Saturday, July 16, 2011

Outfit Recap for Third Week of July

Ann Taylor Outlet Shell
Guess Denim Jeans
JCrew Gold Thong Kitten Heels
Francesa Travel Bag
Banana Republic Gold Necklace
F21 Gold Arm Band
 Loft Jacket
Loft Tank Top
H&M Skirt (Thrifted)
Jeffrey Tyler Shooties (Now available at Off Broadway Shoes)
Nine West Crossbody Bag
Loft Bauble Ring
F21 Assorted Jewelry
Loft Jacket
Loft Floral Top
Gap Shorts
Steve Madden Sandals
TJMaxx no name bag
F21 Statement Ring
Target Charm Bracelet
Black Silk Sweater? (So old the tag is gone)
Banana Republic Trousers
Banana Republic Houndstooth Belt (Came with other jacket)
Antonio Melani Cheetah Pumps
Francesa Travel Bag
JC Penny Bracelet
Loft Bauble Ring

Loft Cap Sleeve Blouse
JCrew Skirt
Target Peep Toe Wedges
TJMaxx No Name Bag
Thrifted Necklace and Bracelet
So the construction project isn't quite done yet, but I wanted to share with you guys another little project I worked on last week. 
I will be the first to tell you that any craft project you ask me to complete will come out looking like a three year old did it (and that's not just modesty for sure)!  However, I recently stumbled across a bracelet at a thrift store that I fell in love with.  Problem was that it came as a set with a necklace that was so short that it looked like something a sweet old lady might wear.  Not being a sweet old lady myself I almost passed on the bracelet altogether but in the end I just couldn't resist and brought it here's what I came up with for the necklace!
Original Necklace............Not too bad on it's own just a bit ...............short!

I removed the excess claw link and chain with needle nose pliers and added some fabric from a self tie belt and this is how it turned out.

Not too shabby right?............What do you guys think?


  1. Ah, what a great idea to make the necklace longer.
    Love all of your outfits, super cute as usual :)

  2. Sheer genius on adding the ribbon!!!!

  3. Great job on lengthing the necklace! Plus as an added bonus I like the extra texture it brings! That color of necklace is amazing - I'm sure you will wear it out it will go with so much!!

  4. Oh!! Very creative idea with the necklace!! What a great piece!

    I just bought that J. Crew skirt ths week on final clearance for less than $20!! I love that you paired it with animal print!

  5. Love the outfits! And your DIY project is genius...I will try this on some of my too-short necklaces, thanks for the idea!

  6. Awesome job on the necklace! It looks wonderful. :)

  7. What a great re-invention with the necklace. The ribbon definitely made it more modern.

    My favorite outfit this week was #4. You wear pointy-shoe pumps like no other.

  8. Perfect fix for the necklace. I like the design but to make it longer creates a more modern look. Those animal print peep toe wedges are adorable. Summer right into fall. Great addition to the wardrobe.

  9. Thank you Lilly! I'm seeing necklaces like this everywhere nowadays so it was bound to sink in eventually ;)

    Thanks so much DC Resider ;)

    Thank you Bella Style! I also thought there was an added bonus of visual interest because the newly attached fabric is a shade or two off from the baubles in the necklace itself. I think it helps to make it "pop" just a bit more ;)

    Oh Michelle! I'm so envious...I spent almost $40.00 on mine and although I love it, I really hate to spend that much on a skirt! (Although, getting it at that price from JCrew I also felt like I was getting a bargain) Lol

    Thank you Elle ;) I think this little fixer will work perfectly with your already sweet lady-like style!

    Thanks so much CC!

    Lol Cee! I have to be honest with you......when I put that outfit on I thought to myself...."hmmm, Cee would add a belt here with a bow" so that's exactly what I did!!

    Thank you DawnMarie ;) I think that it adds a color and style variation to my necklace collection because it isn't something that I would typically buy, so I'm definitely excited about that!

  10. I was going to comment on that gorgeous necklace and was stoked to scroll down and see that it was a DIY! I can't get enough of coral tones these days and really love how you wore it with neutrals + animal print.

  11. Lol ACC! Let me tell you, I was a bit "stoked" myself when I finished. I absolutely love the necklace now and can't wait to see what all it will pair with!

  12. Callandra, you look amazing in your outfits as always! My faves are outfits 1, 4 and 5. You look especially hot in #4! You are totally rockin' that look, sister! Not sure if it's the top or the pointy toes or the slightly messed up hair (which even if it wasn't supposed to be, it totally goes with the outfit!) Thanks for the necklace tip. You're so creative and inspirational! Now I feel like going through my jewelry collection and "updating" any jewelry that hasn't been worn. Also, could you do a post on your diet and exercise habits...I'd love to weigh 98 lbs! How do you do it and maintain it? Any tips? Please share!

  13. Hi Dear,

    I live in Brazil and always look your blogs. You are very smart in your choices and always look gorgeous. Congratulations!!


  14. ingenious! I just bought a thrifted necklace and it's a bit short as well. Thank you! Outfit 4 and 5 is very HOT.

  15. callandra-- you look amazing in all your outfits! i love that loft jacket in that 2nd outfit. i'm honestly not a fan of loft, but you make their stuff look so great! lol
    the 4th outfit -- love the belt and it adds a nice touch to the outfit!
    love love love the last outfit! it has all my fave items -- coral necklace (love!)& leopard wedges (love!). it's so simple, but the accessories just gives it that extra something!!

  16. Ooo I love the last outfit w/the necklace- so casual chic!! :D

  17. Hi Anon, thank you for leaving a comment! I love hearing which outfits everyone prefers ;) I had more fun than I thought I would with that necklace, I hope you have as much fun working with your jewelry pieces too! I could do a post on diet and exercise habits, but I have to tell you it all boils down to this for me....Calories in must equal calories out! No big secret there. That is the philosophy that I adhere to and it works for me. Please e-mail me at petiteearlymorningstyle for resources and more information!

    Hello Monica! Thank you so much for leaving a comment ;)

    Thank you Anon ;) Best of luck with your necklace!

    Hey Ping ;) I could totally see you rockin' that jacket with an oversized tank and destroyed jeans!! I have to tell you, I am not usually a fan of the belt and trouser look but I took a cue from Cee's outfit posts and loved the way it turned out!

    Thanks so much Annie! ;)

  18. Again, everything looks great! I love that first printed shell from the AT fun!

  19. Love that necklace and you are soooo creative. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  20. Love your outfit, great style and great mix n match skill ;)


  21. I love that idea for the necklace--I have some short ones at home that I never wear, so I'm going to have to look at them again! And is that a kitty cat peering down at the top of photo #3? I really enjoy seeing your outfits every week--you are very inspiring!

  22. Thanks so much Tara (I love that shell too ;)

    I really enjoyed working with the necklace Lydia...hopefully it stays together! hee hee

    Thank you Yuri!

    Hi Kathleen, Yes, that is my silly little girl looking down at the top of my head! Lol Thank you so much for leaving me a comment ;)

  23. Great DIY!!! I love those coral colours. My favorite outfits are #4 and 5 - so beautiful!

  24. I always look forward to your weekly posts. So well-done and inspiring! Coral necklace looks good. Are the jackets in #2 and #3 recent finds?

  25. Thanks so much Elaine!

    Hi Canadianpetite ;) Thank you for leaving me a comment! The jackets in 2 and 3 are not recent. I bought the long sleeved one last year and I bought the short sleeved one two months ago at the Loft. I always leave a link if an item is still available to purchase online but unfortunately I couldn't find that jacket on their website any longer :(

  26. Hello again Canadianpetite! I went to check that jacket from the Loft that I bought a couple of months ago and it still has the tags on it...(I can be kind of lazy about removing tags sometimes). Anyways, the style number is 259016 Just call 1-800-dial-ann to have them do a style search for you if you're interested ;) Good luck! (Btw, mine is an xxsp....runs a bit big for sizing reference).