Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outfit Recap # 7

Happy mid-week everyone!  I think my favorite outfit in this whole set is the Brad Goreski look alike.  Inspiration actually came from Mr. PEMS's Sunday outfit  (and of course I not only had to borrow his tie but he had to tie it for me as well ;)  What about you?.....has your significant other ever inspired your style? 


  1. I need to own most of the jackets you have! :)

  2. You look fabulous Callandra! Hmmm...I can't say the husband has ever inspired my style...maybe some colour choices? Mr. PEMS sounds very fashionable too! I really love your polka dot skirt!

  3. Outfit #3 is definitely my favorite! Thanks for inspiring her, Mr. PEMS!

  4. Ok one day can you do a makeup recap? I love the colors you use and your coloring is similar to mine....but I never pop as well in pictures!

  5. The Brad look is my favorite one! It's so different and fun! You've got me craving an orange bag...it just looks so vibrant and perfect for spring. =)

  6. I don't know who Brad is, but the tie outfit definitely caught my eye. Impeccable styling with that one. That's not to say I don't like the others, b/c they're all so different but yet you. I'm really enjoying these recaps!

  7. After seeing all these pics, what came to mind was "I wonder what other people think when they see you in public". I can only imagine you get so many head turns (good ones!!).

    I love the purple scarf look! Is that from American Eagle? Looks familiar. And the cross-body bag you have with that outfit, is it still available? So cute!

  8. Another slam dunk post! ditto Michelle's sentiment...I think if I lived around you I'd be super impressed by how put together you are consistently. I can't even pick a favorite!

  9. I always love seeing how you put things together, you are always casual/chic/classic - I love that!

    And the BF lives in khakis and polos, so they'll be no inspiration from his end, haha!

  10. callandra -- you are so creative with all your outfits!! that chambray shirt is so versatile. i love the outfit with the polka dot skirt.

    my bf has a jcrew chambray shirt (looks great on him) and i wished i had one too...lol.

  11. your favorite is also my favorite.

    but I like the 1st #, you look like you're a LOFT model.

    and the last is also a hit w/me! and those jeans are so perfect on you.

    Wonderful post again and again Callandra. I feel like I say the same things everytime, but it's true! I really almost wish these outfits received their own individual posts.

  12. I love your first look with the green parka - it's crisp, chic and perfect for the transition to spring. I love that you post several outfit pics up - you seem to have an endless stream of great ones. Just followed your blog :)

  13. I love all of your outfits! I enjoy reading your blog and getting inspiration from it. I especially love how you mix color and print into all of your outfits!

  14. How are you able to pull off so many different styles and look so amazing in them all? How I envy you! :)

  15. Hi Christine...can you tell I'm a jacket addict?!! Lol

    Thank you Elaine ;) The polka dot skirt is from White House Black Market in 00 (it goes with so much you wouldn't believe)!

    I'll pass it along Kish...(he'll check to make sure I gave him credit anyway ;) Lol

    I will def give it a try Kimberly....I'm not the best with makeup but I love playing with it!

    That really is my go-to bag Jess!.....the perfect pop of color for all of my neutral outfits.

    Hey Cee, Brad Goreski is the assistant to stylist Rachel Zoe.....I have to say he rocks my styling creativity as much as Rachel does ;)

    Good eye Michelle! That scarf is American Eagle...(had to wait for it to go on sale). The cross body bag is Nine West from TJMaxx so it might be hit and miss to find another ;)

    Right back at you Elle....I love seeing the creative pairings you create!

    Thank you Lisa!...Of course khakis and polos are a classic that never goes out of style... ;)

    I think they're still available at Target Ping...the fit was pretty good for Jean (not sure if you saw her post)...so I'm thinking it might work out for you as well ;)

    Thank you Aubrey! Even if you are saying the same thing, I so enjoy your comments. You're so insightful and you manage to voice such practical insights that I don't even think of! Thank you ;)

    Yay! Thank you for following me and leaving a comment Katherine ;)

    Thank you so much for leaving me a comment Anonymous, I love getting feedback. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to share!

  16. Lol Tara!....speaking of envy I hope you're enjoying your new walk-in closet ;)

  17. I love the white jacket with the polka dot skirt! Of course, all of your looks are lovely.

  18. Callandra- LOVE your style and outfits..super cute. Where did you get your seersucker blazer... I'm on the hunt for a tiny one! :)

    Thanks for the help!

  19. I love the military jacket you wore twice here!!!

  20. Olá,
    I am brasilian.
    Adoro seus looks. Acho você uma graca! Vejo todos os dias.
    Gislaine Maristela