Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Casual Spring

If you're wondering if the tags are actually still attached to the bag, the answer is yes!  Still trying to decide.  I'm loving satchel bags right now and this is probably the third I've bought so far...........(I've returned the other two of course ;)

Outfit Details:

F21 Jacket (Similar)
Loft Petite Slim Jeans (Similar)
F21 Necklace(Similar)
Old Navy Ballet Flats (2009)
Loft Flower Pin (Similar)


  1. That necklace is to die for! Love it!


  2. I love the color of the satchel and it looks very cloth-like, keep it! I didn't know that Old Navy had such cute shoes, I bought a pair years back and gave me blisters like I couldn't believe!

  3. Thanks Christine!

    Thank you Bhushavali!

    Hanna, Thank you for your opinion on the bag. These shoes were so cute when I saw them I had to have. I'm lucky they've been very comfortable and surprisingly enough have stayed fairly clean over the years despite the cloth exterior.

  4. I think the bag is a keeper...great color and looks functional.

  5. You are wearing so many of my wishlist items! The top is GORGEOUS on you (I want the same print in their skirt), the casual jacket, and the flower pin. This is the perfect springtime outfit.

    I'm a satchel gal, so I really like the slouchy look of the bag. Do you have other satchels already? I think the color is gorgeous (very neutral), and if the price is good, I vote for it being a keeper.

  6. You are totally making me want that top even though I have the skirt!! It looks adorable paired with the army green jacket/flower pin! Oh, and I really love the color of that bag...total keeper!

  7. I have been eyeing that top (and the matching skirt) for a while. This is a great item to have for Spring. The color of your satchel is gorgeous. It will go with everything. I think you should keep it :)

  8. Love the jacket on you, Callandra. The whole outfit is so spring-like. Great choice of floral with military. I really like the look of the bag. What do you think of it? Does it look very fake in person? In Target website the picture looks very nice. Why is the tag still attached? Having second thought? Pls let me know how you like the bag.

  9. Oh!! I love this! That jacket is great! I love that you paired it with a super feminine flower top and pretty necklace!

    If in doubt about the bag, return it until you find the one you are in love with!

  10. that floral blouse is lovely! you look adorable :)

  11. awww callandra, you look so lovely. i love the necklace and blouse combo. such pretty colors!

  12. Thank you Jarucha!

    Cee, I would def reccomend getting the skirt...it's going to be so versatile in the summer. The satchel was marked at 34.99 but it rang up at 24.99.....sooo, I might keep it just to serve a function (and because it has so many great commpartments)!

    Thank you Tara.....I just ordered the top to get free shipping...but totally fell in love with it once it arrived. I got it at 30% off so .....probably keeping.

    Thank you Sydney...is it wrong that I want the matching scarf too?! hee hee

    Vicky, I am a total purse snob...meaning I turn up my nose over anything that isn't real leather...buuuut, this bag has so many great compartments, it has the look I've been wanting for forever, plus I got it with a $10.00 discount! I'll let you know if it doesn't hold up though.

    Michelle, I'm so on the fence right now......Actually fell in love with the satchel bag that fossil sales, but not only does the crossbody strap not adjust, also the price was wayyy too high!

    Thank you Leena!

    Thanks so much Ping ;)!!

  13. You know what? You look like a catalog model! LOL Seriously!!!

  14. Annie you are so sweet, thank you!!