Sunday, July 31, 2011

Misikko Flat Iron Review‏ and Hair Tutorial

I start with a freshly washed hair and just comb it through with a wide tooth comb or pick.
Next I separate a row of hair on the bottom and round brush while blow drying

Next I go around the bottom layer of hair first, combing through, then flat ironing each section.

You can see the flat iron will glide easily over each section since it is combed through first.

As you can see here, the bottom layer is complete.

I section off another layer of hair and go around again with round brush and blow dryer.
That section is finished being round brushed and blow dried and you can see how the ends aren't straight, but rather, curl under.

Using the Misikko Flat Iron again, I glide it over each section.

And, here is that section once it's been flat ironed.

Next I round brush and flat iron the very last bit of the back.

You can see how nicely that turned out here.

Don't forget to flat iron the bangs.

Here is finished product.

Brian from the Misikko Company was kind enough to send me a Hana Professional 1.5 inch flat iron to review.  I took my time getting around to the review because I wanted to use it for a bit before giving an opinion about it. 

I use a flat iron almost every single day, and the first thing that I noticed about this iron is the plate size is perfect for my hair length.  The iron did not grab or pull at my hair as I have had flat irons do in the past and the ceramic plates produce an ionic heat that doesn't destroy your hair.  You can see how shiny my hair is and that is without the use of a shine serum or spray.

The quality is excellent, it's very user friendly and I like that it has different heat settings (I keep mine set on 302). 

The Misikko Company also carries: Chi Hair Straightener, Best Hair Dryer and HANA Salon Products. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about my hair regimen or the Misikko Hana Professional 1.5" Flat Iron.  Misikko provides a "How to Use a Flat Iron" guide, which I think is very useful as well.

Misikko has been reviewed by a few petite beauties lately, here are the links to the ones I know about, if I missed you feel free to yell at me ;) Lol......(Seriously, let me know and I'll add you in  :)

Annie, PingTara, Cher, Jean, Michelle and Kileen


  1. Your hair is so shiny! I am about ready to post my review...either tomorrow or Tuesday. I also used the HANA 1.5" flat iron and set mine for 302! :) I agree...I am loving that it does not fry my hair like my previous one.

    I love that you used the three-way mirror for these pics! Great shots! I will be adding your review to my link list! :)

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I think a quality flat iron is critical, glad to hear this one works well! I reviewed their hair dryer and am pleased with it as well!

  3. i dont think i could style my hair that well with any product! great job!

  4. Wow! Wow! I love your hair! I've never used a flat iron before. Does it work for long hair also? How long does your routine take?

  5. Great Michelle, I'll add you in as soon as you post ;) Very interesting that you'll be reviewing the same flat iron, I can't wait to see your review!

    Thanks for letting me know Tara, I just added you to the link list!

    Hi P&P ;) It's not hard believe me, the whole process only takes 15 minutes at the most!

  6. callandra-- your hair is gorgeous and so shiny! i'm jealous :P
    thanks for the review, i love their products and would definitely considered getting this flat iron when i need a new one!

  7. I can never get the back to flat iron straight. Half the time I don't start out high enough, for fear that I'll burn myself, and the other half, I just can't see what I'm doing haha. But I see now that the roundbrush while blow drying are the steps I'm missing! Thank you for this review, Callandra.

  8. That 3-way mirror is a great idea. Your hair always look nice (& shiny!). I could never do anything fancy with my hair, especially in the morning when a husband and 2 kids of mine fighting for my attention .. :-)

  9. Brian sent me the flat iron to review as well. I really like it. It does make my hair look shinier compared to the old flat iron. Glad it worked for you too =)

  10. SERIOUSLY. You are so beautiful. You look like Kelly LeBrock. (I think that's her name)Have you thought about petite modeling?

  11. Hi Petite Mom ;) A flat iron will work for longer hair styles as well. It takes me about 15 minutes from start to finish for this particular style.

    Thank you Ping! (I was a bit jealous myself after seeing your hair dryer tutorial, your hair look so thick and luxurious)!

    Lol Cee! It was definitely "practice makes perfect" for me while learning to use a flat iron ;) ...And I've come away with some burns in the past I'll tell you!

    That would be hard Lydia....I have no idea what time I'd have to get up if I had children to get ready too! Kudos to you for sure!!

    Hi Sydney! I looked for your review but didn't see it. I'll keep checking your site for the post and I'll add it in once your done. I think Michelle said that she would be posting her's early this week too ;)

    Awww...thanks Anon! No idea who Kelly LeBrock is but I'll google her ;) I'd be glad to do some petite modeling......You're not an agent are you?!! Hee hee

  12. You did a great job Callandra! Your hair looks so silky and smooth!

    Not sure if you checked back but I did respond about the H & M burnt orange skirt- the total length is 17". Hope this helps! :)

  13. Your hair is so pretty and shiny, I'm so jealous!

  14. Hi Annie ;) Thank you so much for letting me know about the length on that skirt!!.....prolly would be a bit short for me :)

    You're so sweet Elaine, thank you!

  15. Thanks for the great hair tutorial! I would love it if you did a makeup tutorial also. Your makeup always looks so gorgeous!

  16. Hi Michelle! I've been meaning to do a makeup tutorial too, I've had a lot of requests for one. I don't wear a whole lot and my technique doesn't hold a candle to someone like Jen from Head to Toe, but for day to day makeup it's not horrible. I'll be sure to try and get one done very soon;)

  17. Wow, awesome review! Great pictures too! I have to agree, I use the hana professional flat iron and my hair has never looked better - you really have to see it for yourself to believe it.

  18. I have to admit, I'm really enjoying it Kylie ;)

  19. Ahhhh, this has inspired me to want to cut my hair short again! Super cute blog :)


  20. Lol Elle!! I'm growing mine out ;) hee hee

  21. I love your hair!! It's the perfect length and really shapes you face beautifully. I'm definitely looking for a style like that. Would you say you have pretty fine hair? I'm going to show my hairstylist :)

  22. Hi Anon, Thanks so much! My hair isn't really fine.....but it's not that thick either. It looks rather bedraggled if it isn't styled after a wash and it doesn't curl on it's own at all but it is slightly frizzy.

  23. Love love love your hair. I cannot bring myself to cut it above my sholders. Wish I could us a round brush as well as you do. I don't think you should grow it any longer...such a perfect lenght for your face and height!

  24. Thank you Anon! I haven't decided how long to let it grow yet, but I get bored with my hair quite often and either have to change up the length, the style or color just to keep it interesting ;)

  25. BEAUTIFUL! Do you do anything to enhance shine or keep your hair healthy since you use heat on it so often? I find that when I use heat a lot I get breakage and split ends. :( Do you use any particular products or heat protectants, etc.? I'd love to hear about your full routine! Thanks!

  26. Hey Stella! I do a deep conditioning treatment once a week.....(just a cheap conditioner actually that I smear all over my dry hair working into the scalp and at the ends. I leave on for a few hours and then wash it out. Hope this helps ;)