Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

I was inspired to this outfit last night while checking out Cori's post from la vie petite!  I bought this sweater from New York & Co a few years ago because I loved the color so much......once I got it home, not so much on me.  Since then it hasn't got a whole lot of love.  Clinton warns us to beware of the condiment colors and he was so right!  I think I really like it styled with these colors though and I'm wondering if my tailor can shorten it and turn it into a cardi?  ....I do love the sleeves on it.  Have a great weekend dear friends!

Outfit Details:

JCrew Colletta Coat (there are so many great reviews on this coat..Jean, Vicky & Annie)
Gap Ruffled Front Blue/White Striped Button Down (Similar Here)
New York & Co Short Sleeve Sweater (Similar Here)
Loft Slim Jeans
Loft Flower Pin (Similar Here)
Merona Bauble Bracelet (Similar Here)
Francessa's Statement Ring (Similar Here)
Jessica Simpson Leopard Bag (Similar Here)
Nine West Gold Ballet Flats (Similar Here)


  1. I think I might have to try my pink LOFT flower pin with my mustard color cardi...thanks for the inspiration! I think the color looks great on you (although I definitley haven't seen anything that looks bad on you!)

  2. I like it w/the olive green jacket. I dont think it looks bad on you. If anything, I noticed that the V neck is oddly deep.

  3. i really love how you paired the pink flower pin with the mustard top. this is definitely a color combination i'll have to try myself! and the olive colletta coat looks lovely on you!

    cute and little

  4. you got the colletta too!I love it on you, it's a great color!

    I am being really inspired right now by your outfit, I have a cardi that's the same color as your sweater. I shall try to work that into my outfits more. :)

  5. I love the colors in your outfit. It looks great as is, but the length seems a bit long. =)

  6. Lol! about the condiment color! Yes, the color is bold, but I think you pulled it off nicely with the pinstripe beneath.

    I love that olive coat!! So pretty! Of course, the purse is awesome! :)

  7. Haha, the sweater is a true mustard color. I like how you layered it though. It definitely lets the sweater shine. If you think you'll get more uses out of it as a cardi, it's worth seeing what a tailor would say. Have a good weekend, Callandra!

  8. love the pink flower. reminds me of the one i wore for months straight after sarah jessica parker wore hers on SATC!

  9. I love that coat. The pin just gives it that pop we all need in the dead of winter. The flats are adorable. Sadly here in Boston we have been living in big clunky boots to navigate the sidewalks. I like that your kitty joined in, sort of, for a picture :)

  10. I love all your accessories! And the flower pin...LOVE!

  11. You look fantastic, Callandra! I think that super-chic hair of yours helps to make every outfit gorgeous!

  12. Thanks Tara!...I was thinking the colors mixed in really helped neutralize the yellow against my skin tone somehow.

    Aubrey, you always put things so succintly, I so enjoy your insights!

    Thanks kileen ....I found Cori's color combination very inspiring!

    I am loving this coat Elle! seems to go with everything (of course most new things do ;)

    Jess, Completely agree! I sure hope my tailor can alter.

    Thank you Michelle. This bag is getting so much love lately!

    Thanks Cee!! (here's hoping ;)

    Oomph, Funny! Of couse Carrie rocks!

    DawnMarie, Heidi Girl got shy at the last second ;)

    Thanks Annie....I love the strong color on this one.

    Thank you Annie......I was beginning to think it might be turning into a soccer mom do! hee

  13. Soccer Mom do?!? You have some on THE best hair! Chic cut, the shine...envy!

  14. This looks fantastic! I love all the colors! I found you through stylepint which is pretty exciting to me since I'm only 5' 1.5!

  15. Thanks Dawn Marie!....Actually, it's a "grow-out" so I'm happy it's not looking generic ;)

    Yay! Thanks for checking me out Ana it wrong that I'm jealous of your extra .5 inch? Lol

  16. The Colleta looks good on you! And I was wondering what else is a "condiment" color other than mustard? :P In any case, I don't think it's a bad color on you at all... you make it work! :)

  17. Thank you Liane. Condiment colors like mustard and ketchup are the hardest to wear according to Clinton. I think this mustard color only worked for me because of the colors it was paired with.

  18. I just found your blog through 'Respect The Shoes' and I love it! Your sassy hair is super cute and just love your style, in general. I'll DEF be back!!

  19. This makes me want to try putting something under my short sleeved sweater. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Hey Leah, Thanks for checking me out! I love Lisa's blog too!!

    Glad I could help Christine....Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment!

  21. Callandra your olive green coat is so lovely. Once again a great, layered and super-chic look. I happen to love condiment colors and I am now badly looking for a mustard colored cardi to add to my closet. I just bought the cutest strapless mustard dress from The Limited, as well. Plus ketchup is reddish and Red is My Most Fave Color. LOL BTW your purse is too cute. I want it and I want your gorgeous bauble bracelet. The colors and style are so freaking cute.