Monday, August 29, 2011

Bestie Borrow

Hi Guys,

The beautiful girls over at Shop Mamie are hosting a Bestie Borrow competittion and I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate. 

I recieved this amazing dress from them and had the opportunity to style it up and then pass it on to my bestie so that she could style it in her own creative way.

First of all I'm going to show you the front and back of the dress on it's own here.'s the back of the dress

Really cute right?!!  I styled the dress below............................................

And this is my bestie Satako (who always blows my mind with her outfit combinations)!

We both had so much fun styling this flirty little dress!  Be sure to check out the entire Bestie Borrow segment at Shop Mamie ;)


  1. You both did such a fabulous job! Wasn't this so much fun?

  2. Wow!! You guys look amazing!!! What a cute, cute dress, I love how you both layered it with unexpected pieces!

  3. Very pretty! I love that you picked up on the turquoise! And both you ladies are wearing gorgeous shoes!!

  4. Such a cute dress! You styled it perfectly and so did your bestie. Great job, ladies =)

  5. What a chic duo! I love how both of you are rocking this print dress.

  6. Hi Tara! This was so much fun and it gave me an excuse to hang out with my bestie for a bit too so that was an added bonus ;)

    Thank you Elaine! Satoko always does unexpected pairings, she really has an eye for it ;)

    Thank you Michelle ;) I was actually trying a pink necklace at first but after going over the pictures I pulled the turquoise necklace and it all seemed to come together!

    Thanks so much Sydney!

    Thank you Kish!

    We had a lot of fun Jean, thank you!

  7. So fun! Love both you and Satako's takes on this dress. I bet you two are a sight to see when out shopping together!

  8. How fun! You both look adorable!

  9. callandra-- what a cute dress. i love how you paired it with such unexpected pieces/acessories. i would never think to do that. you both look great!

  10. Thank you Cee, we really did have a blast doing this!

    Thank Bella Style!

    I really liked how it turned out Ping, thank you!

  11. How fun! We saw this on another blog and just love the concept! Both of you styled it so different, but so chic!

    Heather & Kayla

  12. Thank you Heather and Kayla! There are quite a few bloggers who participated in the Bestie Borrow.....I'll think they're probably all linked to the Bestie Borrow page on ShopMamie.