Thursday, April 21, 2011

Outfit Recap #6

Ann Taylor Blouse (2009)
Express Cropped Pants (2010)
BCBG Bag (2010)

Ann Taylor Factory Lace Dress (Just Bought)
Fleurish Chambray Puff Sleeve Blouse (2009)
Naturalizer Wedges (Zappos Outlet 2008)
Target Stretch Belt (2010)
Banana Republic Outlet Canvas Bag (2009)
Aldo Flower Pin (2010)

Loft Animal Print Shell (2009)
Forever 21 Cardi (2010)
Loft Wide Leg Linen Pants (2009)
Forever 21 Animal Necklace (2009)
Forever 21 Bangle (2010)
Forever 21 Ring (2010)

Loft Zippered Orange Dress (2011 No longer online)
Banana Republic Outlet Short Sleeve Printed Tee (2009)
Anthropologie Necklace (Thrifted)
Banana Republic Outlet Canvas Bag (2009)
Old Navy Yellow Bangle (2009)
Forever 21 Coral Ring (2010)

Loft Metallic Cardi (2010)
Loft Ruched Shell (2010)
Ann Taylor Modern Pin Striped Trousers (2009)
Nine West Nuncio Pumps (2010)
Loft Metallic Bag (2009)
Loft Bauble Ring (2010)
Loft Necklace (2010)

American Eagle Maxi Dress (2010)
Forever 21 Army Cargo Jacket (No longer available)
Express Pendent Stone necklace (2005)
Steven By Steve Madden Bag (2009)
Antonio Melani Orange Wedge Sandals (2009)
Gap Outlet Hat

So the last outfit was totally off the beaten path........but I like to push myself outside of my comfort zone on the weekends.  I tend to stick with styles I'm comfortable with during the week for work so this was a nice change of pace.

I finally have most of my summer things unpacked and I'm re-evaluating the fit of some of my previous fave's.  For instance, the white wide legged trousers from Loft may not be the most flattering for my body type..........what do you guys think?  I can always try it with a different style of top if you think that might make a difference.  Any suggestions?

Happy Friday Dear Friends!


  1. yay for outfit recap! i love these posts.
    you look amazing in every outfit. i love the colors your incorporate and your accessories. callandra you would make a great stylist!

  2. Lovely outfits! I love that Anthro necklace, I'm looking for one like it. And I love trouser pants with a button-down shirt and heels for work wear. Or just a fitted tank and heels for a casual 70s look.


  3. Each of your outfits are so different from one another (yet consistent through the underlying whimsical style). I just love all the colors and layering pieces you choose!

    And I totally thought you bought the lace skirt too from AT factory when...of course you just creatively wore a top and belt over the dress!

  4. Love your style. All your outfits are inspiring and make me want to break out of my all black boring outfits. I like how you styled the orange loft dress (I bought this dress too). The white wide legged trousers from Loft look nice on you and you styled it perfectly. I feel that if you were to wear a more fitted top with them then the pants may appear baggy. Love your glasses, I'm looking for a new pair, where did you get them?

  5. hi Callandra (love your name!)

    you are definitely the it-girl when it comes to mixing different pieces that i never thought would work together. got a lot to learn from ya ;)

    please stop by to visit my page when you have a sec. thanks so much! :)

  6. this blog is too much. i can't handle your amazing style and creativity. Mr. PEMS must worship you.

    2nd outfit is just an absolute favorite!!! hands down.

    3rd outfit is out of a magazine.

    wish I could pull off a fedora and look this cool.


  7. I'm so glad that you're still enjoying these re-caps Ping!...(I was wondering if people were getting tired of them yet). Thank you for the coincidence, Sissy and I will be styling a client tonight ;)

    Hey Short Sister Style!....I found mine on ebay so they're def still out there ;)

    Thank you so much Jean ;) ....honestly I did think about buying the skirt too 'till it dawned on me that the dress was low cut enough to pull double duty as a skirt as well!

    Hi Holly! Thank you for the ideas for the white trousers, I'll try it out. The glasses I got just recently from Vision first (they're perscription) and the brand is Vivid ;)

    Thanks for stopping by Sunshine (cute name right back at you ;) I'll def check out your blog, thanks for the invite!

  8. What a great compliment Aubrey!!...(I'll be sure to refer Mr. PEMS back to your comment) Lol I'm glad you like that 2nd outfit, I have a feeling that dress is going to be soooo versatile ;)

  9. Ahh! I LOVE outfit #2! Can you wear it as a dress so we can see how that looks on you? No alterations, right? It hits you at the perfect length -- that's where I wish mine hits me. And the pairing with the top? Genius :)

  10. Oh my goodness. I love ALL your outfits. You have great style, Callandra! My absolute favorite is #2. I'd love to see you wear it as a dress.

  11. You know my favorite is the last : ) But how but stylin' each outfit with a casual option too? Perhaps changing accessories and such? Just a fun thought : )

  12. I will absolutely wear it as a dress Cee!...can't wait to style it up for sure ;) No alterations, I think this little beauty is perfect for me as is.

    Thank you Sydney....I will def wear it as a dress for the next styling ;)

    What a great idea Bella Style.....and sounds challenging ;) I like it!!

  13. usual! :p

    I think you did a wonderful job styling the white pants!! I love the front-tucked animal print top with chic! :)

  14. I have that first AT top too...I love how you rocked that maxi dress...everything looks so amazing!

  15. Thank you like them fine then? I'm still trying to decide ;)

    Ooooh! I'd love to see you style it Tara! The maxi is about out of my usual....but I think I may try it again ;)

  16. Gorgeous outfits as always, you do such a great job of making wardrobe choices and styling them together! And psyched to see you in the Sofft Pavia pumps, I recently ordered them and can't wait for them to arrive!

  17. You're going to love them Allie!! So comfortable and wearable all day ;) Can't wait to see you style them!

  18. so many great outfits!! i love your unique way of pairing together different pieces and that lace AT dress is really pretty paired under a different top. great styling!

    cute & little

  19. Oh gosh..where do I start? LOL love them all but my fav has to be the lace dress worn w/the chambray shirt- so smart of you to do that! You are the layering queen!

  20. Oh and I got the AT lace dress this past wknd too but need to get it tailored (sides) but can't wait to wear it!

  21. Your posts are one of the highlights of my week! Seriously, you need to do this for a living (wait, do you do this for a living?)!

    I actually attempted to comment after you first posted this, but I was in Louisiana with bad reception and just as I hit the "post comment" button, I lost my wireless signal!! Urgh!
    Anyway, Callandra, I love every outfit, but the third and last are two that I would see in a mag and want to copy. You've got it goin' on, girl!

  22. Ooooh Annie! I can't wait to see you style it ;)

    Awww...thanks Kish ;) I do work as a styling consultant nights and weekends actually....doesn't pay the bills yet, but it's loads of fun ;)

  23. OMG lady, LOVE all of these outfits! These are SO inspirational. Keep it up :)

  24. Wow, from looking at your pictures, you don't look short. I asked my husband to guess your height and he guessed 6'2"!! I told him that you're also 5'1" and he didn't believe me!! Great outfits, btw.

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