenn, when I put that dress on at H&M I did not want to take it off! So easy to wear and so flattering......probably should have picked one up in the blue color as well.......hmmmm, this might call for another road trip! ;)

    Thank you Bella Style! I felt so inspired when I put that look together! The scarf isn't quite right but I've bought the correct one since styling the look and I can't wait to re-wear the concept ;)

    Yay Aussie! Thanks so much for checking in every week and for leaving me a comment as well! Number 3 is a real favorite of mine, but I think I had five favorite looks from this hard to narrow it down ;)

  12. wow, so many great outfits! i love that first dress and the sweater with the elbow patches is great!

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  13. You look amazing as always! I especially love what you did with the lace unexpected, yet completely awesome!

  14. Love, love that dress from H&M in the first and second pic! I don't have an H&M anywhere near me :( Your outfits all look amazing!!

  15. The trench pic reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn. I can't wait to see your pairings for the AT crochet dress -- need inspirations on balancing the girly with some edge. The last one is innovative to me as I would have not felt right with it but you make it so chic!

  16. Favorite outfits have got to be #1 (love the sweet silhouette) and #3 (who says plaid skirts are just for school kids?!). Have a great long weekend, Callandra!

  17. in the Old Navy linen dress: Stunnnnnnn.Iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng!

  18. Nice outfits!

  19. Beautiful outfits, as always.

    Did that BR Outlet top come in other colors?

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  21. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have been blown away by your polished style. You really have a knack for knowing what fits you well. I sometimes struggle with this concept. Also, your Ann Taylor and Loft pieces inspired me to revisit these stores after a few year hiatus. And I *may* have walked out of there with some merch and an AT credit card...

    If you are so inclined, feel free to stop by my newly created blog to say hello:

  22. I love your outfits! Where do you get your inspiration? Each day you have something completely different!! I'm so impressed.


  23. Thanks so much Kileen.....(gotta love the grandpa elbow patches)! Lol

    Thank you Tara!...I'm looking forward to trying that mix again actually ;)

    I honestly can't wait for H&M's site to be available for us to purchase from Michelle..(although I've forgotten when exactly that is)....I think I heard 2012?

  24. Hey CP ;) The last outfit just sort of came together on it's own (don't you just love outfits that do that)?!

    I am just a tad worried Cee, I think that plaid skirt could easily translate into little school girl, I'm definitely going to have to be careful!

    I love that dress Kish!...and it's such an easy throw on and go dress (although it is a linen blend so it does tend to wrinkle a bit).

    Thank you T ;)

  25. Hello Anon! The BR top didn't come in other colors for petite in my store for sure :( I would have been so tempted to buy multiples if it had!! Lol

    Hi CK ;) Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving me a comment! Believe me, I know how easy it is to walk out of those stores with a couple of bags of clothes and a new plastic friend! Lol

    Hello Katie, thank you! My style type is "eclectic" which means I am never comfortable wearing just one or two style types all the time. I prefer to stay true to my personal style and only wear what feels right for me each day.

  26. I absolutely LOVE the H&M sweater with the elbow patch!! I tried it on but was turned off at the fit on me--now I realize my problem was really because of the length being right above my pants and duh!! -I could have added a button-down beneath it!! Hmmmm, I may pick it up after all. Thanks for sharing this great styling!

  27. Hi Callandra,

    I love all of your outfits, #1 being my fave! Quick question for you - how to you store your shoes? I have shelves in my closet and I currently store the shoes in their boxes (some with pictures of the shoes on the outside). I am a bit limited on space and the boxes look cluttered...any recommendations?


  28. Hello LaPro! The cropped tops and sweaters are definitely coming in big with the fall season but they aren't the easiest trend to wear especially if you're petite. That sweater is still a tad long on my short frame, but it sounds like it may have just hit you about right. Happy shopping ;)

    Hi Dana ;) Storing my shoes used to be a big problem for me, but now they are stored on shoe rackes where I can see them in my closet. Depending on the size of your closet, this is my favorite method if this option is available for you. If boxs are going to have to work for you, I would definitely invest in some clear ones (I believe they can be found at any organize and storage store) so that your shoe options are clearly visable. Plus, the more uniform and organized your boxs are, the more streamlined your closet will look. I also found the wire shoe racks that hang on the inside of closet doors to be handy as well ....(unfortunatley, they never held all of my shoes at one time). I hope this is helpful...(So sorry for such a late reply, we had a death in the family this week which has thrown everything else into chaos ;)

    Thanks so much for the comment Anon!!

  29. Great outfits! I need to go to H&M soon; I love that dress in the first picture and the sweater a few down.

    I LOVE your armoire, did you refinish it yourself or where did you get it? It is exactly what I have been looking for!

  30. I want outfit #2!! One of my favorites I have seen on you!!

    Hope you are enjoying your new work environment! :) Funny Face and the others are enjoying the company I am sure! My little ones beg for attention when I get home from work now! I feel so bad! :p

  31. Callandra,

    I love the dress is number one, can you provide the style number by chance?

  32. what size old navy linen dress did you get? i saw one on clearance and grabbed the last one and it was one size too large for me. i need to belt it. -gma

  33. Hi Jeanette! I love H&M so would be nice if we had one closer but at least it's just two hours away instead of six right?! Lol My husband and I refinished the armoire ourselves. We found it in his parents attic and it actually had a scruffy old mirror in the door which we replaced with the wooden scrolls ;)

  34. Michelle, you definitely have a boho side to your personal style, I love it! ;) My girls are loving me being home so much......I actually had to go into the office for half a day Thursday and they just couldn't understand it! Lol (they're so spoiled already ;)

  35. Hello Anon, Embarrasingly enough, the tags are still on the dress! Lol The style # is 079566 It is also offered in a blue color and dark print....very cute!

    Hi Anon, I bought that ON linen dress in a size's a bit loose but of course I don't want all of my clothes tight fitting plus the shoulders fit well and the sleeve length is good ;)

  36. I just purchased the first dress from H&M... it's on sale for $15 now =). Lovely blog. It seems you hardly ever have any repeats (or perhaps they are put together in so many distinctly different ways)

  37. It's such a versatile dress isn't it?! I do repeat a bit but not a whole lot ;)