Saturday, November 5, 2011

Outfit Recap for First Week of November

Ann Taylor Black Jacket
Banana Republic Outlet Shell
H&M Polka Dot Skirt
Max Studio Leopard Print Pumps
Francessa's Travels Bag
Ann Taylor Brooch
H&M Jacket
Old Navy Button Down Shirt
Loft Tiered Knit Skirt
F21 Booties
Francessa's Crossbody Bag
F21 Pearl Cluster Necklace
Avon Statement Ring
Fossil Watch
F21 Dress
Old Navy Vest
Sofft Pavia Shoes
TJMaxx No Name Bag
Francesa's Necklace
Banana Republic Outlet Bracelet
Loft long Sleeve Tee
Banana Republic Tee
Loft Trousers
F21 Scarf
Cole Haan Pumps
F21 Stretch Bracelet
Banana Republic Outlet Bauble Bracelet
Armitron Tortiseshell Watch

Banana Republic Outlet Denim Jacket
JCrew Printed Tee
No Name Long Sleeve Tee
H&M Skirt (Still in Stores)
Target Leopard Print Ballet Flats
Target Cross Body Bag
Loft Wool Felt Jacket
Old Navy Tee Shirt
Aeropostle Avery Jeans
Target Leopard Wedges
Anthropologie Necklace
H&M Bag
F21 Ring
Armitron Watch
Banana Republic Outlet Gold Stretch Band

So how's everyone's weekend going?  Mine is even more wonderful than usual because we get to sleep an extra hour tonight!  Whoo Hoo!!  (It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy, top of the list .....nachos, new shoes, furry tummies and .........oh yeah!......extra sleep ;)


  1. I'm excited for the extra hour of sleep too! I love your black and leopard, so cute! Also loving the dress with the ON vest and the striped shirt with the statement necklace...but of course, that's just picking favorites, every outfit is awesome and inspiring as always!

  2. I look forward to your posts every week! I love your orange bag and your black and leopard bag! The striped shirt with the turquoise statement necklace + leopard flats = amazing! I also love your gray F21 booties! Ok I love everything :)

  3. Oh!! I forgot that we get an extra hour!! Woo!!

    I love the maxi skirt with the jean jacket! So cute! And your leopard cross-body bag! Ahh! And the military vest with the flowy dress! So cute!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :)

  4. You have such lovely style! I'm always drawn to your blog by the creative ways to layer textures and colours! And your hair looks amazing. Love the way you're wearing it in the last 2 pics. You look completely different!


  5. Thank you Tara, I really enjoyed wearing my outfits this week! (Hoping it doesn't turn blindingly cold overnight ;)

    Awww, thank you Candy Apple (love that name btw)! Those booties are soooo comfortable, and F21! ....whoda thunk it right?! Lol

    I'm seriously excited about the extra sleep too Michelle!

    Thank you for leaving me such a sweet comment Dee! It only took about 15 minutes to put the rollers in and take them out, but I'm so lazy I hardly ever do it ;) Lol

  6. You have great style!! I really love the polka dot skirt! I am a HUGE FAN of polka dots!

  7. My favorite part about this week's outfit pictures was seeing you wear leopard in so many ways. Pumps, bag, flats = all winners in my book. Have a great the rest of your weekend and enjoy that extra hour!

  8. i love all the leopard print accents in your outfits!! and you look beautiful in longer skirts!

    cute & little

  9. Thanks so much ALP! I totally love polka dots too ;)

    Lol Cee! You can't believe this, but I had no idea that I wore so much leopard print this week!! Totally right, all but two outfits have leopard print somewhere...hee hee

    So sweet! Thank you Kileen ;)

  10. Girl - you are so beautiful. I swear, you could wear a variety of paper bags and make it look good :-) In some of these photos, you actually look like Victoria Beckham (so I'm glad you noted that you like her style on my last posting :-) )

    I am so enjoying seeing the different looks you pull together each week.
    XO - Marion

  11. Awww...thank you Marion! Yes, I really do like Victoria Beckham's style...(now if I just had her body I'd be set!) Lol

  12. My faves are outfits # 2, 3 & 6. I'm so inspired by your outfit # 3, especially the vest. Never thought to combine it that way. Thanks.

  13. Wonderful outfits! How recently did you buy the Target leopard wedges? I went to their online site and didn't see any. I love them and would really like to find a pair. :)

  14. Hi Lydia ;) Thank you for such a sweet comment!

    Thank you Leah ;) I'm so sorry to say that those wedges are about 4 years old :( They're starting to wear out though, I have no idea what I'll do when they actually fall apart!

  15. All adorable as always! And I see your drifting to more casual style as well - nice : ) Love the cream skirt and denim jacket look!! That jacket is to die for and the black nails make the outfit!

  16. I adore all the outfits and I can't help but drool over all your shoes!!! What size are those Sofft shoes and how old are they? So cute!

  17. You make me so happy that you noticed the black nails with that outfit Bella Style! The ensemble was soooo sweet as a whole, I felt it really needed a little coffee to offset it just a bit :)

    Thanks so much Annie! The Sofft Pavia shoes I bought last year, but they are still available in metallic I see! Here is the link: