Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Looking good in skinny jeans (or faking it).‏

If you have a curvy shape, no matter what your size, feeling good in skinny jeans can be a challenge.

I enjoy participating in current trends and the skinny jean is one that is also convenient for winter since skinny jeans are easily tucked into boots. My long time stand by skinny jeans are not actually skinny jeans at all. I stumbled across the "barely boot cut" from express last year and found they were quite flattering in spite of the close fit on the legs. I also appreciated the very dark uniform wash on these jeans, since this is also quite flattering for us girls with curves.

(you guys remember this picture from so long ago)

However, I recently fell in love with the Loft "Slim fit" jeans while reading one of Cee's post's from her blog "To Brighten My Day".  I orderd the jeans in a 00p (my usual size from the Loft) hoping that since the description said "slim fit" instead of "skinny" that they would be okay.  The jeans fit, but I couldn't bring myself to walk out of the house with the legs so tight (one of the perks of being curvy ;)  I promptly returned the pants and had been contemplating getting them the next size up but was concerned about the hips and waist being too big.

In the meantime, while picking up some money from some clothing sales at an upscale consignment shop, I ran across the same jeans in a 2p. I purchased them right away because the legs looked so good when I tried them on and the price was amazing compared to buying them brand new in the store.

The fit of the pants on the hips and waist were quite amusing, but since then I have had my tailor take in the waist and hips and am very happy with the look.  I thought I'd share this little tip since I stumbled across it accidentally and thought some of you guys might be interested in this option for skinny jeans.

Sorry I couldn't put the pictures right next to each other for comparison, but I am so HTML illiterate.

Of course I had to style them once I got them back.

Outfit Details: 
Coat:  Ann Taylor Loft (not current)
Bag:  Jessica Simpson
Double Breasted Striped Jacket with Patch Pockets:  Ann Taylor Loft
Sleevless Empire Blouse:  Ann Taylor Outlet (not current)
Ring:  Forever 21
Watch:  Fossil
Assorted Bracelets:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Nine West (not current)

UPDATE:  The Double Breasted Striped Jacket with Patch Pockets was also reviewed by Michelle at The Petite Fitting Room here and by Sew Peite Gal here.


  1. I love your bag and that LOFT jacket....I haven't tried that on yet, but now I think I I'm a sucker for stripes!

  2. I *love* skinny jeans and I have very similar measurements to yours! I figure it's mostly about confidence anyway :)

  3. I totally know what you mean with skinny jeans! Although I wear skinny jeans regularly, I find that they look a little sloppy with flats and I don't bother to hem them since I tend to wear them with boots/heels.

    But you look so fab with those jeans, I might have to re-think about pairing skinny jeans with flats! =)

  4. callandra-- they look great after the alterations! i have a curvy bottom too. it makes finding pants a little difficult at times.

    both of your outfits are very chic and i love your jacket and coat!

  5. Wow they look great after the alterations. How much were they do you mind me asking? I have hips and a butt too so sometimes it's hard to find pants that fit but that are also comfortable!

  6. Although I am not curvy at all, I have similar problems with jeans (more specifically, skinny jeans). Rather than becoming frustrated each time I try on a pair of jeans, I shop and wear skirts and dresses :).

  7. I love the striped LOFT cropped jacket. I did a review on it recently...I just added this post to the "related content" of it.

    What a great wash on your jeans!

    And like Tara the bag!

  8. these jeans look great post alterations! and i love how you styled it with the LOFT striped jacket! i might have to check it out in the store myself... :)

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  9. What a diff alterations make!!! I love the always look so put together:)

    I love skinny jeans and I think it's the only style of jeans that look decent on me.

  10. Tara, I hear stripes!!

    Erin, Sounds like your confidence levels are excellet - way to rock it girl!

    Jess, you'll have to check out Cee's outfit posts - she does skinny jeans and flats all the time and looks totally chic!

    Thanks Ping!...I think everybody has different body issues with jeans. Thankfully, there are so many different brands and cuts out there it makes it easier to find something that works you know?

    C&P, Sounds similar to me. The cost was just $12.00 but your cost will depend on the area you're in. I know Annie seems to pay quite a bit more for her alterations than I do.

    Sydney, I love your positive outlook (and I do love skirts and dresses ;)

    Thanks for letting me know Michelle! I was thinking I had seen it on someone, but couldn't remember who. I added in a link to you and Sew Petite Gal.

    Thanks Kileen....I'm off to join the color brigade as we speak ;)

    Thanks Annie! Knowing what style works for your body type is definitely key!

  11. what a difference alterations make! and i'm totally loving that striped blazer!

  12. Thanks Leena, it's so versatile!