Saturday, August 28, 2010

OOTD & Ann Taylor Loft Cotton Faille Jacket with Ruffle Review

I really love this Loft jacket and I know you guys have seen this jacket reviewed by Really Petite and Extra Petite earlier this month.  I was slightly disappointed when the jacket first arrived because there is extra room in the body of the jacket.  I do love the sleeve length, color, jacket length and ruffle detail in the back.  There are so many great things to love about this jacket, that I'm hoping to just move the button over ever so slightly and create the perfect fit.
Ann Taylor Loft Petite Cotton Faille Jacket with Ruffle

I haven't moved the button over yet, but here it is on it's own.........

The fit is almost perfect, so hopefully moving the button just a tiny bit will work out.  Either way, I think I'll keep it, the details on it are so special and the lines are so slimming.

(Did you guys see the little girl sleeping under the armoire)?

I played around pairing the skirt with some other tops.......

Brown Ann Taylor Cardi
Sequin Trim Loft Tank
Maroon Ann Taylor Skinny Belt
Printed Loft Pencil Skirt
Mushroom Nine West Pumps

Please let me know which look you like the best, I really couldn't decide!


  1. LOVE that blazer - I was drooling when I saw it on the other ladies too. You're right though, it's a little roomy, but since it fits so well every where else hopefully you will be able to make it work.

    I really like all your looks above. I think my favorite one is the long cardigan and the belt. I love your shoes too!!!!!

  2. great look callandra! i love how you paired it with the skirt (love the pattern on that!). i definitely like it with the blazer because it shows off your waist and the skirt more.

  3. Beautiful! I love that skirt and it looks great with the contrasting sweater.

  4. Very cute blazer... I wish LOFT would size down on their jackets (and skirts), I always find that their 00P fit more like 0P consistently for some reason. I think I prefer the blazer with the skirt... cardigan looks a bit big on you.

  5. I really like the proportions of the blazer and the skirt. (I have that skirt too!) Though the blazer does look a little roomy, I don't think it's a major issue. A belt over the blazer might help without the alterations, but moving the button would probably be best! =)

  6. Callandra - did you try on one size down? Or is that a 00P? I loved the blazer when I tried it on but it does look a bit boxy on you so I'm wondering how it would look a size smaller. I'm enjoying the darker sweater contrast over the skirt too...prefer the darker belt.

  7. Adorable!! I love that jacket!! And the fit is very close to being perfect on you.. a keeper for sure!

  8. Curls & Pearls - Thanks for your feedback on the outfit (those are some of my favorite shoes too).

    PXXS - I totally agree with you, the loft jackets do tend to run a size up.

    Jean - I would love this jacket a size smaller, but this one is a 00p :( Thank you for the feedback on the outfits, I couldn't decide between the two belts for sure.

  9. I totally adore that skirt!! If all you need to do is move the button over, I think the blazer is def. worth keeping! And I would keep both belts. :P

  10. Cher, Thanks for the input! (Still haven't moved the button over, but I had to pack it away for winter).

  11. I do like the jacket and it is the perfect match with that tee. However I love it with the super long dark gray cardigan which has slimming and tall lines and makes you look taller. =)