Sunday, August 29, 2010

OOTD - Staying Warm in Summer

September is almost here and I'm really not ready for the cold weather that's coming up.  With the temperatures reaching 100 degrees outside, and dipping as low as 30 degrees in the office, I am already faced with a bit of a dressing challenge. My daily goal is to create warm layers, without adding bulk, that can be peeled off as the day gets warmer or if I go outside. To this end, I will usually start my outfit with a short sleeve or sleeveless blouse, add a thin knit cardi and top it off with a jacket and sometimes a scarf.

I am not always successful in creating an outfit that is warm, office appropriate, visually interesting and comfortable. And there are times when I throw caution to the wind and wear that summer dress regardless of the office temperature and suffer through with blue hands and feet. Other times, I will add so many layers for warmth that the outfit doesn't have a ghost of a chance of looking office chic at all. Well, you guys win some, you lose some. I felt like this outfit met all of the required criteria above and so I thought I'd share it with you .................

Ann Taylor Loft Brown Silk Cap-Sleeve Blouse 00p (Similar here)
Ann Taylor Tan Pants 00p (Similar here)
JCrew Gold Thong Sandals 6 (Similar here)
Necklace, Bracelet & Gold Bauble Ring Forever 21
(Similar here , here & here)

Old Navy Light Camel Cardi xs (Similar here)

Ann Taylor Loft Faux Denim Jacket 00p (Similar here)
Jessica Simpson Leopard Print Bag (Similar here)
Hope you guys are staying warm too!  ; )
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  1. Wow!! This outfit seriously is ready for anything! I love the color combo w/ the pop of peacock feathers too : )

  2. You are looking fantastic - I wish I look that good in trousers! And I love your F21 pieces - I love their inexpensive trendy pieces that don't make me feel guilty! Lastly (babbling!) your dresser is giving me a case of the shabby chic jealousy vibe - it is gorgeous!

  3. I love your outfits! You're 5'1 and wearing flats with AT pants? I am almost 5'3 and I have to wear heels otherwise they're too long on me. Those outfits are also very appropriate for upcoming Fall

  4. Lovely lovely ensembles. I love how you look in trousers. Echoing Petite Little Girl's comment...are you sure you're not 5'3" or 5'4" Callandra? Lol. I need to be wearing at least 3 inch high heels so that Ann Taylor pants aren't dragging on the ground.

  5. Ooooooooooooo lovely outfits! My fav is the one with the Old Navy Camel Cardigan! And I love that armoire you are standing infront of!!!! :)

  6. Bella Style, I'm so glad you like the color combos.

    Lisa, you're so funny - Your posts always crack me up. Thank you for the lovely compliments.

    Petite Little Girl, Actually, my JCrew thongs have an inch and a half heel (ssshhh ;)hee hee

    Jean, This is so great, you guys are making me feel very leggy!

    Really Petite, I'm so glad to hear you say that, I was thinking it was my fave too!

  7. Your legs must be soooo long compared to other petites, Ann Taylor slacks are way *way* too long on me and I am 5'2

    You look so chic, as always. Love the necklace on you, I can't believe it's from F21.

  8. I agree with all the posters above. Those slacks look amazing on you. I have some AT pants, but they don't fit me as well as they fit you.

  9. You look so chic and pretty in your perfectly-layered outfit. I am in love with that necklace. Wish I had seen this post back last summer so I could scoop up this necklace. Now, what job do you do and why is it so cold in your office?