Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling Anthropologieish‏

UPDATE:  Ann Taylor's spring collection just arrived in stores and online today. So to let petites get first dibs on their new spring deliveries they are offering 30% off your full price petite purchase in-store and online through Sunday night.  Click this link to take advantage of this great offer!

The other day, Lisa from "Respect the Shoes" wrote a post about how to obtain an Anthropologie look without actually buying Anthro.  A definite must for those of us unable to indulge in their beautiful items or unable to wear their sizes.

I love Anthropologie's clothing.  They always stand out with special cuts and detailing.

(None of this is Anthropologie ;)

Outfit Details:
Bodysuit:  No idea
Blouse:  F21  Thrifted
Skirt:  Loft 2007
Shoes:  Hot Kiss 2005
Metallic Belt:  Ann Taylor 2009
Bangle Bracelts:  F21


  1. i love the flared cut of the skirt and what a beautiful blouse to pair with it! the belt is the perfect addition. i think you really pulled off the anthro feel!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  2. You got that romantic, Anthro look down! It looks great and I love the fluid look of your top and skirt. =)

  3. The red/orange is gorgeous on you! Nice job with the Anthro-inspired look!

  4. That blouse is so gorgeous and unique! I went a little crazy at Anthro for awhile last year, than realized I was totally killing my wallet...I love their stuff, its just so expensive!

  5. Thanks Kileen, I added this outfit to your color brigade!

    Jess, Thank you, I really liked how this outfit came together.

    Thanks Michelle. I was thinking the color wasn't the best for me, but then I saw the pictures and I'm thinking it really works.

    Tara, I imagaine that would be easy to do, their clothes are so tempting!

  6. The skirt is my favorite, looks great on you! I had a skirt in a similar cut and it looked terrible on me :(

  7. Callandra, you nailed the Anthro look. I think the shoes cinches the outfit -- so cute!

  8. I love Anthro too but I can't really afford their clothes. You totally rock this outfit.

  9. I have been into this store several times and never have found anything!

    I like the skirt on u- love the hem detail:-)

  10. I love the color and the fluidity of the top on you! You definitely styled it like an Anthro piece. I love their stuff too - just have to wait for the sales!

  11. Totally adorable!!! The shoes are the perfect pop!!

  12. C&P, I'm surpriesed, we seem to have very similar shapes! Of course the brands and cuts make so much of a difference too.

    Thanks Cee....had these shoes for forever and I still love them!

    Sydney, I'm in the same boat....I was hoping this outfit might help me feel not so left out. hee!

  13. Annie, I've only been in this store twice and neither time did they carry petites to try on. Other than that, I found tons of stuff to salivate over.

    Petite Mom, True, love a good sale!...(or if I can find it thrifted ;)

    Thanks Bella Style. I thought they really helped add and "Anthro" vibe.

  14. I agree with Kileen-I love the cut and fit of your outfit! And the blouse is so gorgeous :)

  15. Thanks A La Mode, I was very happy with how it turned out for sure!

  16. Thanks for the shoutout! I love that skirt on you - the fit is fantastic and it has a gorgeous vintage/timeless quality. You remind me that I have a similar skirt I need to break out and give some love to!

  17. I am new to your blog. Found you when I received a Loft update today on Facebook. I am not petite however love your style and certainly feel I can be inspired to get a bit more daring with my wardrobe. You are simply adorable. The it. The your style. I must say I am in love with the wardrobe behind you. Certainly seems your personal style is equally good as your decorating style. Home tour needed :)

    Dawn Marie

  18. What a great look! I'm so happy to have found your blog via facebook as we share almost the same dimensions!

  19. Great look, I love that red top over the bodysuit, and its pattern mixed with the tweed of the skirt. Fantastic!

  20. Thanks Lisa, I found your post very inspiring!

    Thank you Dawn!...and thanks for checking out my blog!!

    YellowBirdDayBook, Yay...I'll check out your blog!

    Thanks Allie!!