Friday, November 12, 2010

OOTD: Trouser / Converse Mix

I was absently thumbing through some old JCrew Mags Thursday night for casual Friday inspiration, and I came across this look.  I have always been an admirer of the trouser / converse sneaker look.  Something about it just seems to say "I'm comfortable and professional" at the same time.  This was a look being seen all over the JCrew Mags a couple of years ago (I know, I know) but it's a look that I still enjoy. 

Picture JCrew Mag - March 2010
I've noticed that Ellen Degeneres wears this look and it's different variations almost constantly and she always looks at ease.  Normally I prefer to wear Sandals or pumps with my trousers, but because of the weather I've been forced to find new options lately and this seemed to fit the bill nicely.
The mornings start out pretty cold here, so I always try to pile on thin layers that can be discarded throughout the day as it gets warmer.

I think Funny Face felt like it was her turn to cameo in one of the photos.  I didn't know she was checking me out 'till I was editing the pictures. Lol

Final look at the end of the day. 

I am really into cross body bags right now.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with them being marketed just about everywhere ;) 

Did you guys notice that I finally got the Striped Corsage Sweater?  Sissy snatched it up for me and at $17.00 I'm thinking I might be able to shrink it down in the dryer. hee  Michelle at Mini Maestra reviewed it here , Liane at Petite XXS reviewed it here and Vicky at Vicky's daily fashion blog wore it here.

Added Note:  Please check out the Petite Fashion Challenge #4 being hosted by Curls and Pearls!  I've added the button on my side bar near the top.  Just click on it and it will take you directly to her site to sign up!...This one looks like fun!!

Outfit Details: 
Ann Taylor Factory Trench 00p
Ann Taylor Factory Trouser Jeans 00p
Ann Taylor Factory V-Neck Oxford 00p  (didn't realize my outfit was almost exclusively outlets today)
Loft Striped Corsage Sweater xxsp
Target Converse One Star - Child Size 4
I noticed the child size 4 fits perfectly (I normally wear a woman's size 6) and is half the price of the adults converse sneakers
Francesa's In the Details Bag
Have a great weekend Blogging Friends!


  1. Your kitten's so cute (though I don't know what she was doing that high up).

    Love the corsage sweater on you, at $17 it's a pretty good deal. I kind of want it but I don't think it'll look that great on me.

    And I still have outfit photos from way long ago so your J. Crew one is totally normal...and it's so timeless it'll never go out of style!

  2. Elle, Actually, that's her sleeping spot of choice (unless I'm in bed, then it's on top of mommy)Lol I'm still thinking about the striped corsage sweater. I didn't realize when I got it that it would be hard to layer on top of because of the corsage on the shoulder. Oh good, I'm not the only one who holds onto my magazines for years! hee

  3. I love the trouser + converse sneaker look and you really pull it off! I've never been confident enough to do it cause I'm paranoid about my short legs. And nice work being able to get the kids shoes and saving the money! :)

  4. Love the Converse! :) I am trying to find a cute pair of Converse slip-ons in khaki or navy for Seattle.

    Love that you got the sweater! I am very jealous of the price. :p Don't remember what I got it for...but def. not that cheap! The weather finally got to the 60s, so I wore mine for work this Wednesday for the first it!!

    And of the cat peaking in the pic! :)

  5. Kileen, I'm a bit paranoid about that too, especially with the wider leg trouser. I was definitely happy about saving that extra money on those shoes!...they seem quite expensive to me (but I guess not really compared to the ones they sell at JCrew).

    Michelle, I haven't seen any converse slip-ons this year, but I'll keep an eye out. I actually bought a pair of slip-ons first and then found that the back of the trouser was always getting folded under it so I bought these instead. Oh, you're so lucky with the warm weather (now I'm jealous ;) Yes, Funny Face is my baby and she knows it! (spoiled rotten) hee

  6. I used to own a pair of adidas Superstars (?) that were a kids size 4. I felt so proud at saving $ but at the same time wondering why my feet are so small =P But nevertheless, great find on the kids Converse!

    You've definitely got this trousers + sneakers look down pat. My fav is the 2nd outfit with the striped sweater. So preppy and casual at the same time =)

  7. That LOFT sweater looks awesome layered over that white shirt...I keep seeing so many others look great in that sweater but have never tried it on...I should, I know its pretty cheap now! And great job at pulling off the sneakers while still looking adorable and put together. I don't think I could do that :)

  8. Cee, I actually had to search a bit to find trousers at just the right length to wear with the converse (and these may actually be just a tad long). I think my favorite look is the first because of all the layers. I didn't realize until just now that you guys can't see I layered a cream colored hooded sweater over the gray stripped and the hood fell over the back of the trench...oh well. I think Mr. PEMS liked the striped sweater over the shirt too. By the time he got home I was at the final look after losing all of the layers throughout the day, and he couldn't figure out why my outfit was so boring! Lol

  9. Tara, I'm definitely not complaining about the price on that sweater for sure! I do have a hard time feeling pretty in more casual shoes, so I'm really grateful for the different areas of inspiration (like the JCrew mags).

  10. I love the last photo. You look so chic. I like how you paird the Striped Corsage Sweater with a white button down shirt. What a great deal on the sweater too!

  11. LOVE the look of all three! Great layering effort! I can't believe you even need to shrink the xxsp.:) LOL on the kitty face in the pic. :) So cute.

  12. Sydney, I think I'm still on a high from getting that sweater at such an affordable price! Lol

    Vicky, It's just long enough to shorten the leg line you know? I scrunched it up a bit, but I'm thinking that might get old after a while.

  13. callandra-- you definitely pull off the jeans and converse shoes really well! i love how you layered first i thought it was 3 different outfit but then i realize it was just one outfit taken apart.

  14. Ping, You know, I think I should have mentioned layers in the post title....just realizing this now! Lol

  15. its amazing that you can pull off so many looks that i am deathly afraid of even attempting! you look beautiful! :)

  16. Awww, I think this look would be adorable on you....or you could rock it a little more Rachel Zoe with a fur vest, hightest heels and your amazing hair! ;)

  17. this is my first time visiting your blog, and wow you are gorgeous!! i love your style!

  18. Love the looks you pulled together! The last one is so preppy hehe :) I really like the first coat too, looks like it fits well and you look so warm!

  19. Cute sporty look!! And half price converse shoes just by choosing a kids version? Very smart!! Layered looks are great on you - really adds "presence" on your tiny frame : )

  20. Leena, Hey...thanks for checking me out. I really enjoy your blog, you always look so glamourous!

    Liane, I think I should have named this post layering "Ellen" style, but oh well. Lol

    Bella Style, Thanks. Layering looks also adds warmth on my tiny frame! hee hee ;)

  21. You look comfortably-chic, casual but proffessional and at ease. You got an incredible look going on here which is being pulled off with this nice, classy trench. Love the little cottony sneakers too. I need a crisp white pair, myself. I love this corsage sweater which I have in pink myself (purchased on sale), in a regular small. I am 5.6 and a half inches tall, so. LOL