Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit Recap for Fourth Week of July

Express Cropped Pleated Pants
Merona for Target Patent Pumps
TJMaxx No Name Bag
Loft Wrist Cuff
F21 Statement Ring
White House Black Market Black Cowl Neck Dress
Francesa's Travels Bag
Antonio Melani Cheetah Print Pumps
Ann Taylor Outlet Ring
Relic for Fossil Watch

Limited Scarf (Just bought last week but no longer available online)
Loft Tee
Loft Trousers
Sigerson Morrison Pumps

Kathy Van Zeeland Bag (Thrifted)
Isaac Mizrahi for Target Top
Banana Republic Tulip Skirt
Nine West Leopard Print Sling Backs
Kathy Van Zeeland Bag

No Boundries Sheer Lace Top
F21 Striped Bodysuit
Express Pleated Cropped Pants
Sofft Pavia Shoes
BCBG Merlot Bag
Loft Wrist Cuff
Aldo Statement Ring
Ann Taylor Outlet Dress
Banana Republic Camo Jacket
Sofft Pavia Shoes
TJMaxx No Name Bag
Simply Vera Wang Necklace and Bracelet
F21 Cuff and Rings
Aldo Flower Pin

Loft Jacket
Loft Sequin Tank
Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans
Old Navy Metallic Flops
Loft Striped Infinity Scarf
Steve Madden Bag
F21 Rings and Bracelets

F21 Ruffle Front Dress
Merona Yellow Flats
TJMaxx No Name Bag
(Please note, this dress is very see through)

Gap Shirt (Thrifted)
White House Black Market Striped Skirt
Jeffrey Tyler Shooties
Charlotte Russe Double Wrap Belt
Steve Madden Bag
F21 Ring

I thought I might try to take outfit pictures in my new room but it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.  It isn't as easy to see the details of the outfit and the background is a bit cluttered for a backdrop. 

 What about you guys, any preferences? 

By now I think that I am the only petite blogger who hasn't done her review yet for Misikko yet, but I'm going to try to do mine this weekend along with a hair tutorial.  If you have any questions relating to this subject, please leave them in the comment section I will answer on that post.

I hope you all are having a great week ;)


  1. yay, outfit pics! love outfit 7, its so stylish. you're always so creative!

  2. callandra-- i am so jealous of your closet!!! *sigh*
    my favorite is the last outfit. the striped maxi with the gap shirt is perfect. so casual chic.

  3. Lol! My Misikko flat iron is coming tomorrow, so no are not the last! I will add you to my link list! I am so excited, I already have my review started with all the captions and links to the ladies that I know who have reviewed the product! Lol! Can't wait to see yours!!

    I love, love, love the boyfriend jeans with the infinity scarf!! So cute!

    I love your regular picture would be cool if the closet worked, but if it is too distracting, don't do all of them in there, maybe just a couple.

  4. I actually like the first's different and feels like an "opening shot" for the rest of the post. (And what a great purse!)

    The polka dot ruffled dress is my favorite...your hair looks great and the yellow flats are perfect with the dress. (I wish I could look cute in sad.)

    By the way, on my post from were mentioned...!
    I love the way you wear maxi dresses...when I see one that reminds me of you, I refer to it as the "Callandra maxi". ;)

  5. My fav this week is the Ann Taylor lace dress. I wasn't looking for it but happen to find it (yes!). I like how you contrasted its femininity with the camo and vest.

    You may be right about taking pics in your new "closet". I like to see you in your outfit while you are standing.

  6. I love outfit #7. I can't believe you're wearing a jacket this time of the year. It is well over 100 degrees where I am at for the past few weeks.

    This is off topic but do you change your bag daily? Is there an easy way to do it?

  7. How cute are you in your new giant closet room?? You are rocking that outfit with the camo jacket! Love it all :)

  8. Absolutely love #1 and #2 - so classy and stylish! And the leo slingbacks are fabulous.
    Love from Germany!

  9. All of your outfits are beautiful but my favorites on you are when you combine muted tones with black - you look so polished, interesting and sophisticated.

  10. how about a folding screen in your dressing room? You can stand behind it to change and stand in front of it to take pictures.

  11. Thank you P&P....I really like that one too! (I think I may have even done another variation not too long ago).

    Awww.. Thank you Ping! ;) I was thinking I should have done a green jacket with that one, but I do like how it turned out.

    Yay Michelle! I was thinking I was the last man on the totem pole here ;) And I didn't even think about adding in the links but "duh" what a great idea!

    That sounds like a plan Kish!....I can open each post with a shot from the dressing room and see if that works.....thanks! The polka dot dress day was a "good hair day"...sigh.... (unlike today!!) hee hee Thanks so much for the mention, I will definitely check out your Saturday's post and I can't believe I missed it! (actually I can, things have been so busy last couple of weeks). "Callandra Maxi" crack me up!! :)

  12. Your new closet is sooooo fabulous! I would love to come play in it...sigh.

    And all of your outfits are terrific, as always. I don't know what kind of camera you use, maybe you can change the setting so that the camera focuses on you and the backdrop is therefore blurred? I don't even make sense...yikes.

  13. Thank you CanadianPetite!....that was exactly what I was trying to do actually ;) So happy you got the dress too! I didn't know how much wear I was honestly going to get out of it when I bought it but I have to say that I have worn it at least three times a month so far!

    I was worried about that Sydney because it's really hot here too, but it's been so cold in the office that the jacket worked out okay...Yay!

    About changing my bags....I change mine anytime an outfit requires a different bag (which isn't everyday but it is quite often). I haven't had a problem changing mine out but I know some women struggle with it. My sister uses something called "kangeroo pouches"...(that may not be the exact name but I'll check when I get home and let you know). The concept is simple. All of your items can be placed in this soft bag liner and when you want to change your bag just lift it out and set it in your other bag. (I can't use these, they drive me insane) but they work very well for her so you might give them a try.

  14. I'm sure you've heard this like a million times, but you are drop-dead gorgeous. Your fashion sense is amazing. And I am SUPER jealous of your new closet.

  15. Thank you Tara! ;)

    Thanks Annette.....(those shoes are one of my favorites!)

    Well thank you Anon....I'll have to remember that!

    Good idea about the screen...I'll have to look around ;)

    Awww...Elle, that would be so much fun!! What a great idea on the blurred picture!! (my camera is a little cheap nothing but I'll see what the manual says) not technically inclined ;)

    Wow!! Thank you Anon ;) (Mental note to self, never post pictures just after waking up!) Lol

  16. Well, I must say you look absolutely stunning on a daily basis! I love your closet re-do. I was seriously in awe :)

  17. I'm in love with your hair length right now!! It has to be my favorite of all the lengths you have had in the recent past - you look very chic!!! Btw, I do like the pic in your closet.. but maybe just cause it's something different... plus the closet is the envy of every one following you at this point I'm sure!! Me esp!!! : )

  18. Thanks so much Michelle ;) I am still in awe myself actually (can't believe how lucky I am)!

    Thanks Bella Style! The bangs are starting to drive me insane but I thought I'd grow them out for a different look. Kish had a great idea of just doing one to two pics in the closet per post which sounds like fun to me so I'm going to try it ;)

  19. I don't know where to begin. There have been a couple items that I'm waffling between, but after seeing them on you, I may need to take the plunge :D The camo jacket? Absolute perfection on you. Same with the LOFT striped infinity scarf.

    I'd be curious to know how you style your hair, when you leave it down like in the 3rd outfit pic. I'm such a hair newbie, that anything would help really!

  20. Great outfits, as always!!! I love your style! Is that the Stella & Dot bracelet in one of the pics??? :) LOLOL...I am up for another giveaway if you'd like!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  21. Your closet is just fabulous!!! I want one too. So jealous :-) Love the outfit # 1 & 2 and how you still your hair (did you pull them back in a bun?). Looks extra sophisticated.

  22. Oooppss.. sorry, I meant to say "how you styled your hair" not "still your hair"..:-)

  23. I love all of your outfits and your new closet! Your outfits have inspired me to take some fashion risks that I don't think I would have otherwise. So, thank you!! I would love some hair-styling tips! I currently have side-swept bangs now and my hair is about your length. How do you get it so straight?

  24. Hi Cee ;) Unfortunately my hair doesn't come out as good as the third picture everytime I style it (I loved my hair that day;) But I am posting a tutorial this weekend!

    Lol Dana ;) it totally is a Stella & Dot Bracelet and I love it so much!! Anytime you say ;) .....I was excited when I heard that Tara loved her winnings so much that she became a consultant!

    Hi Lydia! My hair isn't long enough for a bun yet, I just keep putting it in a pony for now ;)

    Hi Anon ;) I'm so glad that I've helped you out of your fashion comfort zone (totally my goal by the way ;) Stay tuned for hair styling tips on my next post!