Friday, August 19, 2011

Outfit Recap for Third Week of August

F21 Dress
Loft Cardigan
Payless Shoes
Calvin Klein Sunglasses
F21 Necklace, Bracelets and Ring
Leoffeler Randall for Target Bag
Gap Outlet Cardigan
Banana Republic Striped Tank
Loft Slim Jeans
Steve Madden Ballet Flats
Leoffeler Randall for Target Bag
Banana Republic Outlet Necklace
Relic for Fossil Toritise Shell Watch
Target Gold Stretchy  Bracelet
F21 Ring
Eckles loves to "help" me work on a post.

Express Ruffle Front Shell (Shortened)
H&M Current Cream Skirt
JCrew Thong Kitten Heels
Leoffeler Randell for Target Bag
Loft Bracelet
Banana Republic Outlet Ring
(me twirling ;)

Funny Face is enchanted with the metal balls on my Leoffeler Randall bag ;)

H&M Burnt Orange Dress (Current)
H&M Wrap Sweater (Current)
H&M Statement Ring
F21 Bracelet
F21 Necklace
Sofft Pavia shoes in Eggshell
Same H&M Dress as above (just re-styled)
Victoria's Secret Thong Sandals (Years Old)
Kenneth Cole Bag
Francesa's Statement Ring
Avon Statement Ring

Target Blouse
Gap Wide Leg Jeans
H&M Orange Platform Sandals (Current)
Steven by Steve Madden Bag
Target Wooden Statement Ring
Target Orange Bauble Bracelet
F21 Wooden Bangle
(I think the necklace is Target but I honestly can't remember)

Express (Minus) The Leather Jacket
Loft Paisley Dress
Jeffrey Tyler Shooties
Express Metallic Clutch
H&M Indian Statement Ring
F21 Rhinestone Ring
Banana Republic Outlet Gold Ring

In case you guys didn't notice, I wanted to point out that not all of my outfits this week were exactly "office appropriate".  This could mean one of two things............1. I'm on vacation  or 2. I've officially received my work at home status and finally get to wear whatever I'm in the mood for! 

If you guessed  #2 then you win the prize!  .......(Actually, there is no prize but it's so exciting, I feel like I've just won something)!!

Now is the time to come up with a mantra for while I'm working to keep me focused ..............."I will not play in my closet all day, I will work at my desk.............I will not play in my closet all day..........".

Right!  Good luck with that, right?! Lol


  1. Hey Callandra!

    I love your formula with the first pic in your new closet! Love the additional cat pics, too! :)

    Those "shooties" are so cute! Lol! at the name!

    And burnt orange is an amazing color on you!

    Congrats on your new work situation!

  2. gorgeous outfits, callandra!

    #1 -- love the bright colors, print of the dress and accessories. really like the shape of that bag!
    #2 -- so casual cool.
    #3 -- love the twirling pic. such a fun feminine skirt!
    #4-- the color & fit of that dress is beautiful!
    #5 -- such a boho chic outfit! the wide legged pants and that top and necklace -- they go so perfect together.
    #6 -- that looks like date night outfit?!?

  3. Congrats on the working from home status! It must be so nice. And speaking of nice, I love all these outfits, as usual. I love the H&M pieces you've incorporated into your wardrobe.

  4. Congrats at working from home! Hope Eckles won't distract you too much :-)
    I wish I could also work from home but then again I have no resistant at all to temptations (aka: blog hopping, online shopping, etc.)... lol
    LOVE everything but especially the dress in outfit # 4 (sooooo pretty & versatile, love how you styled it) and also the '70s vibe in outfit # 5.

  5. Love the twirling! What a nice skirt!

  6. Lucky you! I'd like to have the option to work from home, but knowing myself, I would never get anything done. So perhaps it's best I don't have that choice, haha.

    My favorite outfits from this batch are #1 (have to learn to mix bold patterns with bright colors) and #2 (nautical stripes gets me every time).

  7. Hey Michelle ;) Thank you! I loves those shooties, they seem to go with everything! I was actually contemplating taking that dress back.......I love everything about it (except that I have to wear a slip with it) but it didn't photograph well which gives me pause for concern.

    Thank you Ping! I think #1 may be my favorite, but I had so much fun wearing the boho outfit too. .....You were spot on with the last outfit (last night) definitely date night ;)

    Thank you Jenn! This was my first full week at home but I seriously think that I'm going to love it forever ;)

    Thank you Lydia ;) ....Actually the girls aren't allowed in my office which has been a sore spot with them all week....they'll get used to it ;)

    Thank you Erica ;)

    Hi Cee! I think #1 may be my favorite as well....(#2 was sooo comfortable ;)

  8. Callandra, is the F21 Dress current? You've styled the dress very well. I really can't tell how long it is. Is it up to the knee? Would it be office appropriate? and what do the sleeves look like? They look like they're 3/4 billowy sleeves, correct? You look like a little doll in the picture you're twirling in. Super cute!
    And you're definitely rocking those GAP wide leg jeans. are they also current?

  9. I love that H&M burnt orange dress too and have been comtemplating on buying it. Unfortunately, the sweater did not fit as nicely on me. I loved #1 right down to the shoes -gotta visit Payless more often!

  10. Hi Anon! The F21 dress is current...I bought online 2 weeks ago, but couldn't find a link for it when I posted :( If you can't find it online, I'd definitely check your local store. The length is maybe just to the knee on me (a very comfortable length I think). I would definitely wear this dress to the office. If you're about my size the dress is going to hang on you a bit but can obviously be styled so that it looks good. Very good on the sleeves, that's exactly what they look like. The gap wide jeans are not current I bought them back in March. Here is the link to my review of them.

    Hi CP ;) I can't help but feel the H&M dress looks better in real life that does on you think so too? I was surprised by how comfortable those payless shoes are......but I think they may be from their comfort line.

  11. I was wondering are the Steve Madden ballet flats you are wearing in outfit #2 black or navy? I love that outfit!!! (actually I love them all!)

  12. This burnt orange dress fits you amazingly and looks so great against your skin tone!! It looked so crazy on me that I don't think it even made it into my recent fitting room review :)

    I agree with Callandra that the dress itself looks better irl

    Also, I love the way you balanced the flared jeans with the hat!!


    Your fellow curvy petite.

  13. Hi Amy ;) The Steve Madden flats are a really dark blue with a hint of metallic in them. I bought them at Off Broadway Shoes probably about two years ago (after stalking them for a year before that)! Lol

    Thank you La Pro! Still deciding about that orange dress.......I do love it but so dissapointed with how it translates......decisions, decisions ;)

  14. Callandra, I have told you this before but you are so friggin gorgeous! I love all of the outfits, so ladylike. I really love the flared jeans!

  15. You should be a petite model look good in everything- makes me sick..but in a loving way..LOL :D

  16. Thank you so much Leena! (I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one who uses the word "friggin" too)! Lol

  17. That is so exciting about getting to work from home...jealous! I love that first picture of you! I'm also loving that striped ruffle tank!

  18. I still can't believe it Tara, thank you! ;)

  19. Love the LOFT jeans in outfit #2! Are they current? I'm about 5'1" and a size 4 and have the absolute hardest time finding jeans that fit right. Love all the outfits!

  20. Arrrgggghhh!! Love, love, love the cream skirt w/ the sleeveless blouse!! I'm fighting the romantic style that I'm drawn back to again and again!!!! I also, like the colors with the Loft paisley dress and express jacket outfit. The orange dress is much cuter in person but the color is great on you and I'm thinking it could be worn so many different ways - so unless it was expensive I would think about keeping it even if you do have to wear a slip with it. It's perfect w/ the teal earrings - great mix!

  21. Hi Lindsey! I'm thinking I bought them last year......pretty sure. I did a post on how to look good in skinny jeans (or fake it) and those were the jeans I featured.

    Such passion Bella Style ;) Lol I understand though....feeling trapped in one style type can be frustrating! I'm still debating on the orange dress but even as I type this, more pairings for it are popping into my it might be a keeper after all!

  22. I've been following you for a few months now and I love your style!! Now I'm even happier that you've got a "work from home" status because I don't work in an office and your more casual looks are so inspirational for me. Congrats - I hope it works out well for you. I did that for a while and it was unbelievably convenient - added hours to my day!

  23. Thanks for letting me know Anon!....and you're totally adds hours to my day and I'm not just like totally wrung out each night after work, it's so great!!!

  24. Now you get to be a stay-at-home worker!!!!! (Is there a niche for that in the blog world? Lol!) Seriously, congratulations!

    So, here are the outfits that I would like to copy and paste onto my body:
    #1 - Divine.
    #5 - Gorgeous.
    #6 - This looks almost a bit "rocker -chic"...and I like it!!!

    Keep 'em coming, Callandra!

  25. Hey Kish!....Yes, work at hom is so amazing....I totally love it ;) Love to hear the outfits that inspire you, I always scroll back up to see exactly which ones are stand out to you! Lol