Saturday, October 22, 2011

Outfit Recap for Third Week of October

My first attempt at taking pictures outside .........well, practice makes perfect so I'll just keep trying ;)

Loft Blouse
Areopostle Avery Jeans
Express Minus the Leather Jacket
Bandolino Boots
Target Wooden Statement Ring
Banana Republic Outlet Bracelet
Loft Moto Jacket
Dkny Outlet Booties
Steve Madden Bag
Banana Republic Outlet Bracelet
F21 Ring
Banana Republic Outlet Ring
H&M Camel Cape Sweater (Current)
Loft Slim Jeans
Rhianna Booties
Francesa's Leopard Clutch
Banana Republic Outlet Pearl Cluster Bracelet (Current)
(Heidi Girl matches my outfit perfectly)

JCrew Outlet Tee
Express Vest
H&M Dotted Skirt (Current)
Target Leopard Print Ballet Flats
Francesa's Necklace
F21 Bracelet
Marshall's Bag

H&M Sweater (Current)
Banana Republic Outlet Bracelet
Francesa's Travels Bag
Nuture Jaydn Boots

Loft Striped Sweater Jacket
H&M Pencil Skirt (Current)
Melani Cheetah Pumps
Steve Madden Bag
Armitron Tortiseshell Watch
Banana Republic Outlet Bracelet and Ring
F21 Statement Ring

(Didn't realize my slip was showing) Lol
American Eagle Brooch Necklace
F21 Statement Ring
Target Charm Necklace
Bandolino Boots

Eckles and I perusing one of our favorite Asian  magazines.

Happy Weekend Dear Friends!


  1. I love the H&M Camel Cape Sweater!!! Looks great on you.

    Also, where did you get your dresser?

  2. WOW! I love the paisley Loft blouse in the 1st picture! Please tell me that is recent...

    You look fantastic here! :)

  3. So many great outfits, as always! My faves are the camel cape...(love how you're petite and can pull this off...I don't think I could) and the dotted skirt with the floral top (gives me outfit inspiration for mine :)

  4. Thanks so much Kaolee! Actually found this old armoire in the attic of my husband's childhood home. We sanded it down, refinished it and replaced the old mirror with wooden vines and voila ;)

    Hi Amy ;) So sorry to say that blouse is at least 5 years old. I think I'll wear it 'till it falls apart, I love it so much!!

    Hey Tara! I'm sure you would be able to carry that cape off, it's petite friendly ;) Yay! I can't wait to see how you style that skirt....(actuallly thinking of returning mine) I haven't worn it half as much as I thought I would!

  5. I love that H&M cape sweater on you - I think it would be too overwhelming on my frame. Where did you get that Rhianna booties?

  6. wow, great outfits as usual!! i love the H&M camel cape and those Bandolino boots fit you perfectly!

    cute & little

  7. It's way too hard to pick my favorites from this bunch :) Favorite pieces are the booties from the 2nd outfit, cape from the 3rd outfit (it would drown most people, but you are rocking it!), and every single piece from the last outfit. Hope you had a great weekend, Callandra!

  8. I really liked it too CP (was a tad drafty though) :) I bought the Rhianna Booties at Steinmart last year but DSW carried them as well.

    Thank you Kileen! I love both of those pieces too ;)

    Thanks so much Cee!!

  9. I agree with the other bloggers about the camel cape...and you've styled it perfectly (as usual!). ;)

    And I love the first outfit, too!

  10. i love the at vest! debating to get that or a zara faux fur vest for the season. i am leaning toward the at vest. i love how you get inspiration from other countries. i also peruse the korean fashion magazines when i am at the salon. -gma

  11. Thanks so much Kish! I've got to try to style it again before this coming weekend to see how versatile it's really going to be ;)

    I was shocked at how much warmth that at vest added GMA! Very warm, and easy to wear with multiple pieces as well ;)

  12. Gorgeous!!

    I always think I have a definite favorite, but then I keep seeing more and more!

    Dotted skirts, stripes with orange, and AT long gorgeous!!

    Love seeing your kitties in the photos! Eckles reading with you is too cute!!

    Hope you have a nice week! :)

  13. Thank you Michelle! Eckles is sucker for an open lap and book ;)

  14. Your outfit posts make me want to go shop :) Love all outfits, especially the one with the cape.

  15. Lol Lilly! That happens to me all the time when I'm looking at fashion blogs :)

  16. callandra--i love the outfit with the cape and the outfit with the loft jacket & h&m skirt. i just ordered a cape from nordies, hope i look as fabulous as you in it!

  17. I´m adoring the print of your top, first outfit. I´m also loving your Camel cape. :)

  18. Ooohh! I can't wait to see it Ping!

    Thank you so much CFG!

    Thank you Loi ;)

  19. Wow, way too many cute outfits going o here to comments on everything :) Love the moto jacket, H&M cape sweater, and everything about the outfit with the pink top and striped cardigan over it :)

  20. Love the blouse/top at the first & last photo. It's so bohemian. Love it. Also love the cape on you. Perfect camel color.

  21. Thank you Lydia, I'm so into the camel color right now!!

  22. Valerie here. Love the slip show. I sometimes wear a black slip showing like this - usually a little more on show. I like the look. Thought it was only me, though yours seems accidental.

  23. hi callandra could you review the f21 prepster plaid skirt for me? i've saw it on f21 website, it way so cute but there was a bad review making me confuse to put it up. thank you so much xx