Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breaking the Rules

I wore pleated cropped pants today..............Sssshhh, don't tell Stacy and Clinton ;)  On the other hand, if you tell them then they might show up at my door, tut tut over the mess that is my closet and whisk me away to New York for a fabulous shopping and makeover experience..............hhhmmmm......yes please!

Btw, check out the new How Bloggers Wear Loft Feature!

Outfit Details: 

Jacket - Express Minus the Leather Moto Jacket (Also styled by Annie at Really Petite and Cee at To Brighten My Day).
Sweater - Banana Republic
Vest - Express
Cropped Pants - Express Pleated Crop Pants
Booties - Madden Girl Rhianna Booties
Necklace - The Loft


  1. It's funny because I worn pleated cropped pants today to work also. I love how to you styled the vest with a leather jacket. So chic!

  2. I love cropped trousers - and I love these on you!! They're so slouchy, effortless and cool =) Plus, you're gorgeous!!

  3. ^^^if you're getting compliments from Anh, you know you wore them correctly.

    this is a winning look Callandra. I personally liked the fact that you left the vest open. booties are appropriate, and a lighter faux leather jacket is subtle enough for this feminine menswear outfit.

  4. I love this look! The pleated cropped pants look fantastic on you and the rest of the outfit is so classic and edgy! =)

  5. Lol! Aubrey is right...Anh's blog is dedicated to cropped slouchy trousers!

    I also love this look on you. You always excel at layering and pulling off looks that the other petites stay away from!

  6. oh, i actually just ordered these pleated cropped trousers from Express after seeing it on clearance for $12! mine should be coming in this week, so hopefully mine will look as nice as these do on you!

    cute and little
    come enter my giveaway!

  7. I love cropped pants, but pleats make me nervous! Love the look though, the vest and shoes are great.

  8. I can't believe that's the same Express jacket. It looks totally different (in the best way) on you. I love all the layering in this, especially the vest. Very laid-back, menswear-inspired look.

  9. Wow! Pleated cropped pants on a petite? Can you say "no no!"? Well, apparently not on you! You pulled this one off flawlessly. Stacy and Clinton are staying far away from your door. Yay! And Boo!

  10. Super stylish!! The vest takes it to the next level! I love it!

    Is that necklace a new LOFT item?

  11. this outfit is so stylish and chic! those pants look so good on you callandra. i love how you styled it with the vest and that pretty necklace. perfection!

  12. Oh those pants are definitely highly chic on you!

    Beautiful hair btw!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  13. I think you look awesome...the trousers definitley work on you! Oh, and I read that you got that LOFT skirt in petite...and wanted you to know I did too....I did a style post on it, in case you missed it here it is:

  14. Great look: love how you brought a range of neutrals together for such a cohesive look. Cute necklace!

  15. I think you pulled the pants off!! I personally could not but you look great! And the vest looks so lovely on you:)

  16. Sydney, How cool is that?!....I'm hoping you posted a picture of your outfit, I'd love some inspiration for these pants!

    Thanks so much Anh......I definitely checked out your blog before I styled these...and right back at you for the gorgeous compliment. With your long legs and big eyes, I'm surprised you aren't a model!

    Aubrey, True dat!....(I can't pull that off can I? ;) I can't wait for warmer weather so I can pair them with peeptoe slingbacks.

    Jess, I have to say that your cropped pants posts helped me get comfortable with wearing them, even though I am short!

    Jean, Anh does some great mixes with her cropped pants for sure!

    Oh Kileen! I'm so excited to see how you'll style them!!

  17. Thank you yellowbirddaybook!

    Cee, I's so versatile, I love it!!

    Petite Mom, Funny......and so true! hee hee

    Hi Michelle, No the necklace is from last summer...I did see some at the Loft Outlet last week though. If you have any in your area be sure to check them out! It's an hour and 20 min drive for us, but I'll make a point to look the next time I go ;)

    Thanks Ping...neutral chic I thought ;)

    Thank you ML (I'm growing it out).

    Tara, I did miss that one!...I'll check it out tonight for sure!

  18. Thanks Sisters Sincere, I really liked your pairings for the PFC Challange as well!

    I think you could totally pull off this look Annie......(you already have the leather jacket ;) hee

  19. Very nice! Perfect fit it looks like on the trousers. I like the way the first picture shows how the vest really empasizes your shoulders - it does an amazing job of balancing out your hips. And the vest makes the outfit for sure. Love it!

  20. I think this is a win too! I think you wear pants REALLY well, must be your proportions and how you style the outfits. Sigh. Now I really want to try cropped pants. :)

  21. Bella Style, Lol!! I was actually comparing myself to a linebacker when I saw that photo - hee

    Elle, You style your outfits so well that I'm sure you would totally rock cropped pants!

  22. Stacy and Clinton would love this outfit b/c you can totally pull it off! It looks great! I wish I knew how to layer as well as you do.

  23. This is amazing, love all the neutral grays and other colors and textures and layers mixed here. WOW!! Your pants and shoes and vest are phenomenal.

    P.S. You would never need a makeover, rather you can give others - one. LOL