Monday, November 8, 2010

OOTD: Playing with Casual Wear, Hair Styles and Heidi

So I've been playing around in my closet, I put some casual looks together and thought you guys might help me decide which pants option was better.  I cuffed in the first picture and uncuffed in the second.  This blouse is the Layered Ruffle Blouse from Ann Taylor (no longer available) and I've worn the cardi in a previous post here.

Longer top, cuffed pants + booties = two inch legs on petite's.  

I bought this blouse at New York and Co years ago.  Totally too big (like everything from NY &C) but I wear it as a tunic, so I'm thinking it works that way.  The open front cardi is from the Ann Taylor Factory Store, purchased in January.  Belted option here........

Unbelted here....................................

Heidi Girl kept asking to be in the picture, so I eventually gave in and scooped her up.  From there of course she wanted to go to bed (she can't sleep at night unless she's in bed with mommy) but she managed to hold out a little longer while I finished putting everything away ;)

This is the Petite Fitted Cotten Blazer from the Loft.  The fit is very good, but the price is very high.  I'm going to have to get it with a good sale.

The jeans are the Stella Barely Boot Cut Jeans from Express in 00 short.  I find the Barely Bootcut to be more flattering on my curvy frame than average Skinny Jeans.  And of course you guys are familiar with the Madden Girl Rhiana Booties that I've worn practically every day since purchasing.  Happy Monday and Have a Great Week!


  1. Lol! Heidi girl is so fluffy and adorable. As much as I love the cuffed jeans with booties look (I feel like it's often rocked by J.Crew models) it does make us petites look shorter. If anyone can get away with wearing that style though it would be you. I think you look great with them cuffed or down, as long as you wear with confidence : )

  2. I adore that last outfit, that blazer looks perfect on you! I can see why you love those booties but I doubt most of us can rock them the way you can...

    ps I just love your hair (I know it's not new)...I am typically not a big fan of short hair but you are making me want to chop off most of my hair. It looks incredible on you.

  3. I agree with Elle - love the hair! I thought you meant Heidi like Heidi Klum! She has the best bangs right now :)

    Anyway, I LOVE that blazer... I have been eyeing it for some time and this doesn't help! haha! I'd go with uncuffed jeans, but that is just me. I am kind of a freak about "seasons" so I only cuff when the weather's warm enough for shorts. Yeah I know, total weirdo :)

  4. Stunning pics. I love your necklace plus the chic hairdo. Are your sure you are a petite instead of a 5'8" ? Pant in full length (2nd pic) and cinched belt option creates an allusion of higher waist and longer leg (3rd pic). Correct my wording, you do have long leg.
    Thank you for the jean information. I feel pudgy and too self-conscious in skinny jean.
    -SN in NY

  5. I like the open front cardigan outfit best and you're totally rockin' the cuffed pant look. I've tried that but I think it looks funny on me.

    Btw, love your hair! =)

  6. So many outfits I don't know which one to focus on! I honestly can't rock the cropped cuffed look, but you seem to look so chic in anything! Heidi is adorable :)

  7. My favorite is the 2nd photo. I prefer uncuffed but that's just me. Like your new hair style. OMG, Heidi is super adorable :)

  8. my favorite is the open cardigan (NO belt), but mb the cuff of the jeans can be bigger and less tightly cuffed.

    I think since you're a taller petite, cuffed pants & booties most certainly work on you!

  9. i like the first and last outfit the most. i think you pull off the cuffed pants quite nicely!!!

  10. I love your hair!!

    For the first outfit, I prefer the uncuffed.

    For the second outfit, I prefer the sweater unbelted.

    Oh! Thanks for the heads up on the jacket!

    I love how fluffy Heidi is!

  11. With the dark cardi, I actually prefer the pants unrolled, but I really like the light blue cardi with the pants rolled. There's something about darker colors that look more polished, so the normal pants look works better, I think. The light blue card is more casual and fun, so I think the rolled look works great.

    PS - Heidi is so cute!

  12. I love the first outfit! You look so tall! And you are rocking the hair do:)

  13. Heidi is so cute and fluffy!

    Regarding your outfits, my favorite is the 2nd outfit with uncuffed jeans. I think cuffing works better with straight or slim cut jeans rather than bootcut or flared jeans. I also think a narrower cuff might be more flattering.

  14. Jean, It's funny that you say that, because JCrew mags are what fineally convinced me that I should be wearing cuffed jeans and booties! Lol Well...JCrew and ATL advertisements back from the spring!

    Elle, The last outfit was my fave too! I wound up wearing it to work last Friday ;) Thank you for the short hair compliment, but please don't cut yours off, it's sooo pretty!

  15. Erin, Mmmm, Heidi Klum does have great bangs! I love that blazer too and I had to return it :( Oh well, if they go on sale please let me know and I'll do the same for you!! ;)

    Anonymous, Lol, 5"8'!!?? Sounds like a dream come true, but unfortunately, no. I'd add an extra 7" if I could, but I'm sure there are pros and cons for both sides. Glad to help with the jeans. I love to participate in style trends but not at the expense of feeling good about myself you know?

  16. Stylepint, I love the open front cardi outfit as well. I've seen your style and I have to say that I'm positive that cuffed pants would rock on you too!!

    Liane, I could swear that you would look awesome in cuffed pants for sure!

  17. Sydney, The short haircut is starting to grow out, so I'm trying to figure out different ways to style it.

    Aubrey, Thanks, I'll definitely try it!

    Ping, The first and last outfits were my favorite too, that's funny!

  18. Michelle, Thanks, I'm growing it out (again) Lol Uncuffed seems to be the general concensus. Heidi made me think of your cat here because she was so adamant about being in the picture! was so cute.

    Cee, That certainly makes sense, thank you!

    Really Petite, Thanks, I wish I were as tall as everyone seems to think I look! hee

    Anonymous, That's a very good point (I'll have to get some and try it out).

  19. I love that blouse! As you have shown, its very versatile. I'm wearing a similar blouse from Ann Taylor today :)

  20. Tara, I will definitely check out that outfit!

  21. LOL I agree with Erin! I totally go with the seasons but Jean is right, you can pull off both looks flawlessly :)

  22. N, That's funny, maybe I shoud think about that a little more when I'm getting dressed huh? ;)