Saturday, June 11, 2011

Outfit Recap for Second Week of June

Imagine orange Francesa bag w/ striped maxi outfit, a much better option for sure!

I almost never dress this plainly, but this week I seemed to be all about the simple look.  Not sure if my style is changing or if I'm just in a different mood......I guess time will tell. 

A couple of notes about the outfits above, the striped knit maxi dress is actually the White House Black Market maxi skirt I wore last week in this post here and the silk F21 blouse is actually a dress that I''ve worn as a blouse before in this post here and you can see the dress on it's own here.

Please leave a comment for outfit details.......everything I wore this week I've had a few years except for the White House Black Market Striped skirt which is available to purchase here.

You guys were amazingly helpful on my Wedding Dress SOS, thank you all so much!  Would you completely kill me if I threw another couple of dresses into the mix?  Let me know if you want to see a couple more options that I just thought of.  Can't believe I didn't think of them sooner!

Have a great weekend dear friends!


  1. I do love your weekly posts. Please keep them coming because I too love ATL. Also, go ahead and post your other dresses. Would love to see them.

  2. Oh Callandra- how are you so good? :) Where do you find your inspiration from? You always seem to have such great ideas for outfits.

  3. Callandra, I just read your Smashion interview and I didn't know you were a wardrobe stylist, although I should have guessed :) You really do need to share some tips and tricks with us, you always look so amazingly put together and cool. Love all the outfits, I can't even choose a favorite.

  4. Of course we want to see your other options...when would we not want to see any of your posts!!!!???
    I got excited when I saw the striped skirt-turned-dress under the jacket...I put together the exact same outfit while playing around in my closet a couple of weeks ago. To see you wearing it makes me feel like I did something right! ;)

  5. Girl, you call your outfits for the week plain!?!?...Wish I was plain Please do share your tips and tricks. Its wonderful seeing what you come up with each week. I am trying to up my fashion wardrobe. I just cleaned out my wardrobe and I am trying to figure out my style. Keep up the great work!

  6. All very cute. I do like the creativity of turning the maxi skirt into a dress. I'm wondering what is setting this weeks outfits apart as "plain" to you? I have to admit they do look a bit ... more like me : ) But, I cant put my finger on what's making them different?

  7. Love the second outfit. A white suit is so hard to pull off, but you look amazing! The third outfit on most people would look awkward cuz of where the hem hits, but of course you are rocking it. Keep these coming please!

    I vote to see more wedding dress options. The last one was fun :)

  8. I'm still loving the stripes! I would love to see more dress options if you have them, always fun!

  9. Thank you DCResider......, I'll try to get those other wedding options posted early this week.

    Hi Annie!! I seem to be inspired by everything and everyone around me and I can't stop pairing outfits in my head throughout the day....(not that I mind of course ;) Lol

    Thank you Elaine! The best advice we give our clients across the board is to pay attention to fit! Make sure an item fits you like a glove and is appropriate for your body shape in porportion and fabric and you will always stand out from the crowd.

    Lol Kish! In that case, I shall post them as soon as I can take the pictures ;) Ooooh! Did I miss that post?.......I'd love to see it for sure!!

    Thank you Addy and good luck with your wardrobe cleanse. It has always helped me to create a lookbook from magazines and catalogues when I'm trying to narrow down a personal style type.

    Hey Bella Style! I'm thinking I mix up prints and colors a bit more usually, but I didn't feel drawn to that style last week. Not a bad thing for sure, just different ;)

    Thank you Cee! That has to be one of my favorite suits.......sooo comfortable. So glad to hear you like these posts and very grateful that you don't mind helping with some more wedding options! Yay ;)

    Great! Thanks so much Tara!!

  10. Um, I'm utterly shocked that you called these outfits plain. Your outfit of the weeks are a collection of the most fun, colorful, and creative ensembles I see out of all the blogs I follow. Thanks for sharing these, Callandra!

  11. Nothing plain about your outfits. My fave this week are #3 and #6. The sandals in outfit #6 look comfy and versatile. Please post the new wedding dress options :)

  12. I like that you paired the white suit with pink top and leopard slingbacks. And nothing plain about your outfits at all. You mixed pattern, style, colors, textures, etc. They're fabulous.

  13. throw some more dress options in there. i like to vote.

    the maxi dress is my favorite outfit, but you always make me feel so perplexed bc i honestly hate that hem line, but why does it look so so good on you here?!

    great job as always. that's why you're one of my favorites!

  14. Awww.....Jean! You make me feel so good, thank you!! (I guess it's all relative anyway right? ;)

    Thank you for the sweet comment Holly! You hit the nail on the head with those sandals.....sooo comfortable and I totally wear them with everything!

    Thank you Lydia, I saw s similar outfit on Ann Taylor's lookbook and immediately thought that it was a look that I could recreate.

    Lol Thanks Aubrey! A little secret for my body shape is that my ankles are the best feature on my legs. Getting dressed for me is all about knowing your favorite features and how to accent them to the best of your ability.....something I have loads of fun playing with!

  15. You look so cute! I would never have guessed you are 5'1"!

  16. Olá Callandra,
    Eu sou brasileira e adoro ver seus looks, eles são bastante inspiradores. Parabéns.
    Acho você muito criativa e bonita.
    Também acho que combina muito bem as cores.

    Um abraço,
    Gislaine Brasil

  17. Hello! I'm so glad you like these looks ;) I hope that I am inspiring, although some days have better combinations and are more creative than others ;) Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment!!