Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfit Recap #5

Loft Faux Denim Blazer (2009?)
Loft Long Sleeve Striped Tee (2009)
Banana Republic Cropped Pants (2009)

Ann Taylor Factory Faux Denim Skirt (gifted 2011)
Loft Metallic Bag (2008)

Ann Taylor Silk Blouse (2009)
Banana Republic Plaid Trousers (2009)
Sigerson Morrison Kitten Heels (Thrifted)

Loft Striped Jacket (Thrifted)
Loft Floral Skirt (2007?)
Banana Republic Tank (2009)
Nine West Studded Cross Body Bag (TJMaxx)

Gap Woven Back Cardigan (See it here on Elaine from Curls and Pearls).
Delia's Cream Eyelet Dress (2008)
Aldo Python Print Bag (2009?)

I don't know how well you can see the details of the back of this sweater, but I love the visual interest of the added ruffles.

I wasn't able to post at all last week and this weekend Mr. PEMS took me outlet shopping to celebrate our wedding anniversary!......(He said that it would be our shopiversary). Lol 

I bought the Ann Taylor Factory Lace dress reviewed here by Jean at Extra Petite and here by Cee at To Brighten My Day.........and thanks to some savy wheeling and dealing was able to get the dress at 1/2 off!  I haven't styled it yet, but I'm sure you'll see it soon in the upcoming posts ;) 


  1. The navy drapey blouse with the pants and that orange bag is my favorite outfit! Congratulations to your wedding anniversary and your husband is such a romantic for taking you out at the outlets. SOOO sweet and nice deal on that lace dress!

  2. Really like the first look! I've been looking for a striped long sleeve tee like that for some time now. All cute looks. Happy Shopiversary!!!

  3. LOL! My birthday gift from my husband was a trip to the "OUTLET" mall as well.

    Your first three outfits are my favorite. They represent timeless and chic.

    I decided to hop on the bandwagon after sporting the Converse One Star Chambray shirt on you. It looks a lot better on you than on me. Again! Everything looks nicer when you wear them. :) Thanks.

    SN of NY

  4. Callandra, you have such a knack for mixing in bright colors. The bright coral bag is the perfect touch to each of your outfits. And the chambray shirt? I'm definitely going to be using these different styles as inspiration :)

    Congrats on your wedding anniversary! What did you say to get it for 50% off?! Please teach a bargaining noob like me :) And I CAN NOT wait to see it on you.

  5. Congrats on your wedding anniversary! I love your outfit recaps because you have such a great variety of styles and looks every time! =)

  6. Congrats on the anniversary. Obviously your husband knows how to make you happy. :)
    I love the last look with the white dress, chambray shirt, neutral cardi and belt, and snakeskin bag. Those shoes are also adorable - perfect for spring.

  7. That dress in the last pics is gorgeous - and I love how you styled it up - petites can wear below the knee lengths gorgeously!

  8. Wonderful colors! I see you bought that beautiful silk navy Ann Taylor tie-neck blouse from a few years ago! I tried that on and really loved it, but the darn thing swamped me! Lucky looks fabulous on you!

  9. So looks like your outfits have made the spring transition, I'm lovin it!

  10. Happy anniversary!
    Each outfit is amazing. I can't get enough of that chambray shirt from Target. I bought it a while back and still LOVE it.

  11. Happy anniversary! And I love all the outfits, but I especially dig how you styled the chambray shirt.


  12. How sweet of Mr PEMS! A trip to the outlets is a good way to any girl's heart. Congrats on the anniversary!

    And like Cee, Im curious how you got it for half off? Did you open/upgrade an AT card or was there a small "defect" ? I took advantage of both of those this weekend : ) I'm sure the lace dress will look fantabulous on you and I'm looking forward to borrowing styling tips from you. I already wore it today for Sunday brunch.

  13. Happy Anniversary!! So nice of the husband to take you shopping :)

    That Gap Cardi looks great on you! I really love how you make everything look different and oh so you! I feel so boring all the time!

  14. happy anniversary callandra!
    i always look forward to your post. (as usual!) i love all your outfits. all are so chic and stylish.

    i love the 2nd and 3rd outfit the most. i like that there are buttons down the skirt paired with the chambray shirt. i also really love the navy blouse from AT. the sleeves makes the blouse really special! i wished it was current, i would definitely buy that.

  15. I normally despise denim on denim, but look how well you did it here! your'e one of the very few ppl that look awesome in trousers. it's like they modeled it after your body.

    always looking great!

  16. Love the 2nd cute! I just got my AT chambray shirt and love it! Fits like a glove!

    Can't wait to see you in the lace dress!

  17. Very "cute as a button" outfits : ) My favorite is the chambray top w/ the faux denim pencil skirt. I love how chic and timeless it is while still looking modern and current!

  18. Hi, I just tagged your blog for an "8 most worn" post. Would love to read your answers.

  19. As of last night, Target re-stocked that Chambray top in all sizes and it is on sale! I ordered the XS. It looks great on Callandra and Extra Petite! I expect mine will get a lot of use!

  20. Thanks so much Hanna!......he's such an incurable romantic ;) Lol

    Thank you Sarah ;) Ann Taylor has a long sleeve tee right now very similar to this one....would you believe I've worn this one so much it has holes in it?!!...(still wearing it though) hee

    Hi SN....You know great minds think alike.....and it really is a thoughtful gesture especially if one doesen't live very close to outlets...(like me ;)

    Hello Ms.Cee ;) Well......after hearing the SA offer 30% off in addition to the in-store 40% to the people at the register ahead of me, I just asked her if she could extend that offer to me as well. (I already had an AT card) but told her if there was anyway that she could help me out I'd really appreciate it...(I'm not above begging obviously;) I've found it helps to have a younger SA waiting on you as well....they seem to be more helpful for some reason. It never hurts to ask I've found ;)

    Thank you so much Jess!

    Thank you CC! I felt very feminine in this outfit all day...(a wonderful feeling ;)

    Thank you Lisa ;) I've actually heard that petite's should stick to above the knee lengths but you know me.....just a big risk taker! Lol

    I can totally see how this top would swallow you up Kelly!!....I love the color so much though ;)

    Yes Tara....finally! I can't tell you how jealous I am of your new walk-in closet! Maybe you could post some pictures after you're all settled in?

    Thank you Lilly!.....that shirt just seems to go with everything doesn't it?!

    Thank you so much Short Sister Style ;)

    Totally Jean ;) No defect or anything like that (although I have definitely asked for reductions in the past when I've noticed an item was damaged too)! I told Cee that I heard the SA offer 30% off in addition to the in-store 40% to the people at the register ahead of me, so I asked her if she could extend that offer to me as well. (I already had an AT card) but told her if there was anyway that she could help me out I'd really appreciate it. You never know, right?! I saw your post with the lace dress and loved the way you styled it btw!

    Thank you Elaine! And you are obviously not boring at all. I bought the cardi after seeing it on you! ;)

    Thank you Ping ;) You know that navy blouse really reminds me of that gorgeous white f21 blouse you have that ties in the back!

    I know exactly what you mean about the denim on denim Aubrey...(actally didn't realize what I'd done 'till you mentioned it)! I think trousers can be a curvy girls best friend. I absolutely love them ;)

    Did you really Annie? I'll have to check it out if you posted about it. I orderd the AT chambray shirt myself but was so unhappy with the fit....can't wait to see it on you!!

    Thank you Bella Style.....almost "minimilist" huh?

    Awesome Lilly........I'll check it out, thank you!

    I believe it Carole......I think it's gotten love from regular and petite's alike ;)

  21. the pop of color from the bag in the first outfit is lovely! and how lucky of you to have gotten that AT lace dress from half off!! can't wait to see it on you. :)

    cute & little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  22. okay you are gorgeous..and I loveee your hair!

  23. Thank you Kileen....(I can't wait to get some time to style it ;)

    So sweet!..thank you Nuha ;)