Sunday, October 9, 2011

Outfit Recap for First Week of October

(Thought I'd try taking a picture at a different angle in the closet)
Loft Outlet Cardigan (Current)
Banana Republic Tank Top
Express Infinity Leopard Print Scarf
Loft Slim Jeans
Dkny Outlet Boots (Current)
I just bought these boots at the Dkny Outlet in Florida.  I totally love them and they seem to go with everything! ;)

Banana Republic Outlet Blouse (Current)
Loft Glenn Plaid Trousers
Sigerson Morrison Pumps
Leoffler Randall for Target Bag
Loft Necklace
H&M Blazer (Current)
H&M Wrap Sweater
Loft Outlet Skirt (Current)
Dkny Outlet Boots
Marshall's Bag
(I happened to be taking pictures for the recent cowl neck dress post and had to run out for dinner with Dad)
Express Minus the Leather Moto Jacket
Marshall's Bag
Antonio Melanie Cheetah Print Pumps
Banana Republic Outlet Tank
Loft Outlet Gingham Button Down
Loft Outlet Denim Trousers
Loft Scarf
Marshall's Bag
Target Leopard Print Ballet Flats
I ordered this dress from Talbots on a whim while they were offering free shipping.  I didn't actually think that it would fit but imagine my elation when it did!
Dkny Outlet Boots
Steve Madden Bag
I thought it might be fun to pose with props but Heidi Girl insisted on occupying the chair as well.....see her tail sticking out behind me.
H&M Wrap Sweater (Current)
Aldo Python Bag
Madden Girl Booties

Hope you lovely girls had an amazing weekend ;)


  1. Wonderful looks !!! Have a good week !!! Kisses, Andréa.

  2. You look stylish as always. My favorite outfit for this week is the first one. So comfy yet very chic! I need that scarf now =)

  3. That first picture of you is stunning! I really love the LOFT outlet skirt...great looks as always!

  4. You have such a knack for making all neutrals really pop (picture #3). The boots seem like a great purchase - I bet they'll get a lot of use.

    Clothes Karma

  5. I still cannot get over how amazing your bedroom-turned-closet is!!

    Those new boots are so cute!

    You look especially stunning in the peach color!

    Hope you have a great week!

  6. You have a knack for picking the right pieces and for putting it together. I love the last outfit with your beloved kitties.

  7. All nice outfits. My fave is the first one...I want those jeans :)

  8. Another slam duck, I am a HUGE fan of the first look (if only I can pull it off).

    Still in awe every time I see your closet, makes me want to renovate my closet too!

  9. Hi Callandra! I'm a new reader to your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your style. I am petite myself (5'0") so it's really helpful to see brands that work for shorter gals. :-)

    Loved your outfits this week. The Talbots dress is gorgeous! Also, love your new boots. I like how you wore them with skirts and dresses. Thanks for taking the time to share your outfits. I feel like I'm in a style rut sometimes and your blog is an inspiration to me to try different things. Have a great week.

    - Ruchita

    P.S. Your kitties are adorable. :-)

  10. Callandra - would you consider listing the cost of each piece? Just wondering.

  11. I love love the outfit w/the loft skirt and navy hm darling!

  12. Love love love the ankle boots, especially the color. So versatile. Also loving your croco bag at outfit # 4 & 5.

  13. Can you post a picture of the F21 maxi skirt while standing? I really want it but don't want it to be too flowy or broomstick like...those aren't flattering on me. From the pics though, this looks great on you!

  14. THOSE DKNY BOOTS!! I LOVE them!! Are they available online??

  15. Thanks so much Andrea, you too!

    Thank you Sydney! I love that scarf so much, it has the ability to transform an otherwise boring outfit into something interesting ;)

    Thank you Tara ;) I saw that skirt at the Loft Outlet in Florida and thought to myself "this could be a JCrew skirt!"

    I really think they will CK, such a neutral color!

    Neither can I Michelle....(but now I'm on a mission to re-do every other room in the house!) Lol

    Thank you CP! They're my baby girls for sure ;)

    To tell you the truth Holly, I said the exact same thing when I first saw those jeans on Cee over at "To Brighten My Day". Took some time to find them but they were so worth it!

    Thank you Elle! I would so love to see your closet, it has to be amazing with all of the beautiful dresses you have ;)

  16. Hi Ruchita ;) Thank you so much for leaving me a comment! I love hearing that my posts are helpful for other style minded fashionista's ;) I follow quite a few petite blogs myself, so make sure to check my blog list for other inspirational sites!

    Hi Anon! I'm not sure if I can leave a price for everything since some of my items are quite old. However, if the item is still available to purchase online I always include a link to the item which will have the price listed there too ;)

    Thank you Annie ;) (Could definitely see you wearing that outfit too!)

    Thank you makes me think of '60's style which I always love!

    Thank you Lydia ;) I've been wearing the heck out of both!

    No problem Leah. It is an accordian pleat with a set waistband so that's fairly flattering all the way around. (I can't wear broomstick skirts either). The only thing I'm not crazy about is because it's a knit material, it requires either a slip or granny panties (I'm not a fan of either) :p

    Hi Megan! Haven't seen them online and I bought them at an outlet I'm assuming they were actually from last season but don't know for sure ;)

  17. I love every single one of these outfits! I just came across your blog today and love it!! I love the outfit with teh dress and teal belt.

  18. Callandra - I've started printing out all of your pics and taping them to my closet door to help me get ready!! LOVE your blog so much!!!

    Katie in Dallas, TX

  19. You look fabulous in each outfit but my favorite would have to be the 3rd outfit from the top!

  20. Love all of it!!! Especially the last photo. Your cats are so adorable!!!

  21. Hi Little Petite! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment ;) I really enjoy hearing how much you like the blog!

    Omg Katie! I think you just made my day, seriously! Thank you ;)

    Thank you Jc! I loved the soft color palette of that outfit;)

    Thanks Loi........I totally think so too! Lol

  22. Amazing looks! Love them all, seriously! Can I come shop your closet lol

  23. Aside from the fabulous outfits, these pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for the many looks to copy! ;)

  24. Thanks Lilly ;) And....totally, that would be so much fun!

    Thank you Kish!!

  25. I am obsessed with those booties! I have been thinking about them ever since you posted them a couple weeks back. No outlet by us. Boo. Enjoy them!

  26. Sorry I'm so late, just came across this post while looking for ankle boots and I Love all of your outfits and especially those booties! Your hair is also fabulous!! :)