Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outfit Recap for Second Week of November

Ann Taylor Knit Cowl Neck Dress
Isaac Mizrahi Swing Jacket for Target
Ann Taylor Textured Belt
Merona Patent Pumps
Marshall's No Name Bag
Banana Republic Outlet Pearl Cluster Bracelet and Gold Ring
(Tuesday's "Don't buy it" outfit)
Loft Jacket
Banana Republic Outlet Shell
Gap Outlet Trouser Jeans
Bandolino Boots
No Name Bag
F21 Bangle
F21 Dress
Express Vest
Nine West Cross body Bag
DKNY Outlet Booties
H&M Ring
Thrifted Necklace and Bracelet
Ann Taylor Outlet Cord Skirt (Style # 263978)
H&M Teal Faux Wrap Top
Limited Scarf
Payless Shoes
No Name Bag
Banana Republic Outlet Gold Stretch Bracelet
Loft Sequin Tank
Banana Republic Outlet Sweater Vest
Loft Olive Jacket
Areopostle Avery Jeans (Hemmed)
Dkny Outlet Booties
H&M Bag
F21 Necklaces and Silver Stretch Bracelet
Fossil Watch
Loft Sweater Dress
H&M Camel Coat (Sleeves Shortened)
Bandolino Boots
Marshall's Bag
Fossil Watch
Express Silver Ring
Same outfit, just buttoned up the coat so you can see the fit. 

I wore this outfit out Saturday and received numerous compliments on this H&M coat.  It didn't break the bank at $49.99 + $18.00 to have the sleeves shortened.  If you're taller than 5'1" the sleeves will probably fit you just fine without alterations.  Sydney from Petite Little Girl does a wonderful review on this coat here.  If you've purchased this coat as well, please leave your information and I will link back to your post.

Thank you so all so much for your feedback on the new "Don't buy it, recreate it" post series.  I'm really looking forward to doing more of those!

Also very excited to announce an Allison Izu review coming up!  Especially after trying on 30 ................(I'm seriously not exaggerating) multi branded pairs of jeans at the mall Saturday and none of them fitting correctly.  If you've reviewed Allison Izu jeans in the past, please leave your link and I will add it when I post ;)

Have a great weekend dear friends!


  1. my favorite is the teal- i love that scarf!! im supposed to do a review on those jeans, but they just didnt fit well :(

  2. The jacket looks lovely on you post alterations. I did a review on her petite denim last year. I only had to try on 4 pairs. 30? Holy cow! Looking forward to see the review though. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Thank you EPL! I can't wait to receive those jeans...........although I'm a little concerned now. I know how close our measurements are. Keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

    Thank you Sydney, I'll make sure to add your link to my post. Actually, I was trying on numerous brands of jeans at the mall (all of them looked awful) so now I really can't wait 'till I recieve the Allison Izu jeans!

  4. Oh!! My favorite is the dress with the sweater vest...and not just because of the kitty! :)

    Excited for your Allison Izu review! I am doing one as well!! My package has not arrived just yet, but I started assembling a list of links to petite reviews. Here is what I have so far:

    2010 reviews:



    and also a skirt here:



    2011 review by

  5. You always look so chic! I couldn't possibly think of such great outfits to wear everyday. I'm jealous. :)

  6. Callandra,
    I seriously look forward to your weekly outfit posts all week! You look flawless in each of these looks!
    I also love how you showed a perfectly professional way to wear sequins to work.
    XO - Marion

  7. callandra-- i adore your all your outfits! my favorite is the 3rd outfit. i wished you had links so i can buy everything you buy...hahha! i want those booties and the last pair of boots you're wearing. i don't have anything like it in my closet.

  8. You layer so well :) I love that jacket from Target, it is gorgeous!

  9. Love everything! Especially of course that Loft jacket that I also own :-)
    Can't wait to read your jeans review.
    If you like Isaac Mizrahi, he also has his stuff at

  10. I love your outfits and the bag in picture 2 and 4. I'm really thinking about getting that bag as a Christmas gift to myself.

  11. Omg Michelle! You totally rock, thank you so much for all of those links!!....and I can't wait to see your review as well!

    Thank you Megan ;)

    Awww, you're so sweet Marion, thank you!

    Thank you Ping! I'm so sorry about the link thing...I've been trying to get more wear out of what I already have and so all of the items in this post are no longer available online :(

    Thank you OWL....several years old but I still love it!

    Thank you Tara ;)

    Great information, thank you Lydia!

    Lol Anon! Sounds like a wonderful gift, I'd love to have a real one myself! Hee hee

  12. I just love the way you dressed up the cord skirt. The teal/combo and scarf are just beautiful. They really work well with your coloring.

    Also the jacket and striped dress combination are terrific. The sleeves look perfect on you at their altered length.

  13. Just found your blog and I love it. Following now!

  14. In the 4th pic, is the teal wrap top and Payless shoes both recent finds? I did a review on the coat as well but it does not look as good as it does on you.

  15. my favourite is the one with the pink dress and grey vest. So boho chic and pretty :D My bf would love that look. Your cat is soooo cute as well. My cat always comes in pictures, I think they secretly know whats up and want to get in on the action :D

  16. Oh Callandra...why must you be so gorgeous/flawless :) As usual I love all of your inspirational outfits. If only I could look as effortless as you! The jacket from Target is beautiful! I love all of them but #4 is my favorite! I can't wait to see your next "Don't buy it" post! I just realized I wasn't officially a follower but I am now :) Dreama

  17. My fav is outfit #3.. but u look amazing in outfit #4!! The last outfit is very cute.. like something I might wear myself ; )

  18. Outfit 3 with the dress and vest is gorgeous - but let's be honest, you look great in everything! ;o)

  19. Absolutely love each of your outfits and I'm excited for the new series!!!!

  20. Thank you ABC! As soon as I saw that scarf I had to have it....didn't even wait for a sale! Lol

    Yay! Thanks for following Katie ;)

    Hi CP! you're posting now?!! Yay!...I can't wait to check it out. The teal wrap top I just bought from H&M so it's definitely still available. The shoes I bought a lot earlier this year.....I doubt if they'd still be available but there are a lot of look-alikes out there.

    I think you're right Ms. C....I set up the camera and they all coming running! Lol

    Thank you so much Dreama, you're so sweet!

    Thank you Bella ;)

    Awww Lisa! Thank you ;)

    Thank you Elaine, I'm looking forward to doing more of them!

  21. oh my all of this week's outfits! Especially the last 2! The coat looks great after the sleeves came up.

  22. Thank you Annie...chic and classic just like you! ;)

  23. Love your outfit recap! I was going to pick a favorite, but you look great in all of them! You are absolutely gorgeous!


    P.S. Thanks for your sweet words on my blog and I'm a new follower!! :)

  24. Awww...Thank you so much Samantha!

  25. Hi sweetie! So glad I found your blog..your are super cute/ pretty :) You are def amazing at putting outfits together..I will come to your blog for inspiration from now on..Can you please do a post about your closet and how you organize things? Sorry if you've already done it..I just couldn't find it in your previous blog posts..K hope you're having a fantastic week <3 ya

  26. I still loveeeeeeee that second outfit! I am out of luck then if that jacket is from 08 or 09 :( I really want it... Ever since I saw it on your blog last week- i've been searching for one similar to it, but cant seem to find it.. boo. If you ever find something similar to that please do share =)

    Anyway, love your blog. Your outfits are always so cute!

  27. Are you okay?! I have been checking your blog every day and I'm getting worried about you. I haven't even seen you comment on other blogs like I often do. Please pop in and ket you readers know if you are ok.

  28. I had a moment of shock since I'm currently wearing the same Loft Sweater dress as I'm sitting here, typing. I've never paired it with a trench - still waiting for mine at Talbots to arrive. But your outfit gave me inspiration to spice up mine. I'm just wearing it with cheetah flat and black tights. Thanks for the tip!

  29. I am so happy I found your blog! I'm a fellow petite and newly-minted blogger, and I will definitely be following and coming here for outfit inspiration. Your style is wonderful, and you look perfect in every photo!

    Hello, Framboise!