Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shopping with Sissy

My sister and I have observed a tradition for several years now (not sure how it first came about) where we both take the day off for our birthday and go shopping together.  This year neither of us had much vacation time around our birthday, so we had to push our shopping day back a few months.  We were finally able to take our "shopping day"  during the first part of November (our birthday is in January ;) but it was totally worth the wait!
There isn't an H&M store around our area, so we drove a couple of hours to a bigger mall that featured some stores that we don't usually get to shop, including Anthropologie!  (I know, you guys are going "whoo hoo) but we were totally excited!  hee hee We found this dress at Forever 21 and both fell in love.

This dress can be styled so many ways, we really couldn't pass it up.  Same dress obviously, just styled slightly boho.
 Sisters are one of the best things that can happen to you.  And if you happen to be born five minutes after your best friend, well, they're just that much better!  ;)

By the way, I know you guys are going to have some great ideas for me on how to style this dress.  Please don't hold back, I can't wait to try them all out!


  1. you know i'm having a hard time picking a favorite because both are very cute! :)

  2. I don't know who else can style this dress better than you, lady! You did such a great job styling this adorable dress. I love both looks

  3. Ooh, what a nice find! That dress looks super versatile, I can see that with all sorts of belts and any color shoes. I'm thinking that dress would look great with a knit vest (to show off those cool sleeves). Wow! you're a twin? Is she also your size? My sister (older by 2 years though) and I take days off of work together once in a while for no special occasion, but just to go shopping. haha

  4. Lol at "Woo hoo"!!

    Now I do not feel so bad about my twenty minute drive to Anthropologie!!

    You styled that dress so well!

    How do you get your tan? Sun, spray, bed, at-home? I have wanted to try spray tanning, but have no clue where to go/what to get. Any advice?

  5. callandra-- the dress and the fur looks fabulous on you!! i love that the dress is a loose fit, but it is still very sexy.
    i always wished i had a sister so go shopping with. glad to see you guys have shopping tradition...i would totally have that if i had a sister!

  6. I love how you styled the dress, with the floral scarf and with the fur collar. It seems very versatile. I agree, sisters are awesome and it's a good thing my sis has great taste so it makes it easy shopping with her. =)

  7. beautiful styling of this dress! i love all the ruffly details in both the top and bottom. i think in addition to just wearing it as a dress, you could also wear it as a shirt! paired with another pencil skirt, it would look fabulous!

    i'm glad to hear you had a good time shopping! that's what sisters are for!


  8. Ooooooo i love this dress! You know i love ruffles!!!

    And the 2nd outfit- so freaking stylish- you are killing me with these outfits! LOL I just love your style!

  9. You're a twin? I'm so jealous... grew up reading Sweet Valley Twins and always wanted one of my own haha. Buut I'll settle for my lil sis who's only 11 so she doesn't appreciate clothes shopping yet but I love her to death anyway! :)

  10. I had no idea you were a twin either!

    I love how you styled the dress, it's so imaginative! I think it looks cute plain as well, I love versatile pieces. The shopping trip sounds like so much fun...I wish I had a sister, sigh.

  11. You're a twin? That is sooo cool! LOL at PetiteXXS - I read Sweet Valley Twins/high too!

    I don't even have a sister to shop with :(

    Love the dress you got, and especially how you styled it. I'm so uncreative with styling dresses!

  12. Oh I love this tradition! My sister and I have lived in different places since college so we didn't have a chance to do things together on a regular basis. So envy you!
    I have a strong preference to the look with fur. You look so stylish!

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  14. Great tradition. So sweet :) I love all the ways you styled the dress. Other ways to style.. maybe I think you can wear with tights even leggings and nice pair of booties. How about with a turtleneck sweater or long sleeve underneath and add a belt too? that might work too in case you get cold and want to layer. The dress is very versatile.

  15. You totally transformed the look of the dress in the last two pics. Wow! The first picture makes the dress look so dainty and feminine, but the last one is my favorite. Love them all!

  16. Callandra - you know if you ever want anything from H&M I would be more than happy to pick it up for you. :)

  17. Yay for a shopping day! I love the ways you styled the dress...its good to have options :)

  18. Simple & Elegant. You look fab!!!
    Just stumbled across your blog and loving it.
    Do visit mine and follow if you like!!!
    Fashion Panache

  19. That is such a sweet tradition! I have a brother so I would probably find it hard pressed for him and I to take a day off to go shopping together lol. I love how flirty the dress is, my favorite is with the boho style.

  20. Leena, So sweet, thank you.

    Sydney, I think I like them all too, thank you!

    Olyvia, What a great suggestion! I've got some sweater vests that would look great with this dress, thank you! That's so cool that you and your sister take off together too, we are def blessed!

    Michelle, ha ha..I really couldn't help myself on the "whoo hoo". I figure most of you guys don't live in a little podunk town where the most exciting store is the grocerer's! About the tan, I actually haven't tanned since we went on vacation in August. I did tan in a bed though (not cool, I know) but I'm giving it up for my new years resolution. I do use a product year round made by Sally Hansen called "airbrush legs". My skin tends to be mottled and this product goes on perfectly to create beautiful skin. Spray tan is nice is you have the money, but I've never had it last more than a week and a half at most. Almost any tanning salon will offer a sunless spray tan package.

  21. Ping, I totally love this dress and the added fur collar is def on trend. I know you'd be so much fun to shop with (even if it always was at free people) hee hee ;) I'm goofing, you know I'd be dragging you into the Loft just as much! Lol

    Jess, I never thought of that, it is easier to shop with someone who has good taste! Sis def has style, even helps me out of fashion snags sometimes!

    Kileen, I love that idea! It would look adorable belted over a pencil skirt, thank you!

    Really Petite, I'm a sucker for ruffles too (this was def our season with all of the ruffles and bows everywhere ;)

    Liane, I've never heard of Sweet Valley Twins (but I did read some of the Bobbsy twin mysteries). Your little sister is so lucky to have you, and all of your style and fit expertise. She'll def appreciate it once she's a little older!

  22. Elle, After seeing your post with that new dress you bought at H&M, I've been inspired to wear this dress as a top under another skirt! Thank you for your wonderful creativity!!

    C&P, Your outfits are always interesting. Remember that BR dress you styled with the chunky 3/4 sleeved sweater and wide belt? It was so cute, and then you style that long Le Chateau top over those skinny jeans? ...totally love it!

    Vicky, I hear you! Sisters are great no matter how far away they are, but the more time we get to spend together, the more fun it is ;)

    Claud, How did I miss that? I've been doing tights and booties every other day seems like but I never thought to pair them with this dress. And the turtleneck underneath with a belt sounds adorable. Thank you so much for your input!!

    Aubrey, I do like that look too, thank you!

    Cee, You're right, for such a dainty dress it does boho up nice! lol

  23. Elle, What a sweet generous nature you have! Thank you so much for your kind offer (I'll probably be taking you up on it in the near future)!! ;)

    Tara, I agree, Yay for shopping day! The options do seem limitless with this dress - so fun!

    Mitr, Thanks so much for stopping by, I'll def check out you blog.

    Hannah, Sadly taking a day off to shop with me is the last thing my brother would want to do too! Lol

  24. THat dress is HOT! Even though it's longer and has a lot of material...it's unexplainably sexy. Maybe it's the demure neckline or the feminine ruffles down the front, either way I love it on you.

    You have a twin? Can we see photos pretty please?

  25. Jean, I agree, totally love this dress! I will def show pictures, however that must be pre-approved before I can post them. Lol

  26. Great dress!! I'm in love with it and you look adorable in it!!! Yep, sister's are the best ; )

  27. This dress looks so rich, so lush and expensive I cant believe you found it at F21. You styled it great all 3 times, but I prefer it best "left alone" without a jacket or cardi over, because it's so pretty on its own and it goes so well with those pumps, too.

    Are you telling us you have a twin sister Callandra? What's her name, are you two identical or fraternal?