Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upsizing at the Loft

I just bought these fabulous Marisa Randi Plaid Trousers from the Loft a couple of days ago while they were running their additional 50% off of clearance items.  These pants are listed at 69.99 online with 50% off, but the cost in store was just $15.00 after the discount.  (As a side note, the shape on these look nothing like the picture on the Loft website).  What I really wanted to tell you guys was that I had to size up to a 0p!

I'm sure that none of you are surprised by my enthusiasm regarding this upsizing.  It would be so great if sizes actually start to reflect actual measurements.  Here is a close up of the pattern on the pants. 

Outfit Details:

Blouse:  Loft Petite Abstract Print Shell
Trousers:  Loft Petite Marisa Randi Plaid Trouser
Cardigan:  Banana Republic Outlet (This cardi in gray worn by Vicky at Vicky's Daily Fashion Blog).
Coat:  Loft Petite from Holiday 2009
Shoes:  Sigerson Morrison (thrifted)
Bracelet:  Banana Republic Outlet
Necklace:  Loft (not current, but similar seen at the Loft Outlet two weeks ago)
Ring:  Forever 21


  1. I love the color combo here. It's soft yet still chic and sophisticated - and great for your skin tone it looks like : )

  2. I love the warm colors of your outfit, it reminds me of spring! That's great that those pants fit so well. I'm kind of happy about upsizing...maybe now I can actually fit into LOFT pants! =)

  3. I love that coat, Callandra! You must've been a LOFT fan for a long time as you seem to always remember the exact year and season of your purchases. And upsizing is always exciting, although sometimes I'm guilty of doing so overzealously and then wishing later (when the item is slipping off) that I stuck with the smallest size.

  4. Wow those pants are fantastic! I can't believe you got them for $15!!

  5. I think I saw these pants in stores too! I didn't try them on because LOFT pants are a poor fit on my particular shape. They look terrific on you though! love love love the shape. :)

  6. Yay to upsizing! I love that plaid pattern, and $15 is a steal!

  7. $15 is amazing. The trousers look so much more expensive than that! I really like how you paired it with a cream cardigan and that flowery blouse. The skirt in the same print is begging for me to buy it... but I'm resisting.

  8. Gorgeous outfit! I love that top!

    oop trousers from LOFT do not fit me. They are so tight in the crotch, and are too short for me.

  9. these pants are lovely on you and i've found that LOFT isn't very consistent with their sizing. i usually end up vacillating between a 0P and 00P depending on the style.

    i can't believe you found these for $15! what a steal!

    cute and little

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my PFC #5 outfit! I'm a new follower! Love that armoire! Rustic awesomeness! You've tempted me to check out Loft. I've been so good about resisting it. I could use some camel slacks. That coat is fab. Your jewelry is fab. Your whole outfit on the fab meter: maximum capacity!

    I've been reading a mystery series with a character named Callandra Daviot. She's spunky!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  11. Thank you Bella Style! I was thinking the colors really worked for my skin tone too!

    Jess, My coworker said I looked like I was wearing "happy" colors....I think we're all ready for spring ;)

    Jean, I have a little secret regarding the date of my purchased items. I keep a lookbook compiled from pieces I've bought as well as pieces or looks I'd like to have....makes it so much easier to remember when I bought somehting for sure! I know exactly what you mean about the upsizing regret!! I kept the tag on these purposefully in order to give them a chance to stretch out so that I could be certain of the correct size for me ;)

    Erin, I know, right?!!

    Thanks Elle...Loft pants can be tricky on me too, but I still give them a chance every once in a while ;)

    Kelly, Completely agree!!

    Cee, Totally hear you....I was not able to resist unfortunately ;)

    Michelle, They are almost that way on me too...I guess since I'm a couple of inches shorter than you I can get by with it ocassionally - yay!

    Kileen, It could be that is what has happened in the case of these trousers as well....hmmmm

    Thanks Jen! I'm wondering who wrote the mystery series you're reading. I know someone who writes mysteries and it's got me curious ;)

  12. callandra-- i love the outfit. you look so chic as usual. the sweater is super adorable and i love the loose fit and short sleeves. i love the coat too!!! it such a nice color.

    the trousers fit you great and what a sweet deal! wow they must run super small. maybe i'll stop by loft and see if they are having this deal too. thanks callandra for sharing with us!

  13. wow this jacket. mmmm. looks so good on you. gosh, I wish I knew about LOFT back then.

    surprisingly, LOFT pants are too short on me. I could use 1/2in - 1 in more.

    I will consider trying these on next time. I love the Marissa cut cuz I have no hips.

  14. You look freaking amazing! I love love love the patterns and colors of this outfit!

    And I always have issues with LOFT sizing. 00P skirts NEVER fit and some tops that are XXSP are too wide at the bottom near the waist. But love LOFT cardis- fits perfectly!!!

  15. Thanks Ping!...I hope the pants work out for you!!

    Aubrey, I still had to add a little kitten heel too....I must be much shorter than you.

    Thank you Annie....I have issues with their sizing too but sometimes I get lucky ;)

  16. You look great in these pants, Callandra! It's really not surprising that you need to size up for these pants. Loft seemed to have made their clothes smaller this season. I noticed by trying out the wool trousers that Kelly reviewed in 00p and couldn't zip up. :)
    You have great memory. I'm so impressed! The post you are referring to of me wearing the grey cardi is here:
    Have a great weekend, Callandra!

  17. Oh good, thank you for leaving that link Vicky!! I remembered it because I fell in love with that cardi when you posted about it. I never found it in my size in gray but the cream seems to go with a lot too ;)

  18. You look amazing here Callandra! Awesome deal on the pants, and I love the print of the blouse (its the same as our skirt, right??)

  19. I love your whole outfit! I spotted that blouse at my LOFT this weekend and I really wanted it! Thanks for the styling idea... now I just need me some camel pants and cream sweater and I'm all set :P

  20. Thanks Bhushavali, I ordered the top just so I could get free shipping....but I fell in love with it once it got here!

    Hey Tara, Right...same as the skirt. Don't worry, I won't be wearing them together ;) hee hee

    Thank you Liane, You might want to check this pants out in 00p. I know you'll probably still have to get them taken down, but since they run small and are just $15.00 it might be worth it for you!

  21. Hi. I wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed reading your blog. I love the print on that shell and love it here on you! I tried it on and really wanted it based on how it looks under things, but it wasn't very flattering on me on its own. Now I want to go re-try it on with a cream cardigan!

    Ski Petite