Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture Interrupted

"Callandra" (you might say to me) "yesterday you looked so bright and spring like, but your color palette today is so dark.  Could it possibly be because yesterday reached a balmy 65 degrees, but today's high topped out at a chilly 32?"  Grrrrr!  On a cuter note, I had to interrupt today's photo session because someone needed a hug........(me)!  ;)

Outfit Details:

Loft Outlet Charcoal Gray Faux Wrap Sweater (2010)
Loft Brown Tweed Trousers (2009)
Express Infinity Leopard Scarf (Similar)
Michael Brown Pumps (Similar)
F21 Rings (Similar and Similar)


  1. This outfit is great! I adore those pants -- especially with that scarf!

  2. Awww, yes 2 days ago it was 70 degrees and then yesterday it dropped back down to 50 for us. =0( Your outfit is nevertheless adorable and really jealous of your wide legged pants!

  3. ugh so envious that LOFT pants fit you like the model. I own this express infinity scarf. I wear it religiously, but lately, i've been doing 3 loops around my neck.

  4. 30s is chilly? I feel like it's swimsuit season today and the high is mid-30s. :)

    In any case, I ditto Aubrey. You wear it as beautifully as the LOFT model does...probably even better, imo. You look so great in wide legged pants. :)

  5. Instead of the usual black pumps, what about a pair of shoes in vibrant color .

    The leopard scarf added a nice touch to an otherwise simple outfit. My favorite daily wear. A simple black sweater, my Hermes or Pucci scarf, slacks and short boots.

  6. so pretty! i love your hair, i asked for a cut like that forev ago and the stylist was confused. what?? you totally rock and i'm living my dream hairstyle vicariously through you now. ;)

  7. Our weather has been crazy like that too...spring like temps one day, then snow the next...insane! Your kitty is so adorable! I love your scarf!

  8. This look is so classic. You look uber chic! I like your expression in the 2nd picture... as if you want to say, "Yes, kitty? What now?" in a loving way of course :)

  9. Thank you Christine...both are staples in my wardrobe!

    Thank you Hanna....I think everybody's getting crazy weather lately...ah well, spring is just around the corner (I hope ;)

    Aubrey....3 loops huh? I'm going to try that out! Thanks for the pants compliment, not all of them are so flattering, but I really like these! Btw, I scored the scarf for 0.99 cents with coupons and in-store promos!! *just makes it that much cuter right? hee

    Wow Elle, I must really be a wuss! (I know I am actually ;)

    Anonymous, Great idea!...I've been looking for a pair actually, but can't seem to find the perfect heel height. Your daily wear sounds very chic!

    Thank you Meredith!....I always take pics of the haircut I want along to my stylist (preferably front and back shots) but that's not always foolproof ;)

    Thank you Tara! Too bad about the weather, but hopefully it will be consistently warm soon!

    Thank you Cee, Heidi Girl is always curious about picture time, I think it's so cute ;)

  10. don't you hate that! I can't take mother nature's mood swings. It was like that last week too, reaching nearly 60 one day and 30 the next.

  11. wow, what crazy weather! you do look great in the darker colors and i LOVE the leopard print scarf!!

    cute and little
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  12. I feel you Khatu....does create a bit of a dressing challenge for sure! ;)

    Thank you Kileen!....and it looks like your doing a scarf giveaway, how fortuitous!

  13. You look great Callandra!!! Not sure if you know this but in google reader, your posts are just the title and not the complete post...just wanted to let you know:)

  14. Awww! I love seeing them both in the picture!

    Loving your scarf!! Ah! On my mental wishlist! :p

  15. Thank you for letting me know Annie....not sure what google reader is but I'll google it and figure out what's going on....Thanks again for letting me know! know how it goes...if one gets a hug the other wants one too! ;)